This version: Jan. It uses silicon gate CMOS technology and consumes a standby current of micro ampere, maximum, while the chip is not selected. Parameter Symbol Min. Unit DataSheet4U. Parameter Symbol Condition Min.

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This version: Jan. It uses silicon gate CMOS technology and consumes a standby current of micro ampere, maximum, while the chip is not selected. Parameter Symbol Min. Unit DataSheet4U. Parameter Symbol Condition Min. Strobe Output Mode et4U. Basic Input Mode tRP. RD tPR. Data Bus et4U.

ALE 0. Eight-bit address information on this bus is read into AD0 - 7 the internal address latch at the negative going edge of the ALE. CE When the CE input is high, both read and write operations to the chip are disabled.

When the present count is reached during timer operation, this pin provides TIMER OUT a square-wave or pulse output depending on the programmed control status. Bit assignments for the register are shown below:. NOP if the timer is not running. They may also be used either in the basic mode or in the strobe mode.

The count length register CLR may be preset with two bytes of data. Bits 0 through 13 are assigned to the count length and bits 14 and 15 specify the timer output mode.

A read operation of the CLR reads the contents of the counter and the pertinent output mode. The initial value range which can initially be loaded into the counter is 2 through 3FFF hex.

Bit assignments to the timer counter and possible output modes are shown in the following. M2 M1 0 0 Outputs a low-level signal in the latter half Note 1 of a count period. Notes: 1. When counting an asymmetrical value such as 9 , a high level is output during the first period of five,and a low level is output during the second period of four.

If an internal counter of the MSM81C receives a reset signal, count operation stops but the counter is not set to a specific initial value or output mode. Note that while the counter is counting, you may load a new count and mode into the CLR. Before the new count and mode will be used by the counter, you must issue a START command to the counter.

To achieve this, it counts down by twos twice DataShee in completing one cycle. After the timer has started counting down, the values residing in the count registers can be used to calculate the actual number of TIMER IN pulse required to complete the timer cycle if desired. To obtain the remaining count, perform the DataSheet4U.

STOP the counter 2. Read in the bit value from the count registers. Reset the upper two mode bits 4. Reset the carry and rotate right one position all 16 bits through carry 5. Note: If you started with an odd count and you read the count registers before the third count pulse occurs, you will not be able to recognize whether one or two counts have occurred. Note: n is the value set in the CLR. Figures in the diagram refer to counter values.

When using battery back-up, all ports should be set low or in input port mode. The timer output should be set low. Otherwise, a buffer should be added to the timer output and the battery should be connected to the power supply pins of the buffer. By setting the reset input to a high level, the standby mode can be selected.

In this case, the command register is reset, so the ports automatically set to the input mode and the timer stops. The conventional low speed devices are replaced by high-speed devices as shown below.

When you want to replace your low speed devices with high-speed devices, read the replacement notice given on the next pages. However, different outgoing inspection standards are used for these devices separately.

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Jump to Page. Search inside document. Figures in the diagram refer to counter values DataSheet4U. As shown above, the devices can be replaced without any trouble. Wyky Un-Naun. Niloy Roy. Madhu Bilugali Mahadevaswamy. Moses Ismail. Albert Trebla. Alex Sporyk. Palash Jain. Jadesh Chanda. Mohammed Morsy. Narendra Bhole. Srinivas Cheruku. Dario Caguana Buele. Laxmanaa Gajendiran. Varun Gupta. OkiPetrus Hutauruk LumbanBaringin. Sarthak Pan. Prasanth Kumar.

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M81C55 Datasheet

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