Nanci L. Until , she was living the life of a successful trial lawyer in a large midwestern law firm. She often lectured on a national level and wrote on legal topics for the health care industry. Nanci, at one time, appeared on the news for local TV stations in public service spots for the Bar Association, one of the activities that earned her a Jaycees Ten Outstanding Citizens Award for community service.

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Nanci L. Until , she was living the life of a successful trial lawyer in a large midwestern law firm. She often lectured on a national level and wrote on legal topics for the health care industry.

Nanci, at one time, appeared on the news for local TV stations in public service spots for the Bar Association, one of the activities that earned her a Jaycees Ten Outstanding Citizens Award for community service.

After a near death experience, Nanci left the security of her big law firm and started a successful solo practice in health law, where she continues to be recognized for her legal abilities.

Nanci still practices law and writes books on what she remembers from her experiences in the Light. My near-death experience was unlike any I have ever read about.

And I delved deeper into life after death than I had thought possible in an NDE, ultimately evolving through higher levels of existence beyond anything I had ever dreamed possible. The procedure had taken much longer than expected, and had to be repeated in order to get the wire marker deep enough into the breast tissue.

It was painful, and emotionally traumatic for my body. I was alone when I died, because the radiologist and radiology technician both left me to perform other tasks, including getting their eighth set of mammography films developed. The early stages of the NDE were fairly standard: I left my body, went into the Light, experienced overwhelming unconditional love, peace, joy, and acceptance, met Beings of Light, and had a life review.

What was dramatically different about my NDE was what I learned during these stages, as well as what happened to me during and after the life review. When I first entered the Light I saw nothing but Light, heard nothing, and smelled nothing. I was alone with my own thoughts. Those thoughts, however, were dramatic revelations. Chief among them was the realization that I am not a human being; that what I had been calling my soul is in fact who I really am.

Moreover, the human animal I had inhabited has her own life, thoughts, emotions, and personality, and is perfectly capable of living out the rest of her lifetime without me inside. One of the topics deposited into my mind was about how time does not exist in the universe at large, but only for beings that mark time, like humans do, by measuring intervals of experience.

At one point I observed my body, still sitting in the chair in the radiology department mammography suite, at a distance below and behind me. I saw it out of the back of where a head would be on a human body like having eyes in the back of my head. Seeing it, and feeling no attachment whatsoever to it, made me question for the first time whether I had died.

Though the tunnel was just as real as anything I have experienced on Earth, I knew for a fact that I was not in a tunnel. I realized that we all constantly manifest what we call physical reality just by virtue of our thoughts, and that the only reason we are fooled into believing it is real is because of the limitations of human senses.

You can imagine how flabbergasted I was by this information, and why I was not inclined to believe it. So I experimented with consciously manifesting some more to test its truth. I proved to myself that we do indeed have the ability to manifest what humans perceive to be physical reality by focusing our attention and intention on doing so. After I realized I was dead, I looked outward again for the Light, for at this point I was back to the belief that we must go into the Light to enter the afterlife.

I had forgotten that I was already in the Light because the strength of my belief system overpowered my sense of where I was. I then saw five Lights of different hues in the distance. As I looked again at the Lights, five Beings of Light appeared to have come forward from within them. These friends communicated with me by mental telepathy, and primarily in emotions. My sense was that they were extremely anxious to observe my life as Nanci. These Light Beings actually entered into my life events, as me or others around me, and lived those events as though they were actually me doing it.

I thought it odd at the time, but later learned how normal this is at higher evolutionary stages. While my friends enjoyed my life review, memories of my eternal life filled my mind. The reintegration of my memories as an eternal being with those of my just passed human life completed my transformation back into my natural state as a Being of Light.

Soon, I realized that I had access to all of the knowledge of the universe what I call Universal Knowledge just by focusing my attention and intention on what I wanted to know. My thought processing was accelerated so greatly that I was able to absorb phenomenal amounts of information instantly. I wanted to know the answers to all my most pressing spiritual questions.

What am I? How was the universe created? What is the purpose of life? Of life as a human? What does source expect of me while in human form? Where is heaven? What is the correct religion? I wanted to know why religion had failed me in this regard. My manuscript entitled Backwards Beliefs sets forth what I remember of this documentary. After receiving my fill from Universal Knowledge, I realized that I could enter into my Light Being friends and live their eternal lives as they had just done my life as Nanci.

So I merged my Energy into theirs as we formed a collective being of six. Or I could experience what it was like to be a collective being. I understood at the time that living in this manner was an evolutionary stage beyond that of Light Beings, whose lives we would perceive to be as discrete, individual beings with spiritual bodies.

Up until this point everything seemed to transpire within my own mind. As we neared it I understood more and more about the universe and our place within it, as well as my own nature as part of Source. It became excruciatingly clear to me that the whole of our universe transpires exclusively within the mind of Source.

There is only one being in our universe — Source. All things that we perceive as physical reality are really thoughts manifested by Source within its own Energy field.

And, most importantly, none of it ever leaves the Source. And, I passionately wanted to share with my fellow Light Beings in soul form the truth of who we really are, and the simplicity of life as part of Source. These emotions apparently impelled my return to the body in a traumatic process of leaving the Light. But as I whirl winded back into human flesh I did my best to remember as much as I could so that I might share it with others in my books.

The greatest gift I have been given by this experience is the ability to express much of it in words, often through analogies. I believe one of the reasons I personally had this experience is because I am an attorney, and have used words to communicate difficult concepts and emotions as part of my work. I had either a severe vaso-vagal response or an anaphylactic reaction to a local anesthetic.

At what time during the experience were you at your highest level of consciousness and alertness? I have to answer that in two parts. First, my level of alertness did not change after it expanded dramatically once I was thoroughly infused with the Light.

How did your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience compare to your normal every day consciousness and alertness? I feel dull of intellect and slow in thinking and responding. My normal level of consciousness while awake, not including meditation states, is one tiny little slice of the consciousness I experienced during the NDE.

It feels like I have forgotten who I really am. More importantly, the level of consciousness we experience while in the body operates at such a slow vibration that we actually perceive human life as reality, which I now understand is an illusion. If your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience was different from your normal every day consciousness and alertness, please explain:.

Later, when I met Beings of Light, I could still perceive colors, brightness, and depth as I did while in human form, but the intensity was dramatically enhanced as compared to human vision.

After I completed the transformation into a Being of Light myself, the human perception of sight dissolved. As I understand it, the sensation of vision is part of the human experience, the effects of which wear off once you make the transition to higher levels of consciousness in the Light.

Did your hearing differ in any way from your normal, everyday hearing in any aspect, such as clarity, ability to recognize source of sound, pitch, loudness, etc. That was when I was consciously manifesting physical Earthly environments.

At those times I could hear what I would expect to hear in human form. There were no other audible sounds during the rest of my NDE. I experienced the full range of human emotions — except fear. I had always assumed they would not be possible in the afterlife. No, not to get into the Light. The tunnel felt as real as anything on Earth, but I was not fooled into believing it was real because I knew for a fact that I was not in a tunnel.

Saw it. Felt it. Was completely infused with it and the love, acceptance, joy, and peace that come with it. And, I lived in the Light for a long while as I evolved into higher and higher forms of existence. I met five beings that I mentally called Beings of Energy, or Beings of Light, as they are more frequently called.

I recognized these Beings of Light as my closest, dearest, most beloved friends — my soul mates. I knew none of them during this human lifetime.

They were my eternal closest friends. I did have a life review of this human lifetime, but it was apparently conducted more for the entertainment of my Being of Light friends than for my own benefit. I also recaptured all my memories of all the hundreds of other physical lifetimes I had enjoyed, as well as life in the Light between physical lives. Did you observe or hear anything regarding people or events during your experience that could be verified later?

Some of the future events I observed have come to pass and have been reported in the newspapers. That discovery was made a few years ago, and has been supplanted by subsequent discoveries of other planet-like bodies.

Did you see or visit any beautiful or otherwise distinctive locations, levels or dimensions?


Nanci Danison – NDE

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Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers

Spiritual Author Nanci Danison. All written materials and images on this website are copyrighted and may not be copied or used for any purpose without the written permission of A. This website is sponsored by A. See our books and related offerings on our website at www. I died March 14, , at the age of 43, but voluntarily returned to human life to share what I could remember of the wonders I experienced and truths I learned in the afterlife. At the time of my death, I had been an attorney practicing law in a attorney regional law firm for 17 years as a litigator in the labor and employment law areas, and as a transactional and health care fraud defense lawyer in the health law field. I brought my training and skills as a trial lawyer to the evidence I encountered and challenged within the afterlife.

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