The plan was drawn up by the Greek Cypriot leadership in collusion with Greek Army officers in It also explains the object of the point proposal put forward by Archbishop Makarios for the revision of the Constitution. Certain parts of the English translation of the Plan presented here have been set in italic type in order to underline those salient points which clearly show the relationship between the Plan and the various stages of the Cyprus crisis. This relationship is also very important from the point of view of the United Nations because it shows how the Greek Cypriot leaders, while paying lip service to the UN Charter and to its principles, were deviously trying to use the World Organization as a tool to attain their objectives. Recent public statements by Archbishop Makarios have shown the course which our national problem will take in the near future.

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It entailed the weakening the Turkish Cypriots in the government of Cyprus and then uniting enosis Cyprus with Greece. According to Turkish Cypriots, the plan was a "blueprint to genocide", but Greek Cypriots claimed that it was a defensive plan. Cyprus, an island lying in the eastern Mediterranean sea was ruled by several conquerors during its history.

Greek and Turkish nationalism among the two major communities of the island four-fifths of the population being Greek, one-fifth Turkish were growing, seeking opposite goals. Greeks were demanding enosis Cyprus to be united with Greece while Turks were aiming for taksim partition. In , the British gave in and turned power over to the Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

A powersharing constitution was created for the new Republic of Cyprus and included both Turkish and Greek Cypriots holding power. Three treaties were written up to guarantee the integrity and security of the new republic: the Treaty of Establishment, the Treaty of Guarantee and the Treaty of Alliance.

According to the constitution, Cyprus was to become an independent republic with a Greek Cypriot president and a Turkish Cypriot vice-president, with full powersharing between Turkish and Greek Cypriots. Akritas organisation or EOK was a secret group led by prominent members of the Greek Cypriot community, some of them being cabinet ministers.

It was formed in or , in the eve of the creation of Cyprus Republic, and aimed to achieve enosis. Guerillas were recruited by former members of EOKA.

The plan was an inner document that was publicly revealed in by pro-Grivas Greek Cypriot newspaper Patris [9] as a response to criticism by pro-Makarios media. Because it was expected that Turkish Cypriot would object and revolt, a paramilitary group of several thousand men was formed and began its training.

The external tactics pointed to the Treaty of Guarantee as the first objective of an attack, with the statement that it was no longer recognised by Greek Cypriots. If the Treaty of Guarantee was abolished, there would be no legal roadblocks to enosis , which would happen through a plebiscite.

It is unknown who authored the plan or to what extent Makarios was committed to it. According to Hoffmeister, the plan was drawn by the minister of the interior, Polycarpos Georgadjis.

There is also controversy about when the document was formulated, but the most probable was late In November , Greek Cypriot leader Makarios proposed thirteen amendments to change the constitution.

The proposals resemble the first part of the Akritas plan. Greek Cypriot sources have accepted the authenticity of the Akritas plan, but controversy regarding its significance and implications persists. Frank Hoffmeister wrote that the similarity of the military and political actions foreseen in the plan and undertaken in reality was "striking". He claimed that in accordance to the plan, ELDYK troops should have taken action, which was not the case and led to Georgadjis shouting "traitors!

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Akritas Plan

Rikos Apostolou. Post by choro-nik The final few paras say it all Our sub-headquarters must, in gatherings of our members, analyse and explain fully and continuously the above, until each one of our members understands fully and is in a position to brief others. No act can damage our struggle as vitally and decisively as the revealing of the present document or its publication by our opponents. With the exception of word-of-mouth briefing, all our other actions, i. Similarly, in public speeches and gatherings, only responsible persons may make, under the personal responsibility of the Leader or Deputy Leaders, references in general terms to the plan. They must also have the authorisation of either the Leader or the Deputy Leader who must approve the text.


Akritas plan

Since its foundation in , Greece has lost all its wars against Turkey, even though it was allied with the most powerful states of the age. Unfortunately however, despite the victories we won by shedding our blood, Greece, which has failed to win any war on the battlefield since , has continuously extended its territories. It realized this expansion process under European auspices — sometimes through deceiving and insincere diplomatic maneuvers, sometimes through applying de facto policies and sometimes through massacring the Turks in the territories that it coveted. One of the most saddening examples of such an expansion took place in Crete. Today, no Muslim Turk remains in Crete, where , of them once lived at the beginning of the s. This island, which we conquered with the blood of thousands of Turkish sons, was lost in the political arena due to the various deceptions and plots coming from the Greek side.


Turkey & Macedonia

Thursday, 10 May The Akritas Plan. Greek Cypriot fighters in Limassol, Below is the text in English of the Akritas Plan, written by Polykarpos Yiorgadjis at the end of November , with the constitutional crisis on the island coming to a head. It was made public in The Akritas Plan, Stella Soulioti has written 'has been rendered notorious by quotation, misquotation and mutilation… It has been used by the Turks and others to support allegations that Makarios had from the start intended to wreck the Constitution and even "knock the Turks out and realise enosis". In reality, Soulioti continues, the Akritas plan was not 'a plan for future policy and action but was written ex post facto to eliminate criticism of the policy already adopted and declared by Makarios, which was no longer the pursuit of the original objective of enosis, and to prevent precipitate action by irresponsible elements. The Akritas Plan did not have the blessing of the Greek Cypriot official leadership — Makarios and his ministers.

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