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Woo hoo, it was time for my second Dark Side weekend! I had a ton of fun then and even more fun this time since I knew better what to expect. For this race I ran as General Organa from The Force Awakens using a shirt, long maroon vest, and running capris I found at thrift stores. It's total overkill though, since my pace for the training runs ends up being a lot faster more than 2x faster for the 5K! I guess being over-prepared is a good problem to have, right?

Goals for the weekend were typical for these superfun runs: have a good time and don't get hurt. I had time to stand it the very long line for Boba Fett with Han in Carbonite.

At first I looked at Han for a minute with a sad face but the cast member and PhotoPass photogs didn't capture that. I even had time for a quick snap at the Rogue One backdrop before heading to my corral, B for this race. Mile 1: I crossed the starting mats at about AM.

Nine minutes later I was at the first character photo stop for the race, and it was a good one, with a very long line. Twelve-and-a-half minutes later I was on my way again. But I wasn't running for long -- the next photo stop was just about a minute away. As I waited to sit in the Emperor's Chair I heard runners passing by saying with confusion, "It's just a chair!

Mile 2: Next up was an epic line for a photo with R2D2. I got my picture with him last year so I decided to skip this one. This part of the run took us through World Showcase and around a short backstage area before returning to Epcot. There were lots of PhotoPass photographers in the park. This time it was Chewie , who I've seen many times and can visit any time in Hollywood Studios.

So I skipped a hug with the wookiee. Like last year, there were a couple of Stormtroopers standing on the stage in front of Spaceship Earth. I snapped a couple of photos without getting in the long PhotoPass line and ended up almost getting run over by the departing crew of 'troopers.

I had completely missed these guys last year. After this stop it was a short run out of Epcot and to the finish line in the parking lot. Good times. The lines were huge so I elected to head home right after my picture with Vader.

Recommendation Star Wars runDisney races are the best runDisney races, so you won't hear any complaints from this runner. Garmin time: Race Amenities: Fun course through Epcot, Star Wars theming, characters and ambiance, nice cotton tee and great finisher medal. Costumes were encouraged, and lots of people dressed up as elves or Santa Claus.

One woman dressed like an angel and I heard a lot of jingle bells on the run. I wore a festive outfit and got photos with Santa and Mrs. Claus and a candy cane stilt walker. The races keep getting smaller!

This was a tiny field of just 51 runners. I was happy to support our local firefighters and get a nice timed race in a pretty location. Let's run! Whoa, it's time for the Daytona Beach Half Marathon weekend already?! I ran the half marathon in for my 3rd fastest Last year they added a new Saturday afternoon beach 5K, which could be added to either 5K Read More.

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Omnibus: Boba Fett

He is a bounty hunter wearing Mandalorian armor, who started his career during the Clone Wars , but was most notably active during the Galactic Empire era, during which he became one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the galaxy. Boba has his own personal starship dubbed the Slave I , and is later revealed to be an unmodified clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett , who raised him as his son and from whom Boba inherited the Slave I. The character is noted for speaking very few words and never removing his helmet in the original trilogy , where he was mainly portrayed by Jeremy Bulloch. The characters first appeared in the non-canonical Star Wars Holiday Special , voiced by Don Francks , as the main antagonist of the programme's animated segment. After Han is frozen in carbonite, Boba leaves to deliver him to Jabba the Hutt , as Solo was in debt to the notorious crime lord. He later attends the failed execution of Solo and his friends, during which he briefly fights Luke Skywalker , before his jetpack is accidentally hit by Han, causing it to malfunction and sending Boba falling into the Sarlacc to his apparent death. A younger version of Boba appears in the prequel film Episode II — Attack of the Clones , portrayed by Daniel Logan , which establishes his origin as the cloned "son" of Jango Fett, as well as his hatred for the Jedi after Jango is killed by Mace Windu.


Race Report: Disney Star Wars Dark Side 5K 2017

It was released April 12 , by Dark Horse Comics. Boba Fett rockets onto the scene with blasters blazing in this stand-alone story featuring the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter taking on a dangerous contract that proves deadly for all involved! Summoned to settle the score between two warring factions, Fett quickly shows his employers the importance of always choosing the right tool for the job, and the folly of underestimating just how much damage and chaos a single Mandalorian can inflict. Once unleashed, Fett's drive to finish the job is unshakable, and both groups quickly realize they're dealing with a bigger and much deadlier mutual problem—one that must be stopped before it obliterates everything! On the Imperial backwater world of Troska , the local Imperial authorities are clashing with the local government. As the over-ambitious Commander Sev Buzk argues with Prince Torino Kyber over the latest in a series of fuel blockades, one young lieutenant named Manech decides to take matters into his own hands.

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