After a long deliberation, she decides to spend the weekend with Ken. It was Ken who called her and later picks her up. She also says nothing when Ken drives the car in a primed state, because it was her idea to go to the liquer store. Peggy faits, wakes up in a lot of pain, faits again and wakes up in the hospital.

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Tuesday, October 12, Choices - Susan Kerslake. She then worked at Children's hospital in the Child Life Department. Symbol God takes even the less deserving away from the ones we love. Response 1. What do you think caused the accident? What is Peggy's sense of her relationship with Ken before the accident?

Does it change after the accident? Does Ken show Peggy that he feels any sense of responsabiliy to her after the accident? I think that after the accident when he is sitting in the waiting room he feels responsible because he stays there craddling his head in his hands, and does not leave.

Does this story have a good ending? I had to read it a couple times but the use of figurative language was really strong and i actually felt as if i was in her shoes. Critisism 1. Why do you think the author wrote the text? What does the author want you to think? Do you belong to any of the groups in the text?

Does the story remind you of a real life event? We were still friends after that but recently his dad's cancer came back and he needed a friend to talk to and i was here for him and this experience made me feel like i was closer to him. Does the story remind you of another book or movie on a similar topic? How does the story help you think about social isues and social justice?

What action might you take from at you have learned? What big question has this text left you with? Unknown October 8, at AM. Unknown December 6, at PM. Anonymous January 6, at PM. Unknown February 13, at PM. Unknown November 13, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.


Paragraph – Choices

Tuesday, May 27, Choices. We make choices on an everyday basis, however, have you ever thought about what impact those decisions you make might possibly have? In "Choices" by Susan Kerslake we are introduced to Peggy, a young female and her "friend", Ken who asks her to go on a trip. During the trip an unfortunate event occurs which leaves Peggy possibly paralyzed below her hips and Ken with a concussion. Peggy left bewildered at the fact of his minor injuries and begins to question Ken's obligation towards her.


Choices often influence our everyday life, but have you ever thought about the small decisions that you make daily? What if one of those seemingly insignificant choices impacted your life forever? Peggy has been asked by her friend, Ken, to go out for the weekend on a trip. Susan Kerslake uses subtle hints and very specific wording to give the reader the impression that Peggy would rather stay home than go on the trip with Ken. Peggy mentions that the plans that Ken had for the weekend, what they would do together, is something that she could accomplish at home. One of those choices that I can relate to is texting while driving. In your mind, texting while you drive can seem like a small insignificant choice, but that one decision could cause you to lose your life.

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