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Home About Contact Terms Disclaimer. Casabianca was a small boy. He was the son of the commander of the warship.

The commander took part in the battle of Nile. He took his son with him: When the sea battle was going on, he ordered his son to stand on the deck of the ship. The father was killed in action. The ship caught fire, every one fled to save the life but Casabianca stood on the deck.

He was obedient and brave so, he could not leave position without the orders of commander. He was surrounded by the flames but he did not move. He shouted and asked his father if he might leave the position. But did not receive any reply.

He called again and again but there was no reply. At last the ship was smashed to pieces. Many valuable things were destroyed. But the most valuable thing among them was Casabianca. He lost his life in order to set an example of courage and obedience.

The death of Casabianca was Noblest but saddest incident of battle of Nile. Tags: English for Matriculation. Facebook Twitter. Social Plugin. Popular Posts. Follow by Email Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. Menu Footer Widget. Home About Contact Us.


Casabianca Summary by Felicia Dorothea Hemans

L ast week on the books blog, posters discussed a possible feature on forgotten bestselling novels. The idea converts well to poetry, because, while even excellent works of fiction tend to disappear if they haven't quite made the grade as "classics", once-popular poems stay around, evergreen in the traditional anthologies that still sit, fat and dusty, on most people's bookshelves. We've sometimes pulled out poems or poets from the Poem of the week bookshelf that are undeservedly neglected. Some were neglected even in their own time.


Poem of the week: Casabianca by Felicia Dorothea Hemans

Felicia D. Hemans The speaker in the poem narrates that Casabianca was standing alone on the board of the ship which was already caught by fire. The flames of the fire were rising all around him, but he was so brave that he did not move an inch and did not have a single sign of fear in his face. He was so loyal and obedient to his father and responsible to his duty that he first wanted to take permission to save himself from the fire though he did not know the fact that his father was dead already down in the ship.


Casabianca (poem)

Posts Comments. Post a Comment. Class X English - Chapter 19 - Casabianca. She was born at Liverpool, but the family moved to Wales where she was brought up. She was quick in mind and had a fine memory. As a poet, she has been compared to Long fellow. Like Couper, she loved the pathetic, and there is great enthusiasm for chivalry and heroism in her work.

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