Seventh-day Adventists believe in inspiring those around us to experience a life of wholeness and hope for an eternal future with God. In other words, just having the Bible, and claiming to believe it, is one thing, as important as that is. But, as the proliferation of false doctrines all supposedly derived from Scripture reveals, we need to know how to interpret the Bible correctly as well. From this starting point, then, we will examine how the Bible teaches us to interpret itself.

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Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. You may download the full lesson quarterly for studying How to Interpret Scripture from Amazon in Kindle format. Kindle version not yet available March 26, Main lesson authors are Frank M. Haseland Michael G. You can order a paperback copy from the Adventist Book Center. Frank M. Hasel, Ph. Michael G. Wood Archaeological Museum. The lesson authors have also written a stand-alone book for the Bible Bookshelf series, How to Interpret Scripture , as a companion to the Second Quarter lessons.

It is available from Amazon in Paperback format and in Digital Kindle format. While you are at Amazon, you may want to try Amazon Prime — Day Free Trial and get free 2-day shipping on most items plus other benefits.

You can also order the paper lesson in various formats from your Adventist Book Center Call You may contact the editors of the Adult Bible study guide by going to this page. You can download the Amazon. You may find that you enjoy the freedom to size the print to your liking and reading in bed without needing a light to shine on your paper book. From Here to There: The incredible journey of the Adult Bible Study Guide — the fascinating story of the production of the Adult Bible Study Guide, where it travels, and what happens to some of the copies.

Click here to go to Youth Sabbath School Resources. Please note that we do not write or edit any of the Study Guides for any age group. You can click on the link to contact the editors of the Adult Bible Study Guide. For the editors of other lessons, please go to the appropriate site.

Any comments made here, but addressing another site, will be deleted. We do not send out paper copies of anything. This is an internet ministry.

Everything we offer is found on this site. Please explore the site before asking questions. If you wish to comment on a lesson, you may do so under the appropriate lesson post. Check out our Links section for free Bible studies online or by mail. The Sabbath School online information are very helpful and I have benefited a lot more from it.

Please send me more information. Firm regards. Dear Sarah, I don't know of any site that has the Kiswahili lessons online. Hope this helps. We do not send out lessons weekly. You can access our weekly lessons by going to our front page and clicking on one of the options above and below the lesson cover at the top of the left sidebar. We do send out daily lessons. To receive these by email, you need to subscribe yourself to one of our email distribution lists.

To do so, go to our front page and click on "Discuss. For the Daily Lessons, choose the option for your area of the world.

If at some time you should want to unsubscribe, use the link at the bottom of one of the posts you received. The short answer is that there is no single "best bible version to study. The bottom line is probably that the best Bible version for you is one you will actually read. The "best bible version" that mainly sits on the shelf is not nearly as good as a "lesser" version that you read. And most important of all is to ask the Holy Spirit to interpret the Bible to you. He inspired the Bible in the first place, and He can and will make it as clear to you as necessary.

I really agree with answer given above, thank you. We must not merely listened to the word and deceive ourselves, we have to do what it says. Yes of course, we can go on and read as many Bible as we can BUT we really need the Holy Spirit to guide and teach us what we are reading so we understand what exactly the Bible tells us to do. James Versions of the Bible ARE significant. Words, phrases and punctuation all have meaning and can change meaning in a text.

You should consider utilizing the King James Version of the Bible as your authoritative version of the Bible. Happy Sabbath! The King James version of the Bible was developed with an agenda in mind. Many of us are not aware of this agenda and it is worth reading and understanding a little of its history.

I did some study on this topic and have published my findings here:. You need to do a little more serious study on how the KJV AV came to be and the documentary evidence concerning it's absolute accuracy.

Papyri going back as far as around 90 A. D agree totally. There is a great deal more evidence to prove it's genuineness and accuracy than I can list here. Nonetheless, any reliable translation is good for reading and casual study. Take note that some KJV editions have been edited by one group or another and may contain word or phrase changes. Most put those changes in parenthesis. I have done the serious study and a brief summary of that is found in the article I have written.

I marvel at its accuracy but at the same time I am aware that certain phrases and expressions were deliberately used to support the Church of England. That bias is well documented.

That does not detract from the translation but it is worth bearing in mind. Furthermore the KJV that we currently use is the revision and not the original. This is also documented in the article that I wrote.

I agree with J Taylor. Be sure when reading a newer version be sure it agrees with the KJV. Believe me, it does happen. The KJV like any other translation was published with an agenda in mind. We need to understand this. Furthermore, the use of definite and indefinite articles in the English language is not directly related to the original, particularly in Hebrew.

In ancient Hebrew, there was no indefinite article and the definite article had a different intention to the English usage. Translation is much more than just word conversion. God's Word is consistent with the character and intent of God - God is Love. We become authentic presenters of the Sayings of God when we genuinely get to know God through the working of the Holy Spirit on our hearts, and continue to be conscientious students learning to know and become like Jesus Christ.

This Translations thing has been my worry as some translations really vary on certain verses so widely one wonders if we are reading the same Bible.

I have been doing how you advised above; reading many versions on a biblical story or subject at ago. Thanks a lot Brethren for the lessons. Samuel, I would like to suggest a more helpful approach than going through the lesson, page by page. I recommend that each teacher study the lesson at least three times: 1 Once, with the question, "What does God want to say to me in this lesson? What is the main theme?

If teachers follow this format, they will always be able "cover" the most important points in the lesson for their classes. They can arrange their lesson outline in the order of most important to "also important" and "helpful," followed by a summary of the most important points just before closing. And as Sabbath School "students," please appreciate a teacher doing serious preparation and not following the lesson outline day by day.

Thanks for your help to identify the best sabbath school teachers, just to add lets avoid these types of words when share the lessons: i do not agreed with him or her, i want to contradicte what he or she said,or i want to support what the AB said contrary to what C said. Plz we are sharing what we know even what we do not know only the Holy Spirit itself helps us to understand the main idea,plz lets pray for these teachers who think that they know while they do not Please I need it.

Thanks and God bless all of you. The lesson is helpful, it helps u walk in the lord's on a daily basis the only challange the we face in our local church is the way teachers are nominated. What are the best way of mominatimg teachers? Should there be any criteria? A copy of the Manual in PDF format is available:. Currently we do not know of anyone producing the lesson in PowerPoint, but that doesn't mean that no one does.

Yes, I see that this is an attractive PowerPoint presentation.


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Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. You may download the full lesson quarterly for studying How to Interpret Scripture from Amazon in Kindle format. Kindle version not yet available March 26, Main lesson authors are Frank M. Haseland Michael G. You can order a paperback copy from the Adventist Book Center.


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