Methodology: Parts designed or procured are verified concurrently together against target systems specs 2. DC to HF 3. Adaptive frequency sampling 4. Finite thickness modeling 6.

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The X-parameter format and underlying equations are open and documented. For LTE-A, To shorten your design cycles, ADS provides a huge amount of application-specific data. Over examples cover everything from specific application circuits to tutorials on how to get the most out of ADS. DesignGuide integrate the experience and best practices of leading designers to provide you with wizards, pre-configured set-ups and displays, and step-by-step instructions for design applications, and give you easy access to the power of ADS from day one.

Complete set of fast, accurate and easy-to-use simulators enable first-pass design success? Easy-to-use, application-specific DesignGuide encapsulate years of expertise? Exclusively endorsed by leading industry and foundry partners? Complete schematic capture and layout environment? Innovative and industry-leading circuit and system simulators? Direct, native access to 3D planar and full 3D EM field solvers? Optimization Cockpit for real-time feedback and control when using any of 12 powerful optimizers?

S-parameter linear frequency-domain simulator? Harmonic balance nonlinear frequencydomain simulator? Momentum 3D planar EM simulator? Finite Element full 3D EM simulator? X-parameter generator simulator? Signal Integrity Channel simulator? Countless built-in functions simplify the process. For added flexibility, you can even write your own functions e. The ADS optimization cockpit provides an interactive environment with multiple optimization variables, interactive tuning and progress controls.

Using it, you can achieve optimal performance while gaining design insight into the optimized variables versus the goals. Yield sensitivity histograms help identify the most sensitive design components and how best to set their specifications to improve manufacturing yield.

The MMIC Toolbar and layout command line editor, available in all enhanced foundry PDKs, ensures layout editing commands are easily accessible and provide a full suite of layout verification tools. Use ADS Desktop layout vs. Component based LVS on module designs with nested technology finds module-level wiring and pin swap errors. Simply add the Electro-Thermal controller to the ADS schematic, start a circuit simulation and the integrated thermal solver will run in the background.

No more manual export of IC layouts to stand-alone thermal solvers; no more manual import of temperature data into the circuit simulators. Figure 7 Innovative Multi-technology Capability Figure 8 ADS capabilities enable tradeoffs to be made interactively on the IC, laminate, packaging, and printed circuit boards being designed or co-designed together.

Circuits designed in multiple technologies can be combined and simulated at both the circuit and full 3D EM level. This allows seamless co-simulation between schematic, layout and 3D components without leaving the circuit design flow. It is especially convenient for RF module designs where 3D interconnects and packaging must be simulated along with the circuit.

AMC allows you to create EM-based custom libraries of 3D models not available in standard simulation libraries. AMC libraries retain the accuracy of EM simulation, but simulate and optimize at the speed of circuit simulation through smart interpolation across the parameterized EM database.

It accepts multilayer design geometries and uses frequency-domain Method of Moments MoM technology to accurately simulate complex EM effects including coupling and parasitic , improving performance and increasing confidence that manufactured products will meet specifications.

Momentum features the latest NlogN and multi-threading solver algorithms to deliver the fastest, highest capacity 3D planar EM simulation. Integrated with ADS, it allows EM simulation along with circuit and system co-simulation or co-optimization to account for proximity or radiation effects of planar structures.

Results can be visualized as surface currents or radiated fields for insight into the location of problem areas. Figure 9 Momentum provides the most efficient and fastest 3D planar EM simulation capability, integrated with ADS through a common design entry, simulation and optimization user interface.

FEM is a frequency-domain technique that can handle arbitrary shaped structures, employing both direct and iterative solvers, and linear and quadratic basis functions, to solve a broad range of problems. You can create 3D shapes, add material properties, set up simulations, and view results—all within the EMPro environment. ADS provides accurate models and powerful simulation technologies for circuitto system-level designs. Seamlessly integrated circuit and EM simulation tools flow from schematic entry to production and verification.

A complete set of the most accurate wireless verification tools in ADS provides true circuit verification to all wireless standards. Figure 13 Figure 13 ADS offers a complete set of advanced simulation tools, seamlessly integrated into one single environment, which flows from schematic entry to production and packaging of the MMIC.

ADS offers designers the best way to reduce risks of design failure due to unexpected parasitics. Figure 14 ADS offers designers the best solutions and methodologies for confidently designing RF modules. It offers the widest variety of synthesis capabilities to explore alternatives quickly and balance RF performance, parts count and board area, within seconds, while also helping designers assess the cost-effectiveness of making versus buying a commercial component.

Accurate model libraries in ADS support different simulation domains for various applications. Behavioral models important for initial systemlevel designs can be extracted from datasheets, measurement or simulation.

ADS offers two bundles that put applicable simulators, libraries and capabilities into the hands of high-speed digital engineers. It enables complete chip-to-chip link analysis by co-simulating individual components, each at its most appropriate level of abstraction link, circuit, layout, or geometry. S-parameter models, based on frequency-domain measurements, can be accurately imported into time-domain circuit and channel simulations, avoiding causality and passivity issues.

Ultra-low BER contours can be generated in seconds, not days, resulting in dramatically reduced product design cycles. For an updated list, refer to: www.

The open and flexible ADS environment ensures that a wide range of design flows are supported. ADS supports design flows based on a Cadence, Mentor or Zuken flow, for example, using industry-standard formats. Our expanding list of partners goes well beyond standard relationships and is part of an ongoing effort to provide best-in-class tools and technology that work in an integrated environment. It supports import and export of libraries and technology information e.

ABL design transfer between tools is high-fidelity and preserves all data and original objects. Bi-directional schematic interoperability with Virtuoso? The use of X-parameters produces highly accurate nonlinear models—from either measurements or simulations—that can be passed through the design chain for quick and accurate simulation and optimization of system-level performance.

VTBs and the underlying simulation technology are based on the SystemVue dataflow simulation technology and also allow system architects to develop custom VTBs for use by circuit designers in ADS.

Easy Links to Instrumentation The integration of ADS with Agilent test instrumentation enables the seamless sharing of signals, measurements, algorithms, and data between the virtual software and physical hardware domains. Designers use this linkage to simulate and evaluate design trade-offs and what-ifs, and then turn the simulated signal into an RF test signal on the bench for hardware test. We are dedicated to providing the right software, support and consulting solutions to increase your engineering productivity and advance your long-term success.

They include software and user manual updates via download or on CD-ROM, worldwide technical support via telephone, fax, e-mail, and the worldwide web.

Agilent also offers dedicated support engineers in many countries to provide you with local language support. Phone support is available Monday through Friday, worldwide. It contains thousands of support documents and hundreds of downloadable examples created by support engineers to supplement the ADS application examples and documentation.

Maintenance Service Releases—with updates to previously released software versions—are also available for download. A tracking feature allows you to submit and manage your support cases and related defect and enhancement requests. Agilent EEsof EDA offers a full range of classroom courses, as well as live and self-paced e-learning courses, that provide instruction on the use of EDA software in a wide variety of applications.

Live classes are conducted by experienced design engineers and focus on in-depth software operation and design examples. They also cover introductory and advanced microwave, RF, system and signal integrity design techniques. Self-paced e-learning courses allow you to set your own timetable. If travelling to a regularly scheduled class is problematic, or you have a group of designers that might benefit from a common class, your field sales representative can arrange an on-site class.

The complete list is available at: www. The X-parameters format and underlying equations are open and documented. For more information, visit www. Product specifications and descriptions in this document subject to change without notice. Agilent Technologies, Inc.


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No part of this documentation may be reproduced in any for m or by any means in clud in g. SystemC Initiative, Inc. The follow in g third-party libraries are used by the NlogN Momentum solver:. AMD Version 2. Use d by permission. All Rights Reserved. This library is distributed in the hope.


EMPro - Integrated 3D EM with ADS. Ludwig Eichinger Agilent EEsof EDA. ADS Seminar Nov/Dec 2009

In the pop widnow, select Add Zipped Kit and browse to the location mentioned above…. Now if you go to library manager it will show all the components under Read Only Libraries. Next time you are creating a workspace this library will appear in the Favourite list and you can add it to your workspace. Thanks for attending the RF System Design webinar today. Incase you missed it, here are the slides presented during the webinar. Symmetry Boundary conditions is an effective way of simulating 3D structures to reduce overall RAM requirement and simulation time. Horn Antenna is one of those structure where these symmetry boundary condition i.

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