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Repeal of section 40 etc. Sorry, we are unable to send your message at the moment. Criminal Procedure Amendment Rules S. Arbitrage agreement Chapter 1.

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Portugal - Droit civil, droit commercial, droit de la famille - Loi. Adoption : PRTL Adoption : PERL Si el bien excede dicho valor, se requiere documento escrito con fecha cierta. Qatar - Droit civil, droit commercial, droit de la famille - Loi. Law No. Chapter I: Definitions and General Provisions.

Chapter IV: Arbitration Proceedings. Articles to of the first Book of the Civil and Commercial Procedures Law are repealed, as well as any provision that contravenes the provisions of the aforementioned Law.

Decree No. Qatar and Algeria governments ratified an agreement on commercial maritime transport and ports, signed on January 7, The agreement shall have the power of law in accordance with Article 68 of the Constitution. Act No. Roumanie - Droit civil, droit commercial, droit de la famille - Loi.

Adoption : ROMR Prise en application de la loi No. Royaume-Uni - Droit civil, droit commercial, droit de la famille - Loi. Same-Sex Marriage Guernsey Law, Marriage Same Sex Couples Act c. An Act to make provision for the marriage of same sex couples in England and Wales, about gender change by married persons and civil partners, about consular functions in relation to marriage, for the marriage of armed forces personnel overseas, for permitting marriages according to the usages of belief organisations to be solemnized on the authority of certificates of a superintendent registrar, for the review of civil partnership, for the review of survivor benefits under occupational pension schemes, and for connected purposes.

Micro and Small Business Act, No. An Act to provide for the establishment of a regulatory framework to facilitate the growth of the small business sector in Montserrat. Civil Partnership Act c. An Act to make provision for civil partnership which is defined as "a relationship between two people of the same sex".

Makes minor amendments in respect of adoption. Gender Recognition Act c. Interpretation 2. Effect of gender recognition certificate, etc. Civil registration 4. Marriage 5. Parenthood 6. Succession, etc. Trustees and personal representatives 8. Orders where expectations defeated 9. Sport Gender-specific offences Foreign gender change and marriage Prohibition on disclosure of information Power to modify statutory provisions Validity of subordinate legislation Companies Amendment Act c.

Amendment of section 35 2. Repeal of section 36 3. Amendment of section 38 4. Insertion of new section 38DA 5. Repeal of the Fourth Schedule etc. Statements in lieu of prospectus 6. Repeal of section 40 etc. Substitution of section A Registration of charges 8.

Amendment of section 79 9. Amendment of section 81 Amendment of section 91 Takeovers and mergers Insertion of new section A Public offers Amendment of section 1 Amendment of section 2 Amendment of section 3 Insertion of new section 3A Amendment of section 6 Substitution of section 14 Insertion of new sections 17B and 17C Substitution of sections 6 to 8 Amendment of section 25 Repeal of paragraph 4 of Schedule 6A to the Act Treasury shares Insertion of new section 58A Accounting records and financial statements Amendment of section 78 Amendment of section 80 Insertion of new sections 80A to 80E Amendment of section 82 Takeovers and mergers Insertion of new section A Appeals from decisions of Registrar Interpretation Short title and commencement.

Criminal Procedure Amendment Rules S. These Rules add the following new provisions to the Criminal Procedure Rules Part 4 service of documents ; Part 14 indictments ; Part 28 witness summonses, warrants and orders ; New rules in Part 2 when the Rules apply. A number of other amendments and revocations are also made. Companies Act c. Provides for the incorporation, management and operation of different types of companies, for the relationships between companies and their directors and members.

Companies Ordinance No. Companies Act R. Matrimonial injunctions. Arrest for breach of injunction. Jurisdiction of magistrates' court for breach of injunction. Rights concerning the matrimonial home. Time limit on the operation of injunctions.

Family Law Act c. An Act to make provision with respect to: divorce and separation; legal aid in connection with mediation in disputes relating to family matters; proceedings in cases where marriages have broken down; rights of occupation of certain domestic premises; prevention of molestation; the inclusion in certain orders under the Children Act of provisions about the occupation of a dwelling-house; the transfer of tenancies between spouses and persons who have lived together as husband and wife; and for connected purposes.

The Evidence Ordinance No. Pursuant to this Ordinance the Civil Evidence Act and the Civil Evidence Act are adopted as law of the Falkland Islands, subject to certain modifications and specific rules contained in the Ordinance. The specific rules concern rebuttal of common law presumptions as to legitimacy and illegitimacy, proof of instruments to validity of which attestation is necessary, presumptions as to documents twenty years old, and application of Acts relating to evidence.

Arbitration Act, Companies Act Civil Procedure Ordinance Cap. Civil Procedure Rules LN 5 of Factors Act Act. Short title. Powers of mercantile agent with respect to disposition of goods. Pledges of documents of title. Pledge for antecedent debt.

Rights acquired by exchange of goods or documents. Agreements through clerks, etc.


LEY 29633 PDF






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