Standard accent lighting of all kinds of objects. To accentuate large objects. See below. Dlmmable by trailing edge phase cutting external dimmers Item number must be completed with the code of the desired reflector. Dlmmable by trailing edge phase cutting external dimmers Item number must be completed with the code

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Outdoor The Human and Responsible Light The relationship between humans, light and environment has always been central to Artemide's vision. Light is the source of life. It feeds man, space, and the whole Planet. It marks the rhythms of our lives. It is an element that can sustain and improve environmental, perceptive and social quality.

Innovation adds up values to the present in order to shape the future we want to inhabit. Designing innovation means to offer a better alternative to what we already have, creating an interactive and responsive design that connects technology and science with humanistic contemporary culture. Good design combines innovation, aesthetics, know-how, high quality of manufacturing and the greatest attention to the human and emotional relation with the object and the light effect.

Design means project, not simply shape or style. Reduce to innovate: more with less. New project values become acts of responsibility towards the Planet and translate into a creative evolution: less material, no waste and less energy, without giving up performance, quality and beauty.

A more efficient and critical approach that gets to the core of the project. Enduring Project: the emancipation from the logics of consumption, through a lasting partnership with matter. A careful selection of innovative materials and an intelligent project help create a dynamic emotional bond with the product. Enduring project means quality.

Incremental System: the project as an open platform. We intend the product as something that is never finished, an open positive system that can constantly grow through physical maintenance and the upgrading of parameters.

From energy to nature: re-connecting to nature. Light is indispensable energy for the life of humanity and all organisms. It has significant repercussions on nature by helping its growth and all the photo-biological processes.

By studying light and its relation to humankind, space and environment, we can get towards the definition of a light that takes care of all living organisms. The attention to the sources, materials, optical solutions and efficient management choice is the key to have a correct energy balance. We can offer allpurpose and surprising solutions, translating innovation and high-tech performance into emotional perception.

And create products that are perfect for both outdoor and indoor, or products for the office space that have an exciting, fascinating design. Every Artemide product is completely developed in our Pregnana Milanese headquarter and made in Europe, to guarantee the best results of quality and conformity to international standards.

Certified laboratories support research and every stage of the product development, from the preliminary study until the final release. The culture of the project, the true value of Italian design, is the unique coincidence of scientific, technical and humanistic heritage knowledge. Innovation, born from an interdisciplinary culture, is nourished by research and scientific thought, that is the ability to see things differently than before. Patents of invention Artemide opens up important research issues connected with photonics and new technologies to outline a future vision, a new way to interpret and experience light.

The time for technological transfer - from research to implementation - is gradually shrinking. All our patents of inventions are immediately applied to the catalogue's products. The world of project is our world. Project is our strong skill and we are always eager to work with new partners that can give us the opportunity to create special products.

We can develop custom product solutions, both starting from existing versions and by designing and producing bespoke items. We have a dedicated custom department working together with the Research, Development and Innovation staff, to create new and different solutions and support them with services and intelligence. Smart environment We turn spaces into places Light is a key medium in the relation between people and their space.

It can provide new experiences and emotions requalifying our spaces and making us authors and protagonists of a social landscape. Light reinforces our sense of belonging by turning every space in the place we want it to be. Light is wavelenght Light is wavelength. It is an invisible physical phenomenon that makes the world visible. Good light can follow and sustain the rhythmic flow of the lives, behavior and emotions of individuals by introducing them to a broader dimension for a new perceptive experience.

In its continuous relation between humanity and the environment, light is a material for the construction of space, delimiting territoriality and influencing our state of mind.

Light has significant repercussions on the feeding of nature by helping its growth and favouring the photobiological processes that guarantee its survival.

Light is quanta Light is energy and it can also transmit data, information and intelligence sustaining man to interpret the space he lives in. New technologies are developing at a tremendous speed, revolutionizing the design limits of light. People are different, and so is their approach with light. We are constantly developing new generations of products that express a parametric human-centered vision, in order to achieve a dynamic and positive experience.

Artemide APP Artemide designs products and services to allow a more advanced and flexible use thereof. The Artemide App is a user-friendly and intuitive interface that can be used as a daily tool for private use and as well as a project variable for workplace and retail, public and urban spaces. Man is the centre of the project, the orchestra director of his light concerto. All Artemide products can be Artemide App compatible.

Geo LI-FI Artemide is able not only to design the right light for every space but also to propose innovative applications of the Geo Li-Fi technology introducing specific multi-level solutions for any application fields, generating unexpected experiences for engagement, interaction and inspiration. Geo Li-Fi technology is not a product-specific standard solution but an open platform for the creation of new services. The Geo LI-Fi App, especially designed by Artemide, processes and transforms the contents received through light into useful information, services, or interactions.

It can also refer to external links, thus acting as a bridge towards more in-depth analyses that help us to interpret and understand spaces we live in. It is able to support a contextualized, real-time and tailored experience for the single user giving the possibility to select specific information, marketing and communication contents.

They can be related for example to what we are lighting or directions to drive visitors through spaces. This allows very accurate and punctual localization of the position of the signal receiver.

The Geo Li-Fi technology can be used to provide information, as well as to collect data: it allows to create heat maps that recognize people in space, track their positions, record motion times and generate useful information on space use.

It therefore works as a service for space users and as a tool for space operators. With Geo Li-Fi data is transmitted by the lamp through visible light, which is modulated according to the binary signal, at the basis of all digital electronic communication.

While the frequency of these light impulses cannot be perceived by the human eye, it generates a signal that the camera of any smart device can receive.

Communication travels one way from the lighting appliance to the device and the bit rate is limited. It can be a static content, such as a message or an image, as well dynamic one, such as a video.

Artemide provides tools to support the end customer and especially the lighting professionals in choosing the best lighting solution. For an intuitive composition of the most complex systems, Artemide offers innovative and complete configurators on its website. A24 and Alphabet of Light System Configurator are useful tools to simplify the design of your composition.

After defining the layout of the space, the desired system can be created by reconstructing it with a practical drag and drop of the various modules available. Once the project is completed, the system returns a complete datasheet with all the details to proceed with the order. Save your con guration in order to be able to modify it later according to your needs.

You can also download the pdf le with the complete list of components used in your nal con guration and get in touch with one of our sales representatives to receive a preliminary quotation. Undimmable Code AN Fitting to be completed with trimless recessed structure. Code AP Series of high-output LED adjustable projectors. Optical units available in 3 sizes, depending on the light source: 70 mm, mm, mm. Defined narrow beams in the LED version, thanks to the hybrid optical system Picto Picto High Flux uses a high-yield reflective optical unit.

The new Picto High Flux improves the performance thanks to the high installed power and its high efficiency. Precise aiming of the projectors, thanks to advanced locking system. Wide range of accessories: UV filters, chromatic filters, louvres, asymmetric diffuser, adjustable dowsers, Gobo to project images or control shape of beam.

Electronic power supply: with DALI dimmable, or nondimmable options. Materials: injection-moulded aluminium head, aluminium or polymer body, pure aluminium reflectors. Compliant to EN standard and other specific regulations. Undimmable Eutrac Code AD Undimmable Code AD LoT RGB white LoT is a universal projector that changes the beam angles of emissions and flows dynamically, and produces coloured ambient light.

In addition to the white light projector function, LoT can produce coloured ambient light in the RGBW mode through 4 additional dedicated channels.

Its dynamic luminous beam does not imply any mechanical movements, but is rather the result of innovative optoelectronic design. Seven lenses define four base beam angles and, when combined, can modulate countless beam angles and intensities through current change. A well-calibrated mix of currents allows to adjust the beam angles of the emissions and to manage all intermediate angles with a very high resolution. Fluid and gradual changes are thus perceived through the management of a single DMX channel.

The special heat sink allows to adjust the lighting power to ensure excellent illumination up to a 5 m distance. Specifications and details can be obtained from the Artemide sales office. DMX stands for Digital Multiplex. It is simply a standard system of controlling lighting equipment and accessories.

The protocol allows the configuration setting of the start address, patching, load personalities , status monitoring, firmware update and management of these devices. The wiring infrastructure for DMX has been precisely defined and all installers must follow these rules.


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