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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. Leggere attentamente questo manuale prima di utilizzare questo veicolo. Page 2 Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. This manual should stay with this vehicle if it is sold. Page 3 Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle.

Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Co. Printed in Japan Page 6: Safety Information If you should swallow some gaso- Congratulations on your purchase of could result in death or serious in- line, inhale excess gasoline vapors, a Yamaha YZ series. This model is jury. This manual consists of seven chapters; "General Information", "Specifications", "Regular inspec- tion and adjustments", "Engine", "Chassis", "Electrical" and "Tun- ing" 2.

The table of contents is at the be- ginning of the manual. Look over the general layout of the book be- fore finding then required chapter and item. Page 8 der of the jobs in the exploded di- 4. A number that is enclosed panies the exploded diagram, To help identify parts and clarify pro- by a circle indicates a disassem- providing the order of jobs, names cedure steps, there are exploded dia- bly step.

Fuel cock Hot starter lever Cold starter knob Front brake lever Drive chain Throttle grip Air filter Radiator cap Oil level check window Fuel tank cap Shift pedal Engine stop switch Page Identification "a" face forward. When ordering parts, you can give the number to your Yamaha dealer for positive identification of the model you own. If your machine is stolen, the au- This valve joint "1" Page Checking Of Connection "1" and reinsert the termi- nal into the connector. Keep away from fire.

We recommend to use Yamaha 6. Using the correct special tool will help prevent damage caused by the use of improper tools or improvised techniques. The shape and part number used for the special tool differ by country, so two types are provided. Radiator cap tester adapter YU, Steering nut wrench This tool is used when tighten the YU, steering ring nut to specification. Valve spring compressor This tool is needed to remove and YM, install the valve assemblies.

Clutch holding tool This tool is used to hold the clutch YM, when removing or installing the Page 17 Ignition checker nents. Continue push- ing the engine stop switch till the en- gine comes to a stop.

Before starting the engine, fill the fuel tank with the fuel. Perform the pre-operation checks on the machine. Start and warm up the engine. Check the idle speed, and check the operation of the controls and the engine stop switch. Tank capacity 7. Torque specifications 6 mm for special components or assem- blies are included in the applicable sections of this book. Hot starter cable Aligh the paint mark on the cylin- Radiator hose 1 Fuel hose der head breather hose with the Connector cover Carburetor overflow hose front end of the hose guide.

Cylinder head breather hose Insert the end of the fuel tank Pass the cylinder head breather Pass the fuel hose on the out- side of throttle position sensor lead. Pass the carburetor breater hos- es so that they are not pinched between the upper engine bracket and carburetor. Radiator breather hose Fasten the hot starter cable, Radiator hose 2 Engine stop switch lead throttle cables, throttle position Clamp Sub-wire harness sensor lead and ignition coil Ignition coil lead CDI unit bracket lead.

Pass the radiator breather hose in front of the radiator, on the left of the chassis, and then be- tween the frame and radiator hose 4. Ignition coil Fasten the throttle cables with Cylinder head breather hose the clamp so that the cables are Clamp not bent, and pass them under Rear arm bracket Install the brake hose so that its Install the brake hose so that its pipe portion directs as shown pipe portion directs as shown and lightly touches the projec- and lightly touches the projec Clutch cable Pass the brake hose in front of Engine stop switch lead the number plate.

Cable guide Pass the throttle cables through Brake hose the cable guide. Page Regular Inspection And Adjustments The following schedule is intended as a general guide to maintenance and lubrication. Bear in mind that such factors as weather, terrain, geographical location, and individual usage will alter the required maintenance and lubrication intervals.

If you are a doubt as to what intervals to follow in maintaining and lubricating your machine, consult your Yamaha dealer. Before using this machine, check the following points. Place a container under the en- gine. Do not remove the radiator cap "1", drain bolt and hoses when the engine and radiator are hot.

Turn the adjuster "2" until free play "a" is within the specified lim- its. Tighten the locknuts. Locknut: 4 Nm 0. Apply the specified pressure. Loosen the locknut "1". Check: d. Tighten the locknut. Place a suitable container under the engine. Tighten the oil pressure check bolt. Replacement steps: Oil tank drain bolt: a. Remove the oil filter element cov- 18 Nm 1. Those can be reinstalled in their original who have little knowledge and skill place.

Install the camshafts exhaust and intake. Bleed screw: Bleed the brake system if: 6 Nm 0. Connect the transparent hose "5" Install the pad pin plug "10". Drive chain slack: 50—60 mm 2. Left This is the position which is back by the specific number of clicks from the fully turned-in position.

Page 69 Footrest pivot avoid getting grease on the brake Throttle-to-handlebar contact discs. Drive chain Tube guide cable winding por- tion Throttle cable end Clutch cable end Hot starter cable end Use Yamaha cable lube or equivalent on these areas.

Those who have little knowledge and skill concerning servicing are request- ed not to undertake inspection, adjustment, disassembly, or reassembly only by reference to this manual. Bolt silencer clamp Only loosening. Radiator guard Radiator hose clamp Only loosening. Scalding hot fluid and steam may be blown out under pressure, which could cause serious injury. When the engine has cooled, open 3.

Float pin Float Needle valve Throttle shaft assembly Push rod link lever assembly Pilot air jet Cold starter plunger Blow out all passages and sor due to failure because it will jets with compressed air. Make sure the stopper "a" of the spring 2 fits into the recess "b" in the carburetor. Recheck the float height. Install: 1. Spark plug Cylinder head breather hose Bolt cylinder head cover Cylinder head cover Cylinder head cover gasket Timing chain guide top side Crankshaft end accessing screw Refer to removal section.

Timing chain tensioner cap bolt Refer to removal section. Timing chain tensioner Refer to removal section. Camshaft cap Refer to removal section. Remove: 0.


Download Manual: 2006 Yamaha YZ250F — Owner's Manual

Instant download of the factory repair manual for the Yamaha YZF four-stroke bike. Covers complete tear down and rebuild, pictures and part diagrams, torque specs, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. Unlike other sellers, my Yamaha dirt bike manuals are in English only so you dont have to flip through pages in other languages. Has clickable chapters and is searchable so you can easily find what youre looking for. If you lose your manual, contact me at ridered-atc-atv.


Yamaha YZ250F(V) Owner's Service Manual

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. Leggere attentamente questo manuale prima di utilizzare questo veicolo. Page 2 Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. This manual should stay with this vehicle if it is sold. Page 3 Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle.


2006 Yamaha YZ250F — Owner's Manual



View Yamaha Owner's Manuals Online


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