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View More. Recent Blog Posts. Unread PMs. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Essentials Only Full Version. Super Member. I can't add while posting. After reading the value,it's displayed for reference. If the multiplexer is operated with single output selection in 7HC means,ADC value shown in the display is correct.

If multiple output is selected as like above,the value shown in display are interchanged. Like sensor 1 value displayed in sensor 2,sensor 2 value displayed in sensor 3,and sensor 3 value displayed in sensor 1. You cant select multiple outputs. I also post at: PicForum. The code is changed as like above but issue is still not cleared. The values are jumping from one parameter to another parameter. Turn it on at the start, and leave it on.

Access is Denied. Learn to troubleshoot your hardware and software. Starting Member. I don't see any delay after AD enable and AD conversion start. Perhaps this is a problem. Even if the acquisition time is setup wrong, there is a 50 ms delay after mux channel is changed. I can't SEE anything wrong with it though. Edit: apart from I believe the "! Checked the multiplexer hardware working by connecting the output pin to multimeter. While switching the inputs in mulitplexer by PIC controller the value showedby multimeter is correct.

Without a circuit diagram, and documentation in the code explaining how sensors are actually connected, it is impossible to know what is actually intended. If you still have issue can we reduce the code down it's overly verbose.. Latest Posts. Active Posts. Where are they now? All FAQs. What's the alternative? Stay logged in.


74HC4051 - 74HC4051 Single 8-channel Multiplexer/Demultiplexer



74HC4051 Datasheet


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