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Artemis Fowl. Artemis Fowl is a young billionaire that is the main character in the story. He has short black hair, short, and very mature looking.

Aside from his physical traits, he is very intelligent, fast-paced, and diligent. He is important to the story because he is the one who stole the fairy bible and went against the fairies. Butler is a large and burly man who can fend off anything including goblins! Butler is loyal man who, from his ancestors past, protected the fowls. Butler is strong and can defeat a whole squad of LEP fairies. He is gentle and can be nice even though he looks menacing.

Holly Short. Holly is small, skinny, and has pointy ears. She can handle LEP weaponry very well, she is agile, and she is very stealthy.

She is important to the story because Holly is one of the main enemies of Artemis but later starts helping him and become allies. Holly has helped and saves Artemis and Butler numerous amount of times.

Aaron Lee's Pd. Search this site. Artemis Fowl By Eion Colfer. Character List. Favorite Quotes. Mini Quiz. Plot Summary. Themes Major and Minor. Youngest billionaires in the world. Dwarf Mythology. Mulch Diggums is a criminal that has been stealing money from virtually everywhere. Mulch is small, large, and bulky. Mulch is also not that smart, can eat through dirt and rock, and can fart so large that it can knock out Butler. Foaly is the mastermind of the LEP.

Since he is a centaur, he has the body of a horse, the upper body of a man, and he does not wear a shirt. He is very smart like Artemis and can hack into any kind of system even human built computers. He is very sarcastic and humorous. He is important to the story because he devised all the plans for the LEP and in the later books made the plans so Artemis and the LEP are successful of their plans.


Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer Complete Novel Study Grades 5, 6, 7

This is a literature guide to Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. This novel unit would be great for use in a literature circle or novel study group. Activities contain higher level thinking reading comprehension questions, vocabulary, as well as extension activities. A complete answer key is included in page format, so pages with answers could be printed for students with IEPs.


Artemis Fowl: Vocabulary

I went through each chapter and picked out vocabulary I thought was tricky for this novel, Artemis Fowl. At the end of the document I arranged the vocabulary per chapter in abc order. I copy these double-sided , laminate them and put a ring around them so students can each have a copy as sometimes they finish reading a chapter independently without me and need support. TIP: copy pages at the end doubled-sided on cardstock or laminate and give to students to support learning. This was used as a Year 6 US Fifth Grade class novel at our school, but could be used as a guided reading book for above average Year 6. Follow me on TPT for monthly freebies.

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