Cell salvage devices are routinely used to process red blood cells RBCs shed during cardiac surgery. The purpose of this study was to evaluate three commercially available cell saver CS devices in terms of erythrocyte function and the quality of washed RBCs during cardiopulmonary bypass CPB. Blood samples were collected from reservoirs and transfusion bags. In conclusion, CS devices use the same theory of centrifugation; however, based on different designs, the function of the washed erythrocyte and undesirable content removal efficiency differs widely from one device to another.

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The System's preset operating program completes one Medtronic has been a key processing cycle fill, wash, empty in approximately participant in the area of three minutes and returns approximately ml of blood to the holding bag. Medtronic , Autolog medtronic , Autolog. Link to this page:. The Medtronic The autoLog System's unique bowl design packs blood Mission tightly to produce an increased hematocrit and allows blood to enter at a moderate G-force to minimize To contribute to human hemolysis.

The end product remains consistent and is independent of the type of surgical procedure. Simplicity of Operation Continuous software monitoring improves quality of end product and speed of processing. Easy system set-up and intuitive feature design increase efficiency and save time for system operators. The autoLog System is an all-inclusive processing system, saving you money, storage space and time on inventory management.

Unique bowl design ensures consistent product. References 1. LeGrand, Richard. American Red Cross letter to customers, January , available at: 2. American Red Cross. May 24, press release available at: 3. Speiss, BD. Transfusion and outcome in heart surgery. Ann Thorac Surg ; 74 4 Hannon, Timothy. Technical Concept Paper published by Medtronic. First Edition. American Association of Blood Banks Sec. From a clinical standpoint, the compact design, economy, ease of set-up, and simplicity of operation are major advantages of the autoLog Autotransfusion System.

Combined with our controlled laboratory data showing its wash program to be fast, sophisticated and quite efficient, the autoLog has proved to be a very capable and desirable autotransfusion machine. The Vacuum Regulator: VR Hardshell Cardiotomy Reservoir with Micron Filter shown.

Self-contained vacuum source provides convenience. The device's compact design and small footprint are beneficial in a crowded operating room. Power VR Vacuum Regulator 1. Power cord: 2 wires plus ground earth connector;. ATL Wash Kit 32 kg 70 lb. All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA. Medtronic , Inc. Medtronic USA, Inc. E-mail: Toll-free: 1 Block , Medtronic , Pacemaker , Block hf. Coding , , Hospital , Medtronic , hospital coding.

Device Description. The Rialto Sacroiliac Fusion System consists of cannulated,. System , Fusion , Medtronic , Rialto si fusion system , Rialto. Oblique Lateral. Interbody Fusion. The Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion OLIF procedure allows for minimally invasive retroperitoneal access to the lumbar spine for surgeons who want to address.

Bone , Graft , Medtronic , Infuse bone graft , Infuse. Procedures , Fusion procedures , Fusion , Medtronic. This information will be helpful when providing patient care in the hospital. Hospital , Outpatient , Medtronic. Example: confidence. Thank you for your participation! Show more. Documents from same domain. Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion - Medtronic www.

Infuse Bone Graft - Medtronic www.

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The Medtronic Perfusion System is highly useful in cardiopulmonary bypass involving autotransfusion. The sophisticated system enable autotransfusion procedures and runs on a sophisticated software. The effective and proven device is used to provide autologous blood during surgical procedures. In autologous process the red blood cell of the patient is collected and washed safely to return to the patients at a later stage.


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