Thank you for attending last year's Mexico Summit in Mexico City. Joining his ranks are new members of the Chamber of Deputies and members of the senate. The event will examine the state of Mexican politics after a fraught transition of power, with an emphasis on how the president-elect will assume the reins. Click here to stay tuned to speaker updates. This summit is designed for senior executives, entrepreneurs and leading thinkers who are invested in driving Mexico forward across all industries including:. She has been a professor in several universities in Mexico and in the U.

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The mission of this new committee is to assist US and Mexico business, government, institutions, and universities in their endeavors to engage in bi-national commerce related to the oil and gas industry for the mutual benefit of each country and its citizens.

Please see list below for their presentations, and click here to see the agenda for the day. This was the first meeting of and the first in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico with our International nonprofit organization.

We had members from Monterrey, Saltillo, and Laredo in attendance. The Binational Center and Mrs. Patricia Keck hosted a meeting where all parties linked to the healthcare sector of the Eagle Ford Shale boom could gather and share ideas to improve our community. Denise Dresser and the ladies of the "Instituto Municpal de la Mujer de Nuevo Laredo" at a special luncheon to commemorate their wonderful work.

To see the presentation, please click here or for more details on the event click here. This was our yearly event with Instituto Tecnologico de Nuevo Laredo, where we host about 50 of their Engineering students on topics of interest in their field of study and opportunities available to them as upcoming graduates. The Binational Center hosted the Energy Development Committee from the City of Nuevo Laredo for a workshop about Eagle Ford Shale case studies and all background information necessary for a better understanding of this booming phenomenon.

The Binational Center presents a follow-up seminar to the Four Immeasurables. What is loving-kindess? How can it be developed? Please join us as we explore "Loving-kindness" in greater detail both in theory and in practice to see how we can cultivate a deeper connection to our heart by applying these age-long teachings to our everyday life.

A first-ever meeting of Mexico legislators and U. This time focusing on "compassion", which is often understood as pity in our culture. More importantly, it is a trait that can be expanded with practice. The teachings of the Buddha propose a series of easy-to-learn, yet spiritually sophisticated methodologies to work out our "compassion muscles".

Please join us to learn about these tools that may be applied to any person wishing to cultivate a good heart. As before, we will be using meditation and open discussion to touch our innate potential through practical exercises which anyone can learn and apply in their daily lives.

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Mexico Summit 2018

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