Alles ist ordentlich abgepackt und gelagert worden. Danke schon mal. Hallo erst einmal! Was soll das alles kosten? Board rules First of all, I want us all to respect one another!

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Alles ist ordentlich abgepackt und gelagert worden. Danke schon mal. Hallo erst einmal! Was soll das alles kosten? Board rules First of all, I want us all to respect one another! Be kind to one another! Compliments belong in private messages PM. Reproaches and insults do not belong here. If you angry about something, just get over it, since mostly it's just a misunderstanding.

Search, then ask Please use the search-function before you ask. If you found it, you have spared yourself and others a lot of hassle. But above all, it is the fastest way to get a solution to your problem. Choose the right board For a better overview the categories are sub-divided.

Please select the right one. This way, someone who can help you can quickly find your question. Matching heading If the heading describes the problem in a meaningful way, a quick solution is more likely. In addition, later visitors with the same problem can find the topic more quickly. Please pay particular attention to the spelling. Multiple letters and punctuation marks, as well as the upper case, decrease clarity e.

Questions Keep in mind that questions are always answered voluntarily, and that other users put their utmost effort into helping you. That's why you should put your effort into formulating, spelling and formatting your query. Phrases without correct punctuation are difficult to understand.

Comprehensible questions together with the replies often help further hundreds of readers! Questions asked via e-mail or private messages PM are almost never answered and are extremely annoying.

Please don't do it unless you asked specifically for it. Replies Carefuly choose those questions that interest you, and to which you have a good answer. One-liners lead to frequent enquiries which make the thread unclear and worthless for future readers. Comprehensive and detailed answers help not only the inquirer, but also hundreds of readers. In some cases, it makes sense to supplement previous replies, but trying to outdo one another is considered impolite.

Providing feedback You can, of course, check back on previous replies. That's normal and doesn't bother anybody. A 'thank you that helped! Returning the favour Somebody was able to help you? Then try to find questions, to which you can contribute. The principle of a board is always: help and get helped!

Use quotations sparingly Using quotations should be limited to a minimum. Please do not quote any text from the same page or shorten it as much as possible. Multiple postings Please never submit the same thread twice, not in different sub-boards and also not repeatedly within a few days.

If your topic remains unanswered, wait a few days and reply to yourself again, so that your thread appears on the top again! I'have nothing against crosspositings questions which have already been asked in other communities , but remember that they are not welcome in almost all other board-communities.

Replies including links to crosspostings are disruptive and not wanted here. Prohibitions Violent, viscious, discriminating or chargeable remarks as well as links to such content are particularly forbidden. Additionally, we prohibit without reference to the subject or links for commercial purposes and publication of other users' email addresses.

The rules should serve as a guide for effective communication, but should not be considered as a basis for disputes. If you want to get in touch with someone specifically, please do so via private message PM. Best regards, Matthias. Your Opinion. User Models. Not registered yet? Register here! In sum, there are models in this collection, built out of Hallo Daniela, verkaufst du dei Modelle auch einzeln???


LEGO Set Instructions - 6675-1 Road & Trail 4x4

Lego Game Set Free shipping. Skip to main content. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. Add to Watchlist. People who viewed this item also viewed. Picture Information.

BP5063 5 PDF

LEGO 6675 Road and Rail 4x4

It was released in We have it listed in Town. Swooshable have searched many sites for instructions to this set, and the results are listed in the tabbed box below. Brick Insights has reviews for this set, Brickset has set details and you can buy this set on Amazon.


LEGO City Town Road & Trail 4x4 6675



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