Keep reading. Hey, could you do head cannons for Kenma, Bokuto, Akaashi, and Iwazumi with a girlfriend who makes nonstop references? Thank you! Originally posted by sleepyeule. Ty Lee, dropping down from the ceiling and landing with a cartwheel: hey Zuko!

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Keep reading. Hey, could you do head cannons for Kenma, Bokuto, Akaashi, and Iwazumi with a girlfriend who makes nonstop references? Thank you! Originally posted by sleepyeule.

Ty Lee, dropping down from the ceiling and landing with a cartwheel: hey Zuko! Ty Lee: actually its the fifth time. You melted into his kiss, eagerly wrapping your arms behind his neck. Locking your wrists around him, you pulled him closer, until you could feel his front against yours. He was semi-hard, and you smiled into the kiss as his thumb stroked your cheek. You hummed back as you let your lips find his again. Feeling a little enthusiastic, you brought your tongue to the edge of his lips, moving it until he opened his mouth.

Moaning just a little, you rocked into him, as his hand slipped under your shirt, running up from your waist. He was completely hard now, and you moved your fingers against the base of his neck as he mumbled something into your mouth. The moon lit up your room, the air coming in from the window a nice contrast to the heat building in your stomach.

You bit your lip in contemplation, thinking through things for a second. He perked up, immediately moving back from you. The spot where his hand had lit you up was cold now as he stood straight, rubbing at his head. It was cute. He grinned before adjusting himself as you sat on top of his lap, feeling just how hard he was as you kissed him again.

His hands came to your waist, moving you against him slowly at a pace that drove you insane. Biting at his lower lip, you smiled at the little hiss that fell out of his mouth into yours. A few seconds later, he moved his mouth to your neck, leaving a trail of kisses as he got to your sensitive spot.

Your movements stilled as he let his tongue explore your neck and you panted at the sudden feeling in your stomach. You know , suck you off. You rested your elbows on his thighs before letting out a laugh at the bright yellow bananas that adorned his underwear. He smirked before leaning down, kissing you again. He gave you a look, and then pulled his boxers down. You took a breath at the way his dick heavily lolled up right in front of you. He softly tugged at your arm and you let him bring it up, confused as he slid the hair tie you kept on your wrist off.

Without explaining anything, his hands went into your hair, gathering it all up. You blushed at his words, before shaking your head slightly. Going back to your position, you stuck your tongue out, slowly moving it his tip.

Keeping your eyes trained on him, you moved down his length, trailing your tongue as you went. He brought a hand down, thumb trailing over the puffiness of your lips. You quickly darted your tongue out, licking at his thumb as he smiled before moving his hand back up, holding it behind his head. You swallowed before moving back up so you were face level with his tip again. Wrapping your lips around, you bobbed your head down. Getting off of his dick, you took a short breath before going down again, slower this time.

Hollowing your cheeks, you twirled your tongue a little hearing the way his breath caught at your motion. Putting a little more of him into your mouth, you looked up, seeing his reaction. You pulled off his dick again, letting the cool air hit before licking his tip again, this time slower. Bringing one of your hands around him, you tugged, eyes lighting up at the moan that fell out of his mouth.

You closed your lips around him once more, moving up and down with the same speed you were tugging at and his thigh suddenly twitched under your other palm. His hands immediately came to the back of your head, guiding you just the way he wanted as he mumbled something above you. Twirling your tongue again, you sped up just a little, feeling the way his groan reverberated all the way down. You only waited a second before going back down on him, going just a little faster as he groaned above you.

Then, he was coming, spilling into your mouth. Reaching for the garbage can in your room, you spit out into it, wiping hastily at your mouth before turning to look at him. He was spent, spread out on your bed, pants still down around his ankles as he raised his head to look at you. You moved down until you were laying right by his side, burying your head into his chest.

Could we have headcannons for Oikawa, Tendou, Hinata, Tanaka and Noya getting caught doing their guilty pleasure? Like watching Rom coms or listening to Taylor Swift or something? Zach and Ty are on record as the only two idiots in Hoenn to possess a braincell. Good going you two. Someone as depressed and dramatic as I am? JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts.

Grid View List View. Show more notes. Suki: I swing both ways. Suki: Violently. With a fan. Suki: Come get some, motherfuckers. Sokka, unbuttoning shirt: boy, it's hot in here Zuko: it is, but why are you unbuttoning my shirt? Mai: Ty Lee what the heck does that mean? Stumbling into your bedroom, you shushed the boy clambering up the stairs behind you. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about the pack!


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