Dreamgirls is a show about a time in American musical history when rhythm and blues blended with other styles of popular music creating a new American sound. Act One is set in the fabulous sixties — a time when we were still screaming at Elvis and listening to the Beatles, but were dancing to the new beat of countless girl and boy groups like The Supremes, The Marvelettes, The Temptations and The Shirelles. The play is also about the behind-the-scenes reality of the entertainment industry — the business part of show business that made possible this cultural phenomenon. Act Two shows the creation and the arrival of disco — though the word is never used in the script. The subject matter of this play deals with a musical contribution to America of such importance that only now — decades later — are we beginning to understand. Early M.

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The key to creating a great period musical is finding that magic combination of characters, music, and, of course, an evocative era. Few Broadway shows do this better than Dreamgirls.

As befits a show about the music industry, the music in Dreamgirls is almost a character itself. With 21 songs in the first act and another 18 in the second, Dreamgirls is nearly operatic in scope.

The characters are no joke either. Our journey begins in Harlem, where the unknown female songbirds try out for Amateur Talent Night at the Apollo Theatre. The nightclub drop features a cutout door, perfect for the girls to enter through and draw the audience into the talent competition with them.

Then, fly out the nightclub to display the full Red Brick Wall in all its glory. Frame with your own set pieces and accent with dramatic lighting effects. The girls fail to win the contest, but catch the ear of wannabe music manager Curtis, who is eager to put his car salesmanship skills to better use. Despite a rocky start, the new group begins to take off, thanks to C. For the next several scenes and musical numbers, the girls and managers alike explore different styles, searching for the magical sound that will catapult the group to the top of the charts.

An excellent option here would be this Music Alley backdrop , featuring many musical genres in colorful detail. Curtis grabs more and more control of the group. Try this Diamonds Are Forever backdrop , in royal blue and purple hues, to represent the Crystal Room, and watch your cast sparkle!

Tensions within the group boil over as the often-ill and secretly pregnant Effie finally gets edged out of the band she started in the first place. TheatreWorld has the perfect Las Vegas Nights backdrop for this stage of their journey. With bright colors against a pitch-black background, the vibrant florescent lights represent the glaring difference between the spotlight and obscurity.

Deena has married Curtis. Jimmy has become a has-been. Effie is alone in Chicago raising her secret love child and trying to get back into the business. Meanwhile, Deena begs Curtis to let her switch from singing to acting, which he firmly discourages. TheatreWorld has several drops that dazzle with the glitz and glamour of A-list fame. The Lights of N. Another option is this Music Hall of Fame backdrop. Of course, the pressure at the top is enormous, and the cracks quickly begin to show.

Curtis promptly fires him, and the unravelling of the dream team begins. For this segment, consider this Chromatic Rainstorm backdrop.

The sparkly rainbow colors would represent the supposed glamour of life at the top, while with dark accents would be a nice compliment to all the underlying tensions festering within the group. Its cheerfulness would be an interesting counterpoint to the storyline, as everything eventually crumbles into dust.

Effie, C. She finally finds the backbone to leave Curtis for good. The dark accents and faded paneling would evoke the tough times Effie has been through, alone with her child and her broken dreams. The light streaming in large windows could show the hope for the better future that comes from reuniting with her brother. For the confrontation scenes, in which Effie, Deena, and Curtis finally come into their just desserts, try this Theatre Backstage drop. With red brick details, starred dressing rooms, and costume racks in the background, it could easily be the backstage area of any venue The Dreams would play.

With Curtis curtailed, The Dreams take the stage for a final, farewell concert. Effie rejoins the group, as she was always meant to be — a headliner with powerhouse vocals. This number never fails to bring down the house, so go big with this incredible Dreams Come True backdrop , which summarizes this show perfectly.

Let TheatreWorld Backdrops help you make your own Dreams come true! Skip to content. Related Posts. Spamalot — Going Beyond the Script November 1,


Dreamgirls Script

And it's gonna be real hot. What about the show? Now watch me walk. Sugar, Jimmy was just being Jimmy. You know he's crazy about you. Well, give the crazy man. At home, where he lives, with his wife.


dreamgirls - script

I would love to read the original, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. My instinct tells me that it never was released as a script. I know they are releasing the movie version, but does anyone know where I could find the original??? However - I don't know how much you would get out of it as it's a libretto rather than a script. The stage production is mostly sung - not much dialogue in it.


Going Beyond the Script



Dreamgirls - Script


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