Products ChronoForms. Buy Now Sign in. You are here:. Share this topic. September 08 , Hi Greyhead, My wall of text hits you for 5,hp!

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Products ChronoForms. Buy Now Sign in. You are here:. Share this topic. September 08 , Hi Greyhead, My wall of text hits you for 5,hp! I'm hoping for a positive response, but we'll see how the text is taken I think ChronoForms is probably the most intriguing extension I've found yet to explore.

However I can't understand why there are no 'current' tutorials or static faq issues that I've been able to find on the site, that leads to me be productive and tease me to explore further. I've spent the better part of the day reviewing these forums just to ensure myself I'm not wasting time on another extension but in the end communication comes down to 'can the end user understand what your talking about'. I find a lot of the code bits and tutorials in the forums are outdated compared to newer versions of ChronoForms.

This makes it very frustrating for me as a new user trying to piece things together. I've spent 9am to now at pm looking for a posts using chrono's current version, but alas I'm not finding new tutorials I'm finding old ones, doing what the tutorials say but no results.

I just can't see buying a book and not being able to be sure Greyhead can teach me. In my mind the Chrono site is a representation of how I'll be taught in Greyhead's book. As from my perspective Greyhead does a majority of the responses around here so my mind thinks Greyhead when I think chronoengine. I found a tons of people on the joomla forums recommend chronoforms for registration purposes but give up because they say they cant find condensed documentation to help them make it function properly.

And Greyhead would probably sell alot more books! Without better forum organization, tutorials and FAQs I see ChronoForms losing the average person and only moving forward with geeks. And I think this probably moves away from the intent of this extension. I'm not asking for alot here. A ChronoForm Tutorial Package could simply consist of: - Simple Form - Multipage Form Submission - Registration Form - With pointers to the forums to discuss recorded custom field and data inputs Noted earlier there are tutorials but they're out dated.

I think that ChornoForms is so much more than this but these three are generally what all your users, that just use ChronoForms, use the extension for. And Chrono Connectivity I think from the way information is scattered throughout this site I'd spend less time writing my own script or learning to, than following the current instructions I've found at this time, because the examples provided are not to date, or confusing And I have to say seemly at vague at times.

Is there not a condensed forum of problems are answers that you could move threads to? And is there anyway you could treat some of us like, respected, complete idiots? I see there's a tight knit, knowledgeable mod group here, that responds but things here need re-organization for new comers. You guys started to do it with the tutorials section then never updated it again I love this extension without knowing how to do something because I know it can do it!

I also want to know the why your doing what your doing, not just 'do it'. The only thing I've gotten to work in chronoforms so far is the form to email, and cool dynamic fields. I've tried to experiment with a registration page but it fails to register even though the email and the field names are right and I go to the proper redirect page.

I'd love to get into chronoconnectivity BUT honestly trying find 'a current topic' on any issue in these forums without any sidetracking is a little ridiculous. I've read "Forms and Connectivity Example start to finish!

However it's very helpful! Don't beat me to badly. Hi Andrew, I'm not quite sure what reply you want. I'm pretty much a volunteer here; I certainly don't get paid for the hour or two each day that I spend answering questions. And after fifteen thousand posts most of the questions have already been answered several times over.

I did get paid for the time spent writing the book - it took around six months, and the material there is better organised than it is in the forums here. I don't own any rights to the book or its contents and the publisher wants to see a return on their money - the pricing is not my decision; but I actually think that it's pretty good value.

But that's a choice you make. There's a sample chapter of the book that you can download for free if you want to take a look at the content and presentation. It may or may not be to your taste. I agree with you that it would be better if the FAQs were up to date; and possibly if some threads were marked as 'out of date'.

But that would take more time than I'm prepared to voluntter at the moment. I have posted quite a lot of material that didn't make it into the book as Hot-to documents on my site. Some of those are free, some of the more technical and specialised ones I'm charging for.

I also started writing a series on ChronoConnectivity and posted the first chapter of that yesterday. You may or may not find it useful. I will post more as I write it but no promise on the dates. I rather doubt if Max has plans to email bunches of tutorials to anyone; but that's his decision, not mine. And, when you have a specific question, then we'll try to answer it. ChronoForms technical support If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two , thank you very much. Terms of use. Remember Me.


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