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ProSoundWeb Community. Please login or register. Read times Robin Whyte Jr. Member Offline Posts: They are referred to all over the place here, but there hasn't been a collected review post recently when I searched I did search before this post.

My application is to put it in front of a powered floor monitor to 1 high pass out stage rumble, 2 use the gate function for other sounds bleeding into my mic, 3 believe in if you can and use the feedback algorthims and maybe 4 slightly compress the top end of the dynamics from my mic.

Been properly taken to the woodshed about compression and a stage monitor, so I won't be doing much compression. I'm looking forward to multiple opinions in one place. Robin, a male robin, singing. Mike Kivett Sr. I had the "pleasure" of dealing with three of these in a church install. They were being used to delay different speaker zones in a long, narrow church.

Glitchy as all hell, and difficult to get set correctly. And, the display on one of them would blink intermittently for as long as 20 minutes after turning it on. Then, the thing would stop blinking and settle down.

This in an install. I shudder to think about these being bashed about in a suitcase or travel bag, etc. I'd advise staying far away from them. However, much of the rest of that manufacturer's products are not worth any serious consideration, whether for sound quality or dependability, IMHO.

Although I haven't heard one, some like it much here. Robin Whyte Jr. Thanks for your response. Perhaps as high as 8 to 1 are the opinions I've found that think in general Behringer is garbage electronics. How can that be?

Does the company stay in business just off of their spec sheets? Do you have any experience with their powered mixers? The Shark on paper is the exact piece I need. It totally rots that it's not well made. Do you have any opinions on Gemini products? The company stays in business because they compete on price , not quality or originality, and they are viciously effective at that. Cell: "Give me 6dB and I shall move the world.

You get what you pay for, or buy once, cry once. Bennett Prescott wrote on Fri, 22 February The company stays in business because they compete on price , not quality or originality, and they are viciously effective at that. Bennett and everyone is exactly right. Robin, if that suits you, go for it.

Can you afford a hundred-dollar experiment? My question about how Behringer Behringer is everywhere, and yet It's like a shelf full of aspirin bottles and two of the manufacturers have no aspirin in them, or only 10mg in each mg tablet.

It's all a bit scary and depressing. Best to you. They have a very effective marketing arm that gets their products into every big-box and on-line music store. The vast majority of their customers are amateurs, so the gear isn't used daily in mission-critical operations by people who can hear the difference. If your frame of reference is Nady or other similar trash, the Behringer gear is a modest step up. If, on the other hand, your frame of reference is BSS or Klark-Teknik or Drawmer, the Behringer gear is audibly and mechanically inferior.

Gemini is strictly garbage DJ gear. It has laughable audio quality and cheap build quality. There's a reason why the Gemini booth at trade shows is always populated by Playboy centerfolds instead of informed customer service people. Regarding Nady, a good friend used to work there, many years ago. His opinion of the company and John Nady can't be printed on this family website -a.

Probably the same generic aspirin as others sell made in some bathtub in Guangdong, but merchandised to capitalize on good will earned by the category leader. They have enjoyed huge success delivering high apparent feature content at bottom of the barrel market prices.

Further, they avoided the cost and effort of developing many of their products by identifying already successful category leaders from other often smaller companies and knocking them off, often with a few corners cut inside the box where not apparent to consumers. Most of the major companies selling power amps invested decades in learning how to make reliable product and learning by trial and error what the customers wanted. Several credible companies with decent product have faded along the way due to not hitting the sweet spots in the market.

Along comes this new entry, so obviously borrowed from one of the majors, they plagiarized parts of the owners manual, and presto instant market share. I believe the days of easy growth for them has passed. Many established companies have developed their own offshore manufacturing capability to reduce the price difference to be less compelling.

I expect the same business model could be applied to another industry but professional audio was and is one of the slower to adapt to global conditions. In response to the original question, if they offer the rare product that is not already well understood by the marketplace due to the efforts of another company, the weak technical support one of those invisible corners cut can become apparent.

The products are functional and satisfy the "good for the money" crowd. Their product positioning also plays into the disposable product mindset so many consumers embrace nowadays. Thanks Andy for a concise answer. The bit about the Playboy women is excellent. Funny how porn wedded itself to consumer electronics years and years ago. Your opinion on Samson?


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