Add to list. Stop wasting time," Namdeo said. Vitthal gave me the measure and gently aroused me from a dream inside a dream. Namdeo vowed to write one billion poems. The pleasure in your manifested form is always new. I have ceased to desire the unembodied God.

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Add to list. Stop wasting time," Namdeo said. Vitthal gave me the measure and gently aroused me from a dream inside a dream. Namdeo vowed to write one billion poems. The pleasure in your manifested form is always new.

I have ceased to desire the unembodied God. Your worshippers do not seek liberation. With You, it is still possible to give and to receive. What use is the place where a dish sat when it is taken away?

Tuka says, "Give me the gift of freedom from fear. After all, O Lord who pervades the world, I have given the world You. The one makes the other beautiful, as a gold setting shows off a jewel.

Who but God can make the worshipper free from desires? Tuka says, "They are drawn to each other like mother and child. I have looked on God as one who sees everything, on bright and dark days, alike.

God is like a father with his child, who both feels and gives pleasure at the same time. Good acts and bad acts vanish. Tuka says, "God's glory alone is left. My love will be spoiled by the evil eye. I will lose my love for Him. I will not listen to this doctrine of unity.

Tuka says, "This doctrine that God and I are one is false. I will not let it interfere with me. With His noble crown of peacock feathers stitched together.

He who filled with passion the sixteen thousand royal damsels, Fair Creatures, divine maidens. He stands upon the river bank with the luster of one million moons. It is fastened in jewels on His neck And merges into the luster of His form. This God who bears the wheel is the chief of the Yadavas. Him the thirty three crores of demigods adore. The demons tremble before Him. His dark blue countenance destroys sin. How fair are His feet with saffron stained! How fortunate is the brick that is grasped by His feet!

The very thought of Him makes fire cool. Therefore embrace Him with experience of your own. The sages, as they see His face, contemplate Him in the spirit, The Father of the World stands before them in bodily shape.

Tuka is frenzied after Him; His purple form ravages the mind. If men are habitations of God, we should fall at their feet But we should leave alone their habits and goals.

Fire is good to drive away cold But you must not tie it up And carry it around in a cloth. Tuka says, "A scorpion or a snake is a habitation of Narayana; You may worship Him from afar, but you must not touch Him. Like 8. Cohn - Not to be confused with Santa Claus. Cohn - Yes. Kintsukuroi - This is so beautiful. I am inlove with this. Thank you for doing this incredible service to humanity! I like their abhangas very much. Their life thigs or stories were memorial.

Sant Tukaram Maharaj was varkari. He was a devotee of God Vitthala. He was living a simple life. HE taught us the importance of plants and trees. These thigs people should take in their living life These things I like most.

So blissfull. His Abhangas reflect the knowledge nectar from Shrimad Bhagvat in simple way. English translation could be done better. Von Powell - Please read the comment below 'Mod Message'. In this case we can't add any more than this.

Is it 'Taise tuj thave ' or 'Kaise tuj thave'. The information posted here and on the author's page is accurate as we can make it. It is really amazing. Thank you for making all this available.

He had two other brothers. Despite their lower class status the family was well to do and enjoyed good social standing in the village. Tukaram's troubles started with the illness of his father, due to which he had to start supporting his family at the tender age of thirteen. Shortly thereafter, both his parents died.

Tukaram's problems only mounted; death of his family members and economic hardship seemed to plague him. Share it with your friends:. Make comments, explore modern poetry. Join today for free! Sign up with Facebook. Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. Inbox x.


Sant Tukaram Ke Barah Abhang (HINDI)

The Vedanta Kesari July The most popular of all the Maharashtrian devotional saints is undoubtedly Sant Tukaram ? Coming from an ordinary background, showing his full tangible humanness by laying bare his anxieties, sufferings, weaknesses; speaking the simple tongue of the common people, Tukaram is very much a saint the masses can identify with; they regard him as one of themselves! In a famous abhang —santa kripa jhali—his disciple Bahinabai visualizes this Bhakti- Sampraday, the Varkari-Panth, as a temple built over the last eight centuries with the contributions and blessings of all the sants, culminating in Sant Tukaram as the kalash or pinnacle. Not because he was greater than the other saints in his realizations, but because the teachings of this grand, straight and simple path of bhakti came to full fruition in him. Sant Jnaneshvar—the foundation, and Sant Tukaram—the pinnacle, contain within them the blessings of all the other bhakti-saints over the centuries. Sant Tukaram ?


The word "abhang" comes from a for "non-" and bhang for "ending" or "interrupting", in other words, a flawless, continuous process, in this case referring to a poem. Abhangs are more exuberant expressions of the communitarian experience. Abhangs are sung during pilgrimage to the temples of Pandharpur , by the devotees. Marathi bhajans start with the naman invocation of god , followed by the Roopancha Abhang Portraying the physical beauty of god by personifying in the human form and towards the end bhajans giving spiritual and ethical messages are sung. It is a form of music performed by both classical and non-classical musicians. It has become integral in Bhajan concerts across India.



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