If your browser is in Private mode, pages that use personal or geographic information may not work. Learn more about private mode. ERA is a safe and convenient alternative to paper reports. Enroll electronically through CAQH.

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Save time and money! Depending on your software, you can get your claims auto-posted with electronic remittance advice. Sign up for electronic funds transfer to get your payments directly deposited into your bank account. Learn more about your options by attending a free webinar. Dental providers : please visit www. This convenient alternative to paper remittances is available for all Aetna benefit plans. If you believe you are missing an ERA file, please wait for four 4 business days.

If you still have not received it, please contact your ERA vendor. If your vendor is unable to resolve your inquiry, the vendor may investigate further for you, or they may direct you to contact Aetna directly for further assistance.

You may use the Contact Aetna link to send us an e-mail. Receive fast, confidential and secure claim payments deposited directly into one or multiple designated bank accounts. Learn more about EFT by going to our Electronic transactions and tools help documents page. Want to get patient payments electronically, too?

Learn more about Money 2 SM for Health. If you believe you are missing an EFT, please review your account over a four 4 day range to see if the funds have settled on a different day. If you are still unable to find the missing EFT, please contact your bank for assistance.

If your bank is unable to resolve your inquiry, please contact Aetna directly for further assistance. Not set up for ERA? Access our claim explanation of benefits, electronically, anytime on our secure provider website using the links on the left Get tips on using the Claim Explanation of Benefits tool here.

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Register now for AetnaInternational. Log-in Help. Forgot User name? Forgot Password? Get a Quote. Invoices must be submitted to Aetna International no later than 60 days from the date of service.


Welcome to the Electronic Explanation of Benefits Tool. A practical tool brought to you by Aetna. Today, many health care administrators still rely on paper and pen to manage health insurance claims. As you know, this can mean hours spent manually processing and organizing paperwork and possibly making phone calls for claims payment reconsideration.

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