The horns offense is a very versatile offense with great spacing that can work against a man or a zone and give multiple options based on your personnel. It requires:. For a youth team, the biggest issue might be the corner wings. If you think your team has the qualities above then horns is a great offense to run. In recent years, pick and roll action has been the most popular primary weapon in the NBA. Simple pick and roll action with high post and guard.

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An email has been sent to the email address below. Please open it and follow the instructions contained within to reset your password. Once you have reset your password, you can return to the login screen to retrieve your renewal information. It's designed to get a good shooter open, then sets up a spread pick and roll action. See More. This is one of the sets utilized by them to set up a middle pick and roll.

Efes Pilsen, now known as Anadolu Efes, is a professional basketball team in Turkey that competes in the Euroleague. This set is from the season. It's designed to take advantage of a good shooting point guard. Panathinaikos See More. During the World Championships, the New Zealand national team finished 4th in the tournament.

This was a set utilized by them. This is a baseline set utilized last season. The slip cut is set up by the stagger screens by 4 and 5 for the guards. It combines ball screens and overloads against the zone. Gaz Metan is a professional basketball team in Romania competing in the Eurochallenge.

This is a set utilized in a recent game against Tartu Rock, a club based in Estonia. This set was utilized by Argentina during the World Championship in Indianapolis. This action can be used against man to man or zone. Lietuvos Rytas is a professional basketball club in Lithuania. This is a zone action they ran against Brose Baskets, a Belgian professional club in a recent Euroleague game. Spread PNR sets are becoming more popular. This is an action ran by Russian professional team BC Khimki.

Olympiacos Piraeus is one of the top clubs in the Euroleague based in Greece. Union Olimpija is a professional basketball club in Slovenia that competes in the Euroleague. This is a set ran during a recent game against BC Khimki Moscow. FC Barcelona is probably my favorite Euroleague team. This is a set utilized in a recent game against Partizan mt:s Belgrade. PlayBank Login. Or sign in with Facebook or Don't have an account?

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Basketball Offense - Horns Offense


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Horns offense – complete guide to plays run by every NBA team


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