Go to page of Go. The rules should oblige the seller to give the purchaser an operating instrucion of Emtec Movie Cube S, along with an item. The lack of an instruction or false information given to customer shall constitute grounds to apply for a complaint because of nonconformity of goods with the contract. In accordance with the law, a customer can receive an instruction in non-paper form; lately graphic and electronic forms of the manuals, as well as instructional videos have been majorly used.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents 1. About the Player Getting Started Timer Record Menu Setup Menu Table of Contents. Home multimedia center movie cube version 1. Page 2 7. Browser Menu Page 3: Introduction 1. In the digital era, this product is a great home entertainment partner. With the outstanding design, you can enjoy movies and music, view photos of precious moments, and record your favorite TV or movie programs and view them in your own time.

Page 4: Packing List 1. Page 5 1. Page 6: Connection 1. Connection 1 Make sure the player is powered on; In this way, you can enjoy the content in the player on TV or other display devices. Page 8 1. Page 9 In this way, you can have the highest quality video and audio via a single cable.

Page 10 2 Follow the picture and plug in the other connector on your coaxial cable or optical fiber to the digital audio device. Page 11 1. Page First Time Usage 1. Page About The Player 2. About the Player 2.

Page 14 Name Function shift shift button: Press to shift the resolution, setup, repeat, and goto buttons to be zoom, display, timer, and browser. Page 15 stop stop button: Press to stop playback. Press repeatedly to select speeds. Page 16 blue blue button: Reserved button. No function has been assigned to it yet. Page Front Panel music button: music Press to start playing music in the playlist.

Page Rear Panel 2. Air Flow hole 2. V2: Video OUT jack 4. V1: Video IN jack 6. Page Getting Started 3. Getting Started Power on the system, and after a few seconds, the system will enter the main interface. To return to this menu, you can also press the home button on the remote control. Press the browser button on the remote control or select the Browser icon on the main interface to browse movie, photo, and music files stored either on a HDD, USB device, or Network.

Page 22 4. To enter the menu, select the Playback icon on the main interface. Preview Shows the preview window. Page Sorting Files 4. Press the navigation buttons to select letters and numbers. Select CAPS to toggle between uppercase and lowercase letters. Press the enter button to input each letter or number. Page Title Edit Menu 5. Press the enter button, and the menu appears. Page 29 start for the section to be deleted. Select SET B and press the enter button to mark the end of the section to be deleted.

Split Title Select a title and divide it into sections. When you reach the point at which you wish to split the track, press the enter button to confirm. Press the enter button and the menu appears.

Page Timer Record Menu 6. Timer Record Menu The Timer Record menu allows you to create, edit and delete recording schedules and view all schedule status and history. Press the timer button on the remote control to enter the menu. Page Deleting Schedules Select the schedule you want to edit from the list and press the enter button. The schedule setting screen appears. Select the schedule you want to delete and press the enter button. Press the enter button to confirm.

Here you can view a complete history of all recordings that were set. Page Setup Menu 7. To enter the menu, press the setup button on the remote control.

Use the navigational and numerical buttons on the remote control to select or input. Channel Set Select to edit channel information. You can also press the button to select Default, and press the blue button to select Sort. Select to edit channel information. Page 38 Aspect Ratio Select to set aspect ratio. Pan Scan Display a wide picture on the entire screen and cuts off the redundant portions. Page Changing Audio Settings Select to set contrast levels.

The new setting is previewed on screen. Page 41 Select to set the default recording quality setting. The highest quality setting is HQ which requires the most storage space. The other settings reduce recording quality sequentially but also require less storage space. Page 43 Press the enter button to confirm. Page Changing System Settings 7.

Parental Control Select to set the TV parental control options. Password Press the numerical buttons to input and change the password. Page 47 Press the navigational buttons to select. Press the enter button to confirm, and the back button to exit. Page Miscellaneous A confirmation message appears.

Select OK and press the enter button to restore all settings to defaults. Slide Show Timing Select to set the interval time for photo slide show. Background Music Select to set the background music options while view pictures.

Page Browser Menu Information Select to view the system information. Page Browsing Music All directories and supported contents will be displayed. All directories and supported audio files in current directory will be displayed. Page Browsing Movies All directories and supported image files in current directory will be displayed.

The photo will be displayed full screen. Note: 1. When the photo is displayed in full screen mode, the slide show starts automatically. Page 54 8. Then select the shared multimedia file that you want to browse. Page 55 8. Press the menu button and a tools menu appears.

Page 56 Select Net Password and the entry screen will appear. See above. Then select OK and press the enter button to confirm.


Emtec Movie Cube S800 Media Player

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EMTEC Movie Cube S800 Manuals


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