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This alloy is produced mainly in the hard temper and has higher mechanical strength than CuSn6. The alloy has excellent bearing and corrosion properties. This Data is indicative only and must not be seen as a substitute for the full specification from which it is drawn. In particular, the mechanical property requirements vary widely with tempeter, product and product dimensions.

The information is based on our present knowledge and is given in good faith. However, no liability will be acepted by the Company in respect of any action taken by any third party in reliance thereon. Any advice given by the Company to any third party is given for that party's assistance only and without liability on the part of the Company. Any contract between the Company and a customer will be subject to the Company's Conditions of Sale.

The extent of the Company's liabilities to any customer is clearly set out in those Conditions, a copy of which is available on request. Typical Uses This alloy is a phosphor bronze that is produced in the wrought condtion to give improved mechanical strength.

It can be used in bearing applications working under high loads and has excellent wear and good bearing properties.


DIN 17662 W Nr 2.1030



Wrought Phosphorbronze (Copper-Tin)


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