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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Alpine iva-dr mobile media station owner's manual 81 pages. Colombo 8, Trezzano Shinagawa-ku, Page 3 Setup Setting the Navigation Interruption Page 5: Operating Instructions Failure to do so may cause personal injury or damage to the so may result in an accident.

Return it to your authorized Alpine dealer or the nearest Alpine Service Centre for repairing. Playing subjected to: a bad disc could severely damage the playback mechanism. This has been done for the safety of the driver and passengers. Audio Processor Adjustments cannot be made if the car is moving. Page 8 Video CDs version 2. Alpine accepts no responsibility for lost data, etc. Page Getting Started In this case, be sure to first stop your vehicle and apply the parking brake, then perform the operation.

With gentle handling, its unique capabilities can be enjoyed for a long time. Remote Sensor Point the optional remote control transmitter towards the remote sensor within a range of 2 meters. Insert a disc into the Disc Volume: 0 - 35 slot part. The information about the current source. Touch and hold any one of the preset buttons [P. SET 1] through [P. SET 6] for at least 2 seconds. The display shows the DISC mode screen. Turn it ON to display the screen. Touch [ ] of the programme you want to play.

During playback, touch and hold [ ] Fast- The selected programme is played back, and then returns Touch [ ] to resume playback. The repeat mode switches every time the button is touched. The function guide changes.

See page 19 for operation of the numeric keypad. Touch [ENT] to confirm your selection. DVDs with multiplex audio or audio languages allow switching the Playback will start from the selected chapter or track.

Select an item to confirm it. The displayed bass frequency is emphasized. The simultaneous function is cancelled. Setting item: SUBT. If the rear monitor is not connected, the screen setting is Touch [ENT] to memorize the number. Page Setting The Brightness Of The Backlighting Setting the Brightness of the Backlighting Setting Automatic Background Textures Backlighting is provided by a fluorescent light built into the liquid The background texture will automatically change each time the crystal panel.

The illumination control adjusts the brightness of the ignition key is turned off and turned back on again. Page Setting The A. MX uses this data to reproduce the sound accurately. Check that Defeat mode is off page Page Phase Switching Touch [ ] or [ ] of T. This makes it very difficult to correct for undesired peaks and dips at specific Set the connected speaker by touching the respective frequencies. This compression can frequency range of your speakers.

This difference in the distances from the speakers to the listener creates a shift in the sounds image and Touch any one of the preset buttons [P. SET 1] frequency characteristics. Page About The Crossover Depending on the speakers, a passive network may not be necessary. If you are unsure about this point, please Page About Imprint Time correction can help fix this, but only for For the recommended crossover frequencies of Alpine speakers, refer one listening position.

The source screen appears on the display. Touch [NAV]. With a CD Changer connected Another search mode can be used for the same operation, although the Composer hierarchy differs. Searching by artist name For example, if you listen to a song from a selected album, the album can be changed.

Therefore, a maximum of characters is the iPod are not functional. The Shuffle function of the iPod is displayed as M. Repeat One: A single song is repeatedly played back. The function guide is displayed. Analog audio outputs are available. OPEN for a few times, consult your Alpine dealer. Using such parts could disable sure the fuse for the intended circuit of the IVA-WE has the control of the vehicle and cause fire etc. If the unit is forcibly pushed into the mounting sleeve, damage may occur.

Page 74 If B is used, the face plate must be modified before installing it. Pull the unit out, keeping it unlocked as you do so.

To modify the face plate, consult your Alpine dealer. If C is used, the face plate cannot be mounted. Page 78 Ground Lead Black Connect this lead to a good chassis ground on the vehicle. Make sure the connection is made to bare metal and is securely fastened using the sheet metal screw provided. When no device is connected, leave the switches in the NORM position. Print page 1 Print document 81 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk.

Upload from URL.


Alpine IVA W502E

The enhanced graphic user interface provides selectable viewing modes, as well as iPod album artwork. Locate a Dealer. Print Page. Connect your iPod and enjoy all your favourite iPod tunes on the road. Control the iPod right from the head unit, so you can see all your song information right from the display. Scroll through your songs as you would on your iPod.


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