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Posted: Sep 10, am. Finally I am able to compile the videos I have done for what I consider to be one of the most creative card magic books in existence, By Forces Unseen. The result of this video, I have to say, is pure perserverance. Without that one element, I don't think I would ever come close to complete this video.

I would like to thank Mr. Earick for his wonderful brand of magic; Mr. Minch for his detailed explanations for every item in this tome; Fatz for his helpful hints and tips on various sleights I was having trouble with; and Tony Chang for inspiring me to tackle the very difficult material from this book. As you may already know, not every trick from the book is included in the video. I would have included even more tricks from the book if I had more time, but since school just started a couple weeks ago, there really isn't enough time for anything else other than homework.

Also, I know some of the sleights in the video aren't at their utmost potential, so that is why I am still practicing these sleights over and over again. Practice, in my opinion, is a never ending story even if I have a trick or a sleight perfectly ingrained in my mind. I excluded three videos, "House Guest, "Lonely at the Top" and "One Shuffle - One Winner", videos that I have made, because youtube can only accept video files that are under 10 minutes.

The reason I excluded those videos are not because they are inferior to the other items in the book, but instead I don't think they are a clear representation of Mr. Earick's creative brand of magic House Guest is exception though I recorded the items such that they follow the exact same order in the book; videos that I didn't videotape are simply omitted.

Enjoy it while you can, kid. Once you get a girlfriend and a job, you'll never again have the time and seclusion required to master this stuff. You do the stuff really well. Thanks for the card porn. Whenever I find myself gripping anything too tightly I just ask myself "How would Guy Hollingworth hold this? Thanks for the nice comments Andrew and Camador! I would also like to mention that my buddy Mr.

Bhasin supplied me with all those great music! Best, mscmagic. Charles -- What a lovely video, and you should be proud to have mastered this very difficult, advanced material. I asked Ernest Earick if he would be making a viseo of the stuff from his book, and he said that he might, some day. I had earlier asked Stephen Minch if Ernest could actually perform the material in the book, and he assured me he could.

Now that I've seen your video I am encouraged to go back and look at this again. Well done! Matt Field. Nice work. Thanks for proving yet again to the patterheads around here that you just don't need some bogus story, or even any patter at all, to "motivate" every effect.

By the way, do you have links to the three effects that aren't on this one? I really love the rising card effect from this book. I was originally going to tape it but due to the lack of time, it was literally impossible for me to practice AND to capture on tape. Maybe you can do us a little favor by making a demo of it? Posted: Sep 10, pm. Watched it again and it was like a walk down memory lane. Back to my first year in law school and the reason why they kicked me out of the faculty.

You can't attend lectures if you have to work on your Earick routines. Okay, I want to see more of the stacking material from the second half. Your exams can wait. You the man, Charles. You always bring me back to the world of sleights of hand when I'm enchanted by props. It's time for me to start again. Those videos are spectacular, Mr. But don't follow Andrew -- do yourself a favor and attend to your studies You'll enjoy the status of a sleight-of-hand grand-master much more if it doesn't have to pay the bills!

And at seventeen, you've got plenty of time. Posted: Jan 21, pm. Humans make life so interesting. Do you know that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to create boredom. Quite astonishing. Follow Me The future of magic is in good hands. Posted: Jan 22, am. I remember dedicating a year of my life to this one book I don't think I can imagine anyone doing these effects any better.

Young man, you have my utmost respect- Andrew Gerard. Posted: Sep 5, pm. WOW, just fantastic execution. Nothing I can say that would add to that performance. ASW Inner circle Posts. Hansel Inner circle Puerto Rico Posts. Justin N. Miller Inner circle Posts. Sick bro. Special user Vancouver Canada Posts. Nothing I can say that would add to that performance The more I learn, the less I seem to know. All Rights Reserved.

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By Forces Unseen from Stephen Minch?

Discussion in ' General Discussion ' started by towtox , Oct 6, By Forces Unseen from Stephen Minch? Location: Calgary Ab. Joined: Jun 10, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1. Way steep. I mean really, you've had two people already advise you against getting it so that should say something. None of those effects are going to come to you without some serious, extensive practice.


By Forces Unseen: The Innovative Card Magic Of Ernest Earick

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