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Manufacturers and BS Cable suppliers for a wide range of high quality BS Cables to suit all kinds of applications. It is commonly the case that These cables are required quickly and in small quantities. We use the latest technology available in our industry for the manufacturing of all High temperature BS Cable which are now lighter, more durable and more flexible.

These fixed wiring cables are typically used in domestic and light industrial areas. BS Cable. Contents: What is BS Cable? What is BS Cable? BS Control Cable manufacturer. BS Power Cable manufacturer. Flexible Cable. Flexible Rubber Cable. Heat Resistant Cable. Multicore Flexible Cable. Single Core Flexible Cable supplier. Flexible Silicone Cable supplier. Copper Flexible Cable supplier. Rubber Cable supplier. Rubber Pvc Cable. Rubber Armoured Cable. Epr Cable Suppliers.

Rubber Insulated Cable. Single Core Rubber Cable dealers. H07rn-F Cable dealers. Butyl Rubber Cable dealers. Neoprene Rubber Cable dealers.

Vir Cable manufacturers. Trs Cable manufacturers. Silicone Rubber Cable manufacturers. High Temperature Silicone Rubber Cable. Flat Rubber Cable. Festoon Rubber Cable. Rubber Welding Cable. Nbr Rubber Cable.

Nitrile Rubber Cable manufacturer. Multi Core Rubber Cable manufacturer. Ht Rubber Cable suppliers. Epdm Rubber Cable dealer. Silicon Cable dealer. Silicone fg Cable dealer. High Temperature Silicone Cable dealer.

Silicone Multicore Cable. Silicone Single Core Cable. Silicone Insulated Cable. Silicone Wire manufacturers. PTFE Cable manufacturer. PTFE Wire manufacturer. High Temperature Cables manufacturer. High Tension Cable manufacturer. Halogen Free Cable manufacturer. High Voltage Cable manufacturer. Elastomer Cables manufacturer. PVC Cables manufacturer. XLPE Cable manufacturer. Flexible Control Cables. Fibreglass Cable manufacturer.

Led Cable manufacturer. High Temperature Wire. Mining Cable. Trailing Cable. Fire Resistant Cable. PTFE Sleeve.


6181Y – BS 6004

Please enter your email address that you registered with. We will email you your password so you can sign in. Quality and safety are the hallmarks of our diverse range of products, which are designed and manufactured to the very highest standards such as ISO and approved by the leading approvals organisations nationally and internationally including BASEC, LPCB and Lloyds. When viewing a 3D cable model, use the mouse to control rotation. The names of component parts will be shown when hovering over the model.


AEI Cables - BS 6004 PVC Conduit and House Wiring types

Main standard for PVC wire and cable commonly used in final circuits in UK buildings, including the familiar "flat twin and earth" and "meter tails". Commonly known as low smoke twin and earth, B, B. Armoured power cables with low smoke halogen free LSHF sheathing. Fire resisting armoured power cables with low smoke halogen free LSHF sheathing, and enhanced circuit integrity properties.


BS 6004:2012


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