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Documents: Advanced Search Include Citations. Available through normal forms supply channels - Form 1 Maintenance Request Register Prescribed in paras 1—25, 3—8. Available through normal forms supply channels - Form 1 Suspended Tag-Materiel Prescribed in para 3— Available through normal forms supply channels - Form 1 —1 Suspended Label-Materiel Prescribed in para 3—

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What is article 91 of the UCMJ? Insubordinate conduct toward an officer. What is article 92 of the UCMJ? Failure to obey an order or regulation. When were the ranks of E-8 and E-9 created? What year did the Navy establish the Chief Petty Officer rate? What year did the Coast Guard come into existence?

What year did the rates in the Coast Guard become the same as the Navy? What year was the Coast Guard Auxiliary created? How many Inactive duty days are Selected Reservists paid? Paid 48 Inactive duty days. How many Active duty days are Selected Reservists paid? Who was the first E-9 in the Coast Guard in ? Master Chief Yeoman Jack Kerwin. When did Congress establish the Chief Petty Officer grade?

What does the Command expect the Chief Petty Officer to do? Support Command Policy and point out flaws that hurt morale. How many major directorates are below the Commandant? What is the administrative and command and control center of the Coast Guard?

The first CG Chiefs were former stations keepers of what? Life Saving Stations. How many leadership competencies are there? What criteria is use for the Commandant's Quality Award? Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. Which cutter re-captured the Nancy and Mehitable in the Quasi-War? Cutter Eagle. Which cutter captured the first prize of ? Cutter Jefferson. Which cutter was run ashore and drug her guns to fight from the cliffs?

When was the first time CG Steamboats were used in a war? During the Mexican-American war of Who was credited with firing the first naval shots of the Civil War? Cutter Harriet Lane. What year was the Spanish-American war? What is the 4th step in the ORM process? Identify Options. Cutter Campbell. Identify the 10 original Coast Guard cutters. With whom did the U. Which cutter captured 10 prizes, one which carried 44 guns and men?

Cutter Pickering. The war of was fought against whom? On September 26th, , this cutter was destroyed by a German submarine. Cutter Tampa. Cutter Northland. Which Operation did the CG participate in during the Vietnam war? Operation Market Time. In which war were white cutters re-painted grey? Where is the only Coast Guard manned light house today?

Boston Harbor. Marcus Hanna. March 1st, Who were the first uniformed women to serve in the Coast Guard in ? Twin Sisters, Genevieve and Lucille Baker. Who authored Roots and the Autobiography of Malcolm X? Alex P. Master Chief Yeoman Pearl Faurie. What year did the first CPO academy start? Who was a two-time winner of the Gold Lifesaving medal in both the Lighthouse service and the Life-saving service? Frederick Hatch. Who was the official keeper of the Lime Rock Light Station until her death?

Ida Lewis. He singled handedly saved ten people from the grounded ship, Priscilla. Rasmus S. Who was the Port Pontchartrain Light keeper and cared for people after a storm? Margaret Norvell. Identify the following rank. Private E-2 Army. Private First Class E-3 Army. Specialist E-4 Army. Corporal E-4 Army. Sergeant E-5 Army. Staff Sergeant E-6 Army. Sergeant First Class E-7 Army. Master Sergeant E-8 Army. First Sergeant E-8 Army.

Sergeant Major E-9 Army. Command Sergeant Major E-9 Army. Sergeant Major of the Army E Army. What is the process guide PGA? ACMS User's process guide. What is the process guide PG? Reliability Centered Maintenance process guide. TIMOS process guide. Aeronautical Engineering Corrosion Control process guide. ACCB Process guide. Project Management process guide.


DoD Forms Management Program

Browse All Regulations. I'm looking for support for Military condition tags are tags that display the conditions of operational supplies such as weapons, ammo, forklifts, power tools, and more! Basically, any piece of equipment that is being supplied to the Department of Defense for military efforts will need to have a corresponding military condition tag adhered to it. These tags come in different colors and will communicate the condition of the piece of equipment with just a glance. For instance, if a forklift is unserviceable but can be repaired, it would have a green condition tag.


What are military condition tags?



Aviation: Need Condition Code Tags?


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