LC Measuring Standard:. Accuracy Grade:. Absolute Position Values:. EnDat 2.

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Site Explorer Site Explorer. The EnDat interface is the bidirectional interface for measuring systems from Heidenhain. EnDat 2. In addition to the digital position values, analog incremental signals are transferred with 1Vpp. These are interpolated in the drive converter for fine resolution. In the meantime, we have released the following software versions that allow you to operate linear scales with EnDat 2.

This is not intended for the future either. Over the medium term, Heidenhain will replace the EnDat 2. In order to guarantee operation with Siemens drive converters, it will be necessary to use the EnDat 2. This must be identified in the order designation of measuring systems with EnDat 02, refer to the table in the attachment.

After connecting the LC x83 as motor measuring system to software releases that are older than the releases mentioned below, immediately after the control has booted, it is possible that sporadically uncontrolled axis motion occurs. Software involved : All software releases older than: NCK 6.

The reason for this is that dangerous operating behavior may occur! Industry Online Support. Product Support Services Forum mySupport. Rating 0. Thanks 0. Bronze Member. Regular Member. Experienced Member. Since this axis has 1ft6 servo, and not a linear motor, there is no runaway condition, however upon nck reset, the referenced machine coordinate value appears incorrect.

IE, if I reference the machine in a known location say I can nck reset and the value is correct. If I move the axis to Do the 6sn 0dg Controller card softwares support this encoder protocol version?

I have tried nck 6. If I change to a 6sn 0dj Controller card, it will use a different firmware. Will this one work proper? At what software release are mixed generation controller cards possible 0dg23 and 0dj23 in the same configuration. I think this is possible somewhere in 7. I have submitted a hotline case, but suspect this could be seen by someone who has had the same experience already.

If so, please let me know. Share this page:. Share this page on Presales info. Follow us on Twitter Youtube. Rate 0. Hello all Im making a retrofit of one machine.

This rules have the same characteristics but the LCC is absolute. The idea is reemplace all motors by motors with absolute encoder and in thisaxe withlinear motor with incremental measuring system reemplacethe rule. Here an extract: Measuring systems with EnDat 2. I have the scenario where the customer has already changed the lc endat 2.

Kindest regards, Jason.

AR 870-5 PDF

Heidenhain GlasmaƟstab LC183/10nm ML540mm Id.Nr: 557 679-05 + AE LC 1x3 582 578-03

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Linear encoders for numerically controlled machine tools

Fundamentals of linear encoders. They are ideal for machines and other equipment whose feed axes are in a servo loop, such as milling machines, machining centers, boring machines, lathes and grinding machines. The beneficial dynamic behavior of the linear encoders, their high permissible traversing speed, and their acceleration in the direction of measurement predestine them for use on highly-dynamic conventional axes as well as on direct drives. The linear encoders with slimline scale housing are designed for limited installation space. Larger measuring lengths and higher acceleration loads are made possible by using mounting spars or clamping elements. LC The linear encoders with full-size scale housing are characterized by their sturdy construction, high resistance to vibration and large measuring lengths.


Heidenhain LC183 ML1140, ID 557660-82


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