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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Service Manual MF Series. Laser multifunction printer - copier - scanner - fax 62 pages. Page 3 Canon will release technical information as the need arises. In the event of major changes in the contents of this manual over a long or short period, Canon will issue a new edition of this manual. Page 4 Introduction Symbols Used This documentation uses the following symbols to indicate special information: Symbol Description Indicates an item of a non-specific nature, possibly classified as Note, Caution, or Warning.

Indicates an item requiring care to avoid electric shocks. Indicates an item requiring care to avoid combustion fire.

Indicates an item prohibiting disassembly to avoid electric shocks or problems. Page 5 Introduction The following rules apply throughout this Service Manual: 1. Each chapter contains sections explaining the purpose of specific functions and the relationship between electrical and mechanical systems with refer- ence to the timing of operation.

In the diagrams, represents the path of mechanical drive; where a signal name accompanies the symbol , the arrow indicates the direction of the electric signal. Page 9 Contents 3. Page Laser Exposure System Contents 3. Page Fixing System Contents 3.

Page 12 Contents 3. Page 13 Contents 5. Page 14 Contents Page 17 Contents Contents 1. Page Product Specifications Chapter 1 1. Page Safety August 1, , and a laser product cannot be sold unless it has been certified to comply with the regulations. The following is the label used to indicate that the product has been certified under the regulations, and all laser products sold in the US must bear the label.

If your skin or clothes came into contact with toner, wash with water at once. Do not use warm or hot water, which will cause the toner to jell, permanently fusing it with the fibers of the clothes. Page 27 Contents Contents 2. Page Laser Exposure Chapter 2 2. The laser driver serves to turn on the laser diode according to the laser control signal and video signals from the engine controller. Page Image Formation Chapter 2 2. Page Detection Jams Chapter 2 2. Pickup Stationary Jam The top sensor goes on, but does not go off within a specific period of time.

Page Fixing Unit Chapter 2 2. Page External And Controls Chapter 2 scanner motor, and high-voltage system and puts the printer unit in an error state. Page 40 Contents 3. Page 43 Contents 3. Page Top Cover Chapter 3 F 3. Page Removing The Chapter 3 F 3.

F 3. Page Removing The Cassette Chapter 3 2 Remove the 2 screws [4] and the 2 pins [5] on the right and left sides. F F 3. Then pull it to remove the power supply 3.

The external cover is omitted from the - 3 screws [3] illustration below to show the instructions clearly. F 2 Remove the rear cover [3] by sliding it to the rear. Remove the flat cable from the core. Page Removing The Flatbed Motor Unit Chapter 3 F 2 Remove the 2 claws [2] on the operation panel unit [1], and remove the operation panel unit. F F 2 Remove the right cover [1]. F 3 As you remove the bosses on both sides [1], lower the front part of the power supply assembly [2].

Then pull it to remove the power supply assembly. Page Removing The Plate Chapter 3 3. F 3 Remove the scanner unit [1] by sliding it to the rear and lifting it up. Page Manual Pickup Solenoid Chapter 3 3. F - 1 connector [2] on the ECNT board 3 Remove the scanner unit [1] by sliding it to the rear and lifting it up.

Page Gear Unit Chapter 3 F F 3 As you remove the bosses on both sides [1], lower the front part of the power supply assembly [2]. F 6 While holding the left and right frames [2] of the Fixing film unit [1], lift it up at an angle and remove it. F 2 Remove the power supply shield plate [1]. Page Removing The Fixing Pressure Roller Chapter 3 F 3 Hold the shorter shaft [2] of the Fixing pressure roller [1] and lift it up at an angle to remove it from the bushing.

Remove the Fixing pressure roller by sliding it. F 2 Remove the fixing entrance guide [1] by sliding it to the left and right. Page 93 Contents Contents 4. Page Periodically Replaced Parts Chapter 4 4. If you have replaced a part in these areas or if you have removed the grease, be sure to apply grease.

Page Wheel Shaft Chapter 4 F 4. Page Feed Gear Chapter 4 F 4. Page Contents Contents 5. Page Measurement And Adjustment Chapter 5 5. Tool Description Parts No. At phase D. Page Service Data Entry Method Chapter 5 Use it to make settings that relate to basic fax service functions, as for correcting communication problems.

SW01 F Below are examples showing how to read bit switch tables. Page Sssw-Sw51 Chapter 5 5. Use the BLACK print pattern to meke sure that the printout is free of white lines and unevenness; on the other hand, use the SQUARE printout to make sure that the printout is free of image contraction, elongation, and soiling.

Page Chapter 6 6. Page Mar 31 Print page 1 Print document pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Canon LaserBase MF3220 Series Service Manual



Canon i-SENSYS MF3220


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