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Privacy Terms. Quick links. The stock AB is already cool, being dual, relay-based hence true-bypass and configurable for latch or momentary. The first mod is fairly simple, it connects both switches together to ease the last two uses.

Just wire a SPST switch between one of the upper pins facing the jacks of each tactile switch. The second mod is also simple on the paper, but a lot more difficult to do. It allows to swap two loops, for example to put your wah before or after the distortion.

So far, so good. Each channel has its own ground, to avoid noise problems, and only the first channel is used for battery switching. So we have a total of 4 poles, dual-throw relays in the box, which is all we need for a swap box. Easy for one of them, there's just a copper track to cut, but the other one acting as battery switch is connected to the ground plane on both sides of the PCB. So we need to unsolder the relay, which is very difficult as the lead-free solder needs more heat, and the ground planes act as a heatsink!

I had to add some SnPb solder to lower the fusion point, and use a lot of patience with de-soldering braid. The relay eventually comes off without too much damage, and it's now possible to cut the ground plane around the via. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. I am probably going to do it. I am a newbie to the diy stomp world so i need some help. BUT i don't recommend to do this, as the inactive loop is indeed looping itself output straight into the input and this can lead to self-oscillation and potential damage to the effects.

One not-so-good patch would be to add an inverting buffer in the "cascade loop" path, but depending on you FX chains it can restore the problem if the signal was already inverted A better solution would be to ground the input of the unused loop when and only when the channels are not in the same position.

This would involve switching the upper part of S5 with some XOR gate. Independant switching and inverting, or full bypass, are not possible with this setup as the switches are DPDT relays, and both poles are moved together by the elecromagnet The initial mod turns the AB into a Wobo inverter or equivalent.

If you want to do exactly what the Wobo double looper does, just buy two AB Attach them together and do the "pedal sync" mod on both, not the "cascade loop". Then just stomp on the two switches in the middle, independently or both at the same time they are close enough. It will cost you about half the price of a high-end switch, and work with batteries. I have 2 related issues: 1 I have 3 ABs which I tried to power using an external 9v power supply.

It could just be the cheep power supply I'm using an old PS supply. It's fine when using batteries. It does this also when using batteries. I am concerned that the problem may have started when I powered the switches using the external supply I don't know for sure, because that was the first time I tried to use these switches so they were untested with batteries. I hooked them all up at the same time. Could connecting the power supply with reversed polarity cause these symptoms? Perhaps the pop and hum are normal?

FYI, I use balanced input and I am using them to switch equalizers into an amp, not from instrument input. Any insight greatly appreciated! I had soldered a 9 volt battery clip to the appropriate terminals on the jack, reversing the wiring color code, since the clip is attached to the original battery clip, and the male and female terminals become reversed.

According to the operation manual, the unit is switched on when a cable plug is inserted into either A1 or B1 jack, and will not function if either of these jacks are not utilized. Also, the noise described by a previous contributer is present if the channel 2 jacks are utilized without either of the channel 1 jacks being connected. I have modded the AB myself but came to a point that I could not figure out what was happening or what I was doing wrong. To begin, I have tested the two 2 AB and wired cables coming out from A1 and A2 on one AB and another A1 from another AB onto a breadboard and used some diodes to form the circuit as shown attached herewith.

If I may also attach a video showing that the AB configured with the attached FS circuit does in fact work! Any help is appreciated. Please, support freestompboxes. Or donate directly through PayPal.


Behringer AB200 Dual A/B Switch

Bajaao is now open and shipping all products except to containment zones, Product dispatches in 3 to 5 Business days. Bajaao is now open and shipping all products except to containment zones, Product dispatches in 5 to 7 Business days. Bajaao is now open and shipping all products except to containment zones, Product dispatches in 7 to 10 Business days. Bajaao is now open and shipping all products except to containment zones, Product dispatches in 12 to 14 Business days. This switch features a compact design and caters to the needs of contemporary musicians. This switch is a fitting choice for any musician who wishes to control two or more instruments with a single accessory. The AB Dual Programmable Footswitch enables you to switch between signals from two sources into a single output or vice versa.


Behringer AB200 User Manual

This universal, ultra-compact 2-channel footswitch is an ideal accessory for stage and studio applications. Use it on gear featuring external control functions such as guitar amps, keyboards, rhythm machines, lighting products and so on. You can easily switch between two input signals into one output or vice versa e. There are dedicated LED indicators for precise status control, and you can combine multiple ABs by using the side-mount interlock. You will need one 9 V battery for operation not included.


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