Gilles Li Muisis or Le Muiset c. Li Muisis was probably born at Tournai , and in entered the Benedictine abbey of St Martin in his native city, becoming prior of this house in and abbot four years later. He only secured the latter position after a contest with a competitor, but he appears to have been a wise ruler of the abbey. Gilles wrote two Latin chronicles, Chronicon majus and Chronicon minus , dealing with the history of the world, spanning from its creation up to This work, which was expanded by another writer to encompass , is valuable for containing the history of northern France and Flanders in the first half of the 14th century.

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He died in Born Makarios Melissourgos in the Morea to a wealthy landowning family, Makarios was metropolitan bishop of Monemvasia. In , he was forced to flee his homeland for Naples when he became involved in a plot for an uprising against the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of the Battle of Lepanto. At Naples, he changed his name to Melissenos, echoing the Byzantine aristocratic family , and produced several works. Among them was a list of the bishops of Monemvasia, a history and description of the city, and a list of members of the Melissenos family.

Covering the period to , it is an important historical source, particularly for his eyewitness account of the Fall of Constantinople in , although doubts regarding the authenticity of his material remain. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Life [ edit ] Born Makarios Melissourgos in the Morea to a wealthy landowning family, Makarios was metropolitan bishop of Monemvasia.

Jeffreys, A. Kazhdan , pp. Categories : deaths 16th-century Greek people 16th-century Eastern Orthodox bishops 16th-century historians Greek historians Forgers Ottoman Peloponnese People from the Peloponnese Bishops of Monemvasia Greek exiles.

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Gilles Li Muisis

Both he and one of his brothers, Theodoros, participated in a rebellion against the Ottoman authorities after the battle of Lepanto and were then compelled to emigrate to Italy. In M. After the battle, M. They settled in the Greek community of Naples, where M. The chronicle that has been attributed to the pen of George Sphrantzes d.


Makarios Melissenos


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