Uniden manuals. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. What is Searching? Plug the included telescoping antenna into the ANT connector on the back of the scanner.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Scanner radio with trunktracking and automatic scanning capabilities pages. Uniden does not represent this unit to be waterproof. To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture. Programming and Status Keys 2.

Display 3. Bank Keys 4. Rotary Tuner Numeric Keypad 7. Mode Keys 9. Search Keys Page 5 Storing Found Frequencies These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

Use it at home as a base unit, or install it in your vehicle as a mobile unit. You must have at least one channel programmed to use the scan mode. Page 9: About This Manual In addition to the information in this manual, the help file included with the free demo software includes more instructions and programming planning worksheets that are very useful for organizing the information you need to program your scanner. Page Understanding Scanning What is Searching?

The BCT can search each of its 17 bands and up to ten bands together to find active frequencies. This is different from scanning because you are searching for frequencies that have not been programmed into the scanner.

When you select frequency bands to search, the scanner searches for any active frequency within the lower and upper limits you specify. Page Conventional Scanning other to the point where it is impossible to clearly receive any of the stations.

Your BCT is designed to track the following types of trunking systems. Not only does your BCT scan channels like a conventional scanner, it actually follows the users of a trunked radio system.

This information is programmed into each user radio. To purchase another copy of the conventional or trunking frequency guide, contact your local dealer or Installing Your Scanner You might also try changing the height or angle of the telescoping antenna.

This plug fits into a power outlet only one way. You must install the software to use the scanner with your computer. Select a location in your vehicle to mount the scanner. Avoid a location that could inter- fere with your driving. In a passenger car, the ideal location is underneath the dash- board on the passenger side. Page 22 Installing a Permanent Power Cord 1. If your vehicle has a negative ground, follow the steps below.

Press E to program the frequency into the channel you selected. Press SCAN to resume scanning. To lock out a bank so that the scanner does not scan its channels, press the letter that corresponds to the bank.

This makes it easy to find unknown talk groups. The BCT stops scanning and holds on the current trunking system. It only receives transmissions on the talk group that was active when you pressed HOLD Page Searching Tips departments scramble or encrypt their communications, and you might want to lock out these unintelligible transmissions.

The ID is locked out, and the next active ID appears. Note: If you lock out an ID in search mode, it is also locked out in scan list mode. Page Setting Data Skip Setting Data Skip The scanner normally stops on any frequency with activity, and remains there until either the activity stops or you press SRC to resume scanning. However, some signals are identifiable by the scanner as data signals, and you can set the scanner to automatically skip these channels.

Page Automatically Storing Frequencies Automatically Storing Frequencies During searching, you can have the scanner automatically store active frequencies into a bank you choose. Once the search begins, AutoStore will automatically program active frequencies into the available channels of the bank s you select. Repeatedly press ATT until disappears to turn off attenuation.

Setting Delay For All Search Ranges You can set the scanner to have a 2-second delay after the end of a transmission before searching resumes. Then, if you store that frequency into a channel, the tone is also stored in the channel. To search for a weather broadcast, press WX to find an active weather channel in your area.

When you press WX, your scanner finds the first active transmission. If a transmission seems weak or distant, press WX again to find a clearer station. You must press WX again to start the weather scan again. Page 37 1. Hold down WX for about 2 seconds to turn on weather alert.

Hold down E for about 2 seconds. If the scanner is set to alert only for the area you programmed, F1 appears. Page Programming Programming The BCT has memory channels, each of which can be programmed to store one frequency. The channels are divided into ten channel banks, useful for storing similar frequencies in order to maintain faster scanning cycles.

You can use the keypad and rotary tuner to program your scanner. Page Duplicate Frequency Alert Duplicate Frequency Alert If you enter a frequency already stored in another channel, the scanner beeps and the other channel appears.

Press frequency in both channels. Deleting a Stored Frequency To delete a stored frequency, press 0 then press E. Channels with no frequencies are automatically locked out. To listen to a weather transmission, press WX to select the weather information band instead. This means the BCT will stop on data signals and unmodulated transmissions. You can automatically skip many of these types of transmissions during searches.

Repeatedly press DATA until to activate the data skip feature or until feature. Page Programming Conventional Channels The channel frequency step option controls the frequency step size used when you manually tune up or down from the frequency stored in the channel.

Your BCT is preprogrammed with the most common step sizes for each band, so you seldom need to change this setting. If there is, the scanner immediately switches to the priority channel. For example, if you are Page 45 4. To enter trunking frequencies, use the keypad to enter the first frequency, then press E on the keypad. Press Note: To clear a mistake while entering a frequency, press frequency again. If you are still in the programming mode, press DATA.

Page Programming Ltr Systems 7. The scanner contains no user serviceable parts. Contact the Uniden Customer Service Center or take it to a qualified repair technician.

If your scanner stops during Scan mode and no sound is heard, it might be receiving a birdie. The scanner might not be Improper reception. Troubleshooting Possible Cause receiving any power. Missing replies to conversations. Page 52 If you still cannot get satisfactory results while using your scanner or if you want additional information, please call or write the Uniden Parts and Service Division.

The address and phone number are listed in the Warranty at the end of this manual. If you would like immediate assistance, please call Customer Service at Page 54 Features, specifications, and availability of optional accessories are all subject to change without notice. When you program your scanner to track a Type I system, you must select a size code for each of these blocks. Page 59 Since these size codes require multiple blocks, you will be prompted for the next available block when programming a fleet map.

For example, if you assign Block 0 as an S, you will be prompted for b2, the next block available, instead of b1. And if you assign Block 0 as an S, you would not see another prompt because it uses all available blocks.

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