JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. Gear couplings are ideal for applications that will face a lot of misalignment. With an axial plug-in, the BoWex Couplings are simple to install and save cost on maintenance and repairs.

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Hytec Engineering is a leader in custom-designed cylinders. The Group offers MerSETA-accredited training programmes and courses for hydraulics, pneumatics and automation aimed at various degrees of specialist operation. We also offer eLearning programmes. BoWex Curved-tooth gear couplings from HAW are flexible shaft connections for a positive torque transmission.

According to the well-known effect of curved-tooth gear couplings any edge pressure in the spline in case of angular and radial displacements is avoided so that BoWex couplings are almost free from wear. On couplings with spur toothing high edge pressure along with considerable wear arises at the contact surfaces in case of misalignment.

The curved teeth of the BoWex hub avoid any edge pressure on the coupling in case of angular and radial misalignment. The material combination of steel husband polyamide sleeves allows for maintenance-free continuous operation with very low friction on the teeth. Due to the double cardanic operation of BoWex couplings restoring forces may be neglected in case of angular and radial displacements and periodic fluctuations in angular velocity do not arise.

BoWex couplings can be assembled both vertically or horizontally with no need for any special assembly tools. We supply clients with quality technologies and services in every major industrial sector, from mining and power generation to packaging and food and beverage.

The centralised arm of the Group, responsible for strategic, finance, marketing, training and human resources functions. A leader in the design, manufacture, installation, service and repair of mobile and industrial hydraulics. A specialist partner in industrial and factory automation applications, Tectra Automation is a single-source supplier of pneumatic, electric drive and control, linear and assembly technology solutions and process valves.

Hytec Fluid Technology is a specialist provider of hydraulic filter solutions in Africa. Our services include a fully-fledged laboratory for in-house sampling and analysis of oil and fluids. Hydraulic and Automation Warehouse. Achieve a leaner, smarter plant floor with our range of assembly technology.

Flexible and scalable to your requirements, assembly technology maximises production efficiency and product consistency.

Basic mechanical elements Conveyor and transfer systems Manual production systems. Electric Drives and Controls. Our electric drive and control technology enables new possibilities in factory and industrial automation. We offer full design, installation and support of Bosch Rexroth automation technologies for efficient, reliable and economical production. Frequency Converters Gear Boxes. As specialists in filtration technology, the Group enhances the performance and longevity of your hydraulic systems.

We have a wide range of hydraulic filters and filter elements for mobile and industrial hydraulic applications. The Group supplies a complete range of hydraulic hose and fittings. View our hose products:. We specialise in the design, manufacture, supply and maintenance of hydraulic solutions. Find the products you need today:. Bring cutting-edge production concepts to life with our range of linear technology! We design, supply, install and maintain linear technology and motion systems as required by your operation.

We are a specialist supplier of pneumatic solutions in Africa. As the authorised distributer of Aventics, the Group provides tailored, cutting-edge pneumatic systems. Make compressed air work for you! Our process valves include industrial valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and actuators. We are an authorised distributor of Schmalz vacuum technology in Africa. Our vacuum technology includes handling and gripping systems for workpieces up to 2 kg.

Click here to view our brands. We have the in-house expertise to maintain your hydraulic, pneumatic and automation system to OEM standards. We support our technologies with exceptional customer service.

Our accredited workshops and testing facilities ensure your hydraulic, automation and pneumatic assets are maintained to OEM standards for maximum equipment reliability and performance.

We offer a Service Exchange Programme for cylinders, motors and pumps. As a turnkey supplier of hydraulics, pneumatics and automation systems, we have the in-house expertise to design solutions that drive maximum productivity to your operation.

Installation and Commissioning. We deliver turnkey hydraulic, pneumatic and automation solutions, including integration, installation and commissioning of your systems to ensure optimum performance, safety and reliability. About Us Service Product News. About Us Service Product. View the PDFs below for detailed specifications.


BoWex Curved-tooth gear couplings

KTR has been developing power transmission components for mechanical and plant engineering under this slogan for more than fifty years. Area Sales Manager. The material combination of steel hubs and polyamide sleeves allows for maintenance-free continuous operation with very low friction on the teeth. The smooth and hard surface crystalline structure and the high thermal stability and resistance to lubricants, fuels, hydraulic fluids, dissolvents, etc. While any metallic materials tend to "corrode" in case of dry running, slide combinations with polyamide and steel are operative without any lubrication and maintenance. Online Tools. Drive technology.


KTR BoWex Couplings






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