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The twelve numbers last around 40 to 45 minutes in performance [1] :. At the time of their first publication in Nuvellist , the names of the months were not given before the title.

In the manuscript score, pieces Nos. On the manuscript score of Christmas-Tide , someone perhaps the publisher? Very little documentary information concerning the origins of the cycle has survived, but some correspondence between Nikolay Bernard and Tchaikovsky concerning the commission dates from the end of I am most grateful for your courtesy and readiness to pay me such a high fee.

So long as I am spared I shall endeavour to oblige you. I shall send you the first piece shortly, and perhaps the next two or three. If the circumstances are right then they will be done quickly—at the moment I am very much in the mood for piano pieces. Yours P. I will retain all your titles" [2].

It is not without some trepidation that I send them to you, for fear that you will think them too long or poor. I beg you to give me your candid opinion, so that I can keep in mind your requirements while composing the following pieces If the second piece is unsuitable, then write and tell me If you want me to rewrite The Carnival , then please do not stand on ceremony, and you can be sure that by next time, i.

I very much need the rubles, without which I am unable to leave here. If you could let me have the fee for the remaining pieces on account, then I would be extremely obliged and grateful to you; I do not linger over my pieces, and you can always fully expect them to arrive punctually" [4]. It is not known exactly when pieces Nos. Apparently a telegram from me was insufficient. Tomorrow evening I shall try to find out why the piece has not been sent.

Here it seems that Tchaikovsky was referring to only one piece— Snowdrop No. It follows that pieces No. The third number of the journal, which contained the piece Song of the Lark No. The last seven pieces from Barcarole to Christmas-Tide were certainly written together, since they are all found together in a single copy-book, and could not have been separated. Each of them have various notes by the publisher e. In the light of the aforementioned evidence, it is difficult to substantiate the version of events described in the reminiscences of Nikolay Kashkin [6] , namely that each month Tchaikovsky sat down to write a single piece, after being reminded to do so by his valet Aleksey Sofronov.

In the surviving manuscript scores, only two pieces from The Seasons have epigraphs: By the Hearth No. In both cases the epigraphs were written out by Nikolay Bernard , and not Tchaikovsky. None of the remaining pieces have epigraphs in the manuscript scores. The night dressed in twilight; The little fire is dying in the fireplace, And the candle has burned out.

And near it the last snowdrops. The last tears over past griefs, And first dreams of another happiness. I thank my native north country! From the kingdom of ice and snow, How fresh and clean May flies in! There the waves will kiss our legs. With mysterious sadness The stars will shine down on us.

People in families cutting the tall rye Down to its roots! Put together the haystacks, Music screeching all night From the hauling carts. The hunters in their hunting dress Are mounted on their horses; In early dawn the borzois are jumping. And do not rush out after the troika.

Suppress at once and forever The fear of longing in your heart. The girls were telling fortunes: Taking their slippers off their feet And throwing them out of the gate. The Seasons were published for the first time throughout in the journal Nuvellist. Their publication was preceded by a framed announcement in bold type on the cover of the December issue No. Tchaikovsky has promised the editor of Nuvellist , that he will contribute to next year's issues a whole series of his piano compositions, specially written for our journal, the character of which will correspond entirely to the titles of the pieces, and the month in which they will be published in the journal The Seasons were acquired and republished by Pyotr Jurgenson in as Op.

Tchaikovsky's manuscript scores of Nos. The autograph of No. Not logged in Log in. Tchaikovsky Research. Wiki tools Special pages Cite this page.

Page tools. Userpage tools. Categories Piano Music. Namespaces Page Discussion. Page actions View View source History More. Shrovetide ; 3. Lark's Song ; 8. Harvest ; 9. Hunt ; In the Troika. This version was also recounted by Modest Tchaikovsky in his biography of his brother. Category : Piano Music.

By the Hearth January : A little corner of peaceful bliss The night dressed in twilight; The little fire is dying in the fireplace, And the candle has burned out. Song of the Lark March : The field shimmering with flowers, The stars swirling in the heavens, The song of the lark fills the blue abyss. Snowdrop April : The blue, pure snowdrop-flower, And near it the last snowdrops.

White Nights May : What a night! What bliss is all about! Barcarolle June : Let us go to the shore; There the waves will kiss our legs. Reaper's Song July : Move the shoulders, shake the arms! And the noon wind breathes in the face! The Harvest August : The harvest has grown, People in families cutting the tall rye Down to its roots! The Hunt September : It is time! The horns are sounding! Autumn Song October : The autumn, falling on our poor orchard, The yellow leaves are flying in the wind.

On the Troika November : In your loneliness do not look at the road, And do not rush out after the troika. Christmas-Tide December : Once upon a Christmas night The girls were telling fortunes: Taking their slippers off their feet And throwing them out of the gate.


The Seasons, Op.37a (Tchaikovsky, Pyotr)

The Seasons , Op. Each piece is the characteristic of a different month of the year in Russia. The work is also sometimes heard in orchestral and other arrangements by other hands. Individual excerpts have always been popular — Troika November was a favourite encore of Sergei Rachmaninoff , [2] and Barcarolle June was enormously popular and appeared in numerous arrangements for orchestra, violin, cello, clarinet, harmonium, guitar and even mandolin. The Seasons was commenced shortly after the premiere of Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto , and continued while he was completing his first ballet, Swan Lake.


The Seasons




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