The Biograph mCT enables the quantification of molecular processes in the body. Current applications include cancer imaging, quantification of absolute myocardial blood flow and quantification of amyloid deposits in the brain in patients with dementia. Some of the highlights of the new system, from the press release:. With conventional technology, clinicians face the issue of variability in quantitative results due to software and hardware challenges. Advanced syngo clinical applications provide essential tools to obtain quantifiable measurements in neurology, cardiology and oncology imaging. SUVpeak, new in the syngo.

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No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Answers for life. Biograph mCT —molecular CT. Quantificati 3. From the first electromedical devices in to the latest PET hybrid technologies, we have a long history of pioneering technological achievements that have helped make the A Focus on Return on Innovation Driven by this passion to make a difference, the core of Siemens Molecular Imaging is based upon the assumption that achieving the highest technical performance is only important when it meets the needs of our customers and the patients they serve.

To gain a deep understanding of our impossible possible. This cooperation is the driving force improved healthcare. From the earliest stages of budgets in the medical imaging industry, research, product development and design, has made Siemens an undisputed we rely upon the advice and innovation leader in molecular imaging.

As a result, our products are able to offer you the highest return on innovation possible. At the same time, healthcare is facing the dual mandates to improve patient safety and increase productivity, while ensuring the highest quality and cost-efficient patient care. Introducing the new Biograph mCT Our dedicated team of molecular imaging experts have helped shape the diagnostic imaging world with their inventions and ideas.

And we are continuing this tradition of innovation by continuously pioneering new technologies. No matter which way you look meet the following three criteria: at it, Siemens Molecular Imaging is helping you to expand your Return on Innovation. Biograph mCT — molecular CT. Inaccurate quantification may mislead treatment response monitoring.

Longer examination times lead to fewer patients per day, and unnecessary dose could compromise patient safety. The new Biograph mCT. In addition, innovative CARE technologies ensure the lowest possible dose is administered. With the new Biograph mCT, now you can detect, characterize and monitor the tiniest cancer lesions with reproducible quantification, making cancer treatment more cost effective.

Now you can quantify absolute myocardial blood flow, making more accurate treatment decisions, minimizing risk to your patients. Now, more than ever, you are able to rely on molecular imaging with quantification that is accurate and reproducible. For results that will redefine clinical decision making.

The confirmation you need for more diagnostic certainty and more informed treatment planning. Study after study. Scan after scan. Without question. Data on file. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Intelligently ReproducibleQuantification8 9. Intelligently Reproducible QuantificationIntelligently In order to help physicians make sound decisions, imaging must not only be quantifiable —Reproducible it must be accurate and consistent.

With conventional technology, customers face the issueQuantification of variability in results due to both software and hardware challenges. Inherent scanner drift and inaccurate attenuation correction through misregistration of anatomical andFinest Volumetric functional images have a direct impact on reproducibility and accuracy of acquiredImage Accuracy quantitative data.

In addition, standard measurement techniques and inter-user variability affect accurate diagnostic results. Minimum Dose and Now, for the first time, Biograph mCT gives you quantifiable results that are precise.

Maximum Speed Reproducible. And consistent over time. With its unique combination of intelligent software, daily calibration and precise anatomical and functional co-registrationEngineered Clinical Biograph mCT makes a quantifiable difference in diagnostic confidence, therapy planningFlexibility and treatment monitoring. Intelligently Reproducible QuantificationIntelligently Daily calibration ensures consistent Better attenuation correction for more Quantitative assessments with syngo. SUVpeak, new in the syngo.

From a unique hot spots. Myocardial Blood Flow MBF can calibrated and tuned to precisely the right patient handling system that eliminates be used as an absolute quantificationEngineered Clinical specifications, using phantom data that differential deflection to Auto Cardiac method to assess balanced disease in allFlexibility allows for daily PET normalization and Registration which automatically aligns CT areas of the heart.

And an exciting optimal performance. In addition the tightly and PET heart images and reduces variability quantative tool in neurology, part of thesyngo. Molecular Imaging attenuation correction and reliableBiomarker Research quantitative measurements. SummaryIn order to help physicians make sounddecisions, imaging must not only bequantifiable — it must be accurate andreproducible.

Siemens Biograph mCT hasbeen intelligently engineered to meet thisneed. The new technologies incorporated inBiograph mCT are an exciting step forwardin furthering the understanding of disease,its progression and response to treatment. From daily system normalization and precisePET and CT alignment with SMARTinnovations to intelligent software thatassists with the interpretation of dementia,evaluation of balanced myocardial diseaseand accurate assessment of treatmentresponse on oncology.

Accuracy andreproducibility is the key to preciselyassessing disease status. By reproducibility to daily routine. The been recognized as a potential source ofcomprehensive daily quality check and system performance drift. Biograph mCTcalibration can be scheduled to run vastly reduces such influence with the Conventionalautomatically overnight so the scanner is tightly regulated integrated water-coolingready to begin imaging before the first system which ensures system temperaturepatient arrives.

This no-flex feature ensuresMaximum Speed accurate attenuation correction for more precise quantification. PETattenuation corrected images arereconstructed based on the confirmedoptimal registration. The ability to perform attenuation correction without a CT Calcualted mu-map Attenuation-corrected PETFinest Volumetric scan avoids any co-registration problemsImage Accuracy that can occur due to patient motion.

Compared to the conventionalsingle pixel SUVmax, SUVpeak can decrease theinfluences of noise and together with thepre-set 1 cm3 volume and automatic peakalgorithm, can potentially reduce readervariability. This method provides accurateand reproducible information for therapyresponse assessment.

The myocardial blood flowImage Accuracy MBF application is an absolute quantification method that helps toMinimum Dose and confidently assess balanced disease in allMaximum Speed areas of the myocardium. The hypo-metabolic brain regions comparison quickly reveals abnormalities if present. New biomarkers are steadily being researched and developed. Intelligently syngo. Volume of interest withSUVpeak providesrobust and reproduciblequantification Myocardial blood flow provides an absolute quantification method to assess balanced disease in the myocardium 23 With conventionalReproducible technology, small or low-grade lesions can go undetected or lose definition towards theQuantification edge of the FOV and are subject to motion blurring thereby lowing diagnostic confidence.

Siemens recognizes that at the core of a good image is an accurate detection system, whichFinest Volumetric begins with optimized components. Biograph mCT optimizes the components of the detection system into a superbly designed imaging chain. Siemens continues to deliver exquisite Siemens that eliminates the tradeoffFinest Volumetric diagnostic image quality. The patented Prompts Gamma within the scan field, Biograph mCTBiomarker Research Correction provides clarity in PET cardiac continues to push the boundaries of spatial imaging with a reduction in noise while the resolution.

SummaryImage clarity and precise localization are keyto disease detection, accurate staging andimproved therapy planning. So cardiac studiesare more exact. Tumors are more clearlydefined. Brain lesions can be preciselymapped. Siemens new Biograph mCT is aquantum leap forward, refining images andsetting another new standard in diagnosticimaging. The with the speed of LSO and the unique block Quantification Lutetium Oxyorthosilicate LSO crystals — design of OptisoHD Detection System, manufactured by Siemens and long allow fast coincidence timing with efficientFinest Volumetric recognized for their density, fast scintillation rejection of random events.

This providesImage Accuracy decay time the fastest of all PET scintillators very high count rates that are essential to currently in use and light output — are the high-speed PET scanning.


Manufacturer Specifications - Biograph mCT, Siemens

This unique combination of technologies results in improved image quality reduced scan times and increased patient comfort. First introduced at EANM in , the Biograph mCT has achieved widespread global adoption due to its game-changing features and benefits. A uniform 2mm image resolution throughout the entire field of view can significantly improve image quality and offer clinicians increased confidence in diagnosis. The ability for five-minute, whole-body PET scanning, combined with a large bore and short tunnel, offers a more flexible solution for demanding workflows, as well as a more comfortable environment for the patient. Among the first to work with the new system is Dr. With the Biograph mCT, one examination room serves two modalities. PET and CT scans alike can be performed by one team of operators using only one schedule and.


Siemens Biograph mCT PET/CT

Our entire product portfolio is built on technology that all together adds up to more. Our wide range of features expand your clinical capabilities and deliver excellent lesion detectability, spatial resolution, and quantification accuracy -- letting you bring a high standard of care to more patients. Streamline user experience and address a broader patient population with design purposefully built on our key technologies. A large 78 cm bore, short cm tunnel and kg lb table capacity support the examination of a heavier patient population, allow for easier patient positioning, offer space for additional therapy accessories and help increase patient comfort. Biograph mCT is configured to address challenging patient situations, giving you the opportunity to maximize your return on investment. Biograph mCT may include features such as FlowMotion continuous bed motion and TrueV 1 , which increases the axial field of view to enable two times faster scans or half the injected dose without compromising image quality. Data on file.


Siemens Biograph mCT PET-CT System Receives FDA Clearance

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