Draytek Routers User Manuals. Specification Guide. User Manual English. Supplementary Manual. Leaflet Supplementary Manual.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. This publication contains information that is protected by copyright. No part may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language without written permission from the copyright holders.

Page 4: Table Of Contents Preface Page 5 3. LAN 4 — 1 Connecter for local networked devices. Page Configuring Basic Settings For use the router properly, it is necessary for you to change the password of web configuration for security and adjust primary basic settings. This chapter explains how to setup a password for an administrator and how to adjust basic settings for accessing Internet successfully. Enter the login password the default is blank on the field of Old Password.

Then click OK to continue. Page Quick Start Wizard If your router can be under an environment with high speed NAT, the configuration provide here can help you to deploy and use the router quickly. The first screen of Quick Start Wizard is entering login password. After typing the password, please click Next. A virtual channel is a logical connection between two end devices on the network.

Password Assign a valid password provided by the ISP. Confirm Password Retype the password. Always On Check this box to allow the router connecting to Internet forever.

Idle Timeout Type in the value unit is second as the idle timeout of the connection. Page 15 After finishing the settings in this page, click Next to see the following page. Click Finish. The online status of this protocol will be shown as below. Type in all the information that your ISP provides for this protocol.

After finishing the settings in this page, click Next to see the following page. Page Saving Configuration Each time you click OK on the web page for saving the configuration, you can find messages showing the system interaction with you. Ready indicates the system is ready for you to input settings.

Settings Saved means your settings are saved once you click Finish or OK button. Page Advanced Web Configuration After finished basic configuration of the router, you can access Internet with ease. As for other examples of application, please refer to Chapter 4. The following web page will be shown. If you click Disable, this function will be closed and all the settings that you adjusted in this page will be invalid.

Subnet Mask — Type in the subnet mask. Type in the value provided by your ISP. Protocol Select a proper protocol for this channel. Encapsulation Choose a proper type for this channel. The types will be different according to the protocol setting that you choose.

This means that you can set up a public subnet or call second subnet that each host is equipped with a public IP address.

As a part of the public subnet, the Vigor router will serve for IP routing to help hosts in the public subnet to communicate with other public hosts or servers outside. This page provides you the general settings for LAN. If the 2nd IP address of your router is Page 31 Index The number 1 to 10 under Index allows you to open next page to setup static route.

Destination Address Displays the destination address of the static route. Status Displays the status of the static route. Viewing Routing Table Displays the routing table for your reference. Here is an example of setting Static Route in Main Router so that user A and B locating in different subnet can talk to each other via the router.

Then click the OK button. Select the index number of the one that you want to delete. After checking the box to enable VLAN function, you will check the table according to the needs as shown below.

NAT is a mechanism that one or more private IP addresses can be mapped into a single public one. Private IP addresses are recognized only among internal hosts. Page 36 The port redirection can only apply to incoming traffic. The correct route is to access the server using the local private IP address of the server, or you should set up an alias in a Windows hosts file. Please only redirect the ports you know you have to forward rather than forward all ports. Page Dmz Host Private Port Specify the private port number of the service offered by the internal host.

Active Check this box to activate the port-mapping entry you have defined. We suggest you to add additional filter rules or a secondary firewall. Click OK to save the setting. Open Ports allows you to open a range of ports for the traffic of special applications. Common application of Open Ports includes P2P application e.

Page 40 To add or edit port settings, click one index number on the page. The index entry setup page will pop up. In each index entry, you can specify 10 port ranges for diverse services.

While the broadband users demand more bandwidth for multimedia, interactive applications, or distance learning, security has been always the most concerned. The firewall of the Vigor router helps to protect your local network against attack from unauthorized outsiders.

It also restricts users in the local network from accessing the Internet. Page 43 Stateful inspection is a firewall architecture that works at the network layer. Unlike legacy static packet filtering, which examines a packet based on the information in its header, stateful inspection builds up a state machine to track each connection traversing all interfaces of the firewall and makes sure they are valid.

Assign a start filter set for the Call Filter. Assign a start filter set for the Data Filter. Log Flag For troubleshooting needs you can specify the filter log here. To edit or add a filter, click on the set number to edit the individual set. The following page will be shown. Each filter set contains up to 7 rules. Click on the rule number button to edit each rule.

Maximum length is character long. Check this box to enable the filter rule. Check to enable the Filter Rule Pass or Block Specifies the action to be taken when packets match the rule.

Block Immediately - Packets matching the rule will be dropped immediately. Page 48 the Start Port and the End Port. Page Im Blocking As stated before, all the traffic will be separated and arbitrated using on of two IP filters: call filter or data filter.

You may preset 12 call filters and data filters in Filter Setup and even link them in a serial manner. Each filter set is composed by 7 filter rules, which can be further defined.

Click Firewall and click P2P Blocking to open the setup page. You will see a list of common P2P applications. Check Enable P2P Blocking and select the one s to block. The DoS Defense functionality is disabled for default.

Click Firewall and click DoS Defense to open the setup page. Page 52 port-scanning Threshold rate, the Vigor router will send out a warning. By default, the Vigor router sets the threshold as packets per second. Page Url Content Filter SYN packets with the identical source and destination addresses, as well as the port number to victims.

Check the box to activate the Block Unknown Protocol function. Block Unknown Protocol Individual IP packet has a protocol field in the datagram header to indicate the protocol type running over the upper layer. Control Black List block those Click this button to restrict accessing into the corresponding webpage with the keywords listed on the box below. Java - Check the checkbox to activate the Block Java object Feature function. The Vigor router will discard the Java objects from the Internet.

Select Index number 1 to add an account for the router. The Vigor router has a built-in real time clock which can update itself manually or automatically by means of Network Time Protocols NTP. Page 58 Action Specify which action Call Schedule should apply during the period of the schedule.


Draytek Vigor 2700Ge Manuals

Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above - Print the manual. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. This publication contains information that is protected by copyright. No part may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language without written permission from the copyright holders.


Draytek VIGOR 2700GE/E User Manual

But if you do not have the manual for your router or you do not want to read the whole manual to find the default login information then you can use the quick guide below. To get to the router login page it's necessary that you are connected to the router. Open your web browser e. Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other browser Type You should see 2 text fields where you can enter a username and a password. The default password is blank.

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