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Let me introduce myself first. I got a call from Mr. Zvone Raspor, asking me if I could write an email explaining our cooperation over the years. And because I know he doesn't like to brag about him self, I thought I could sum up, just some of the achievements that we manage to achieve because of Mr. Raspors help and knowledge.

It all started when one of out team members Vince torn his 15" CarvinVega subwoofers on one of competitions, we use to repair them at some guy that was cheap but not good. At that time we met Mr. Raspor, he completely rebuilt those woofers, new voice coils, new dual spiders, new cone, all custom made. Vince won the next competition and became a state champion in db-drag 2x15" woofer class, and loudest car in its class in the Velden biggest Austrian db-drag competition.

More astonishing than the result was the sound from those woofers, sound quality improved ten times over. In team we were all very surprised and pleased. That is when we started to send all the speakers to him. Raspor made a new one, reinforced the spiders and that year Matjaz also became state champion and loudest car his category 1x 12" woofer in Velden. He still uses them for every day listening and is extremely pleased with SQ.

Team mate Bardy had an old Lanzar DC 15" sub that had paper cone and it was in poor condition. Raspor reinforced cone and spider. Bardy was 2nd in state championship. Then Mr. Raspor had a really tough one. Matic team member was known as woofer destructor, he burned alpine type-r subwoofers in one day, they got burned so bad that Matic burned his arms when he touched the basket of the woofer and the voice coil former made of brass was all purple.

They were fixed, in such way that they were a lot louder, better sounding, and never destructed by Matic ever again. Than came the big one, team made the extreme car. Inside it was completely made of reinforced concrete, but the subwoofers magnat XTC W rms had trouble holding 5kW each, so Mr Raspor made it in two voice coil version reinforced spiders and cone. We broke the state record in loudest car ever, were 2 years in the row state champions and loudest car in entire competition in Velden.

I was so impressed by sound, the opened space they made, clarity, details, softness and warmness that I immediately bought a par for myself best buy I ever did, and they weren't cheap at all in my car setup everyone was impressed by the way they sounded and looked. So now I'm planning to put them in home setup as well with 6" Midbass and amplifier with tube preamp stage all made by Mr.

Sergio also owns tweeters made by Mr. There are many more examples such as these, but this letter would go on forever and I must stop. More impressing than all these achievements it's a fact that every single speaker no mater how good or bad, from Z series microprecision to no-name brands, came back from Mr.

Raspor so much better, with wider response, better detail, and best of all is something I can't really explain, they had soul, warmness, kindness to your ear. I know people who gave him broken speakers to repair and after they got them back, gave the other-working pair of speakers to fix as he did the last one, for they could not stand to listen the original compare to the "fixed" one.

Raspor truly is an artist, speaker artist! For any other information or confirmation, you can always contact me, I will gladly help you, for my gratitude and respect to Mr. Raspor in endless, because of his knowledge all the things he did to help us achieve all we did.


Magnat Destructor 1000 25cm subwoofer [ new goods ]



Magnat Destructor 1000





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