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RAUF N. NEL stanbul, Firms that know who their customers are, that provide quality services by meeting the needs and expectations of their customers should have competitive advantages. This circumstances, in response, have made firms to begin measuring customer satisfaction. Accordingly, in this study, firstly we checked the financial history of the World and the place of Investment Companies in financial service sector.

Further more the definition of customer is given and explanations of concepts like customer loyality depending on increases in customer importance, relationship marketing, customer orientation and customer relationship management is investigated in detail. The next section consists of customer satisfaction and the measurement of customer satisfaction.

In the application, satisfaction of customers of selected corporation is measured. A survey is conducted for data collection using the survey data, information on demographical and socioeconomical characteristics of the customers, general information about the financial company and information on variables that define satisfaction is obtained.

When the findings of the analysis were interpreted, it is found that the age variable has a significant relation with the variables that define satisfaction.

Some recommendations on how the company could increase its customer s satisfaction is given in detail in the final section. Rauf N. Viii 1. Definition of financial services in stock brokerage house Stock trading Bond trading Portfolio management Initial public offering service Options and future trading The short history and significance of world finance sector Finance sector In Turkey Turkey entered with a stabilization program with the IMF after one of the worst balance of payment crisis in her history.

The crisis, according to the consensus view, reflects the limits of development policies based on import substitution and some strategic policy errors.

Immediate objective of program was to stabilize the economy by improving the balance of payments and containing the inflation.

The long-term goal was to change the structure of the economy fundamentally. The critical aspect of the change in economy was based on opining up financially. Export oriented growth became the key policy objective. On the other hand, the last element of the trade reform was the liberalization of the import regime. Turkey s decisive implementation of these liberalization policies changed the structure of her economy.

By then the government had shifted its priorities to control the inflation by allowing the real appreciation of the lira.

Another important development in was the further liberalization of the capital account, which was fully liberalized the following year. Switching the regime had significant impact on external balances. However, the important thing to note is that by Turkey had a liberalized and open economy and a rapidly growing private sector.

Capital Board Market, after to be founded was active to build the legal and the institutional infrastructure for the capital markets in the country. Mutual funds were allowed for the first time in , but commercial banks had the exclusive rights to establish them until The recent global developments led to a rapid contraction in the world economy and financial markets and deceleration in trade volume. In Turkey, the financial sector is yet at the stage of growth.

It is small and shallow when compared with the financial sectors of developed countries. It is estimated that the ratio of financial assets, consisting of bank assets, shares and public and private borrowing instruments, to gdp was percent for Turkey, percent for developing countries and percent for the world in The banking system has a major share in the financial sector.

In recent years, nonbank financial institutions have grown in number and size. The financial services sector in Turkey includes banks and insurance companies and non-bank financial institutions such as factoring companies, leasing companies, consumer financing companies, pension companies, intermediary institutions, investment funds, investment partnerships and real estate investment partnerships.

In the financial system, there is not a single authority responsible for supervision and inspection. The supervision and inspection of banks and leasing and factoring institutions in Turkey is performed by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Authority bddk.

Banks are subject to regulation and supervision by the Capital Market Authority for their capital market operations. Incentives arising from distorted macroeconomic environments have determined the composition of bank portfolios and performance, the evolution of capital markets, as well as the portfolios of the corporate sector.

For the last decade, the sole function of the financial system in Turkey was nearly reduced to transferring funds from the domestic and international markets to the Treasury. Participants borrow and lend for short periods of time, typically up to thirteen months. Money market trades in short-term financial instruments commonly called "paper. The core of the money market consists of interbank lending--banks borrowing and lending to each other using commercial paper, repurchase agreements and similar instruments.

These instruments are often benchmarked to i. Finance companies typically fund themselves by issuing large amounts of assetbacked commercial paper ABCP which is secured by the pledge of eligible assets into an ABCP conduit. Certain large corporations with strong credit ratings, such as General Electric, issue commercial paper on their own credit. Other large corporations arrange for banks to issue commercial paper on their behalf via commercial paper lines. By , Turkey had a stock exchange, brokerage houses, a legal framework for securities markets, and the regulatory agencies to supervise the system.

Accounting standards were improved to confirm the internationally accepted standards, though there is still room for further improvements. Auditing standards were introduced and required for companies with publicly issued securities.

Development of the money and foreign exchange markets was a priority for the Central Bank for the conduct of the new monetary policy. The consequences of liberalization of exchange rate regime were rapid currency substitution and change in banks asset and liability structure, which weakened the stability of the system. See Erkan and Temir 3. In the next sections, we cover the effect of customer satisfaction on the investment banking sector Brands in finance market The financial sector in Turkey is in the stage of development.

Compared to the developed countries, the size of financial sector is small and shallow. On the other hand, the financial sector has an above the average size compared to that of the emerging markets. Money market funds are an important investment option because they are a safe and liquid investment. These funds are offered by mutual funds and other financial institutions, such as banks.

Money market funds invest in only money markets and short-term securities: It is of great benefit for investors to invest in liquid assets because the investor can withdraw his money more quickly. The banking system has a majority share in the financial sector. Total assets of the banking system accounts for 90 percent of total assets of the institutions in the financial sector. While the financial sector is dominated by the banking system, there has been a recent increase in the number and size of non-bank finance institutions.

The growth and strengthening of non-bank finance institutions has a great importance for the growth and deepening of the financial system. The authorities responsible for supervising and regulating the respective financial institutions are the Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Undersecretariat of Treasury under the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey, and the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. So, it is a must to observe and to research stage of the investors in newly developed financial markets as the one of Turkey.

There are still thirteen investment brokerage houses in Turkey, which may cause unbalanced market and lead unstable environment for investment 5. Menkul ─░stanbul Menkul 5 A. A M Fort F. With nine branches and two contact offices, Is Yatirim also has more than 1, Is Bank branches that serve as Is Yatirim agencies. It also is the leader in the Istanbul Security Market for the last 6 years and in Derivatives Exchange since it wasestablished. A pioneer in technology usage, Is Yatirim developed Trade Master and TradeMaster International electronic platforms providing direct access to the markets.

These electronic trading applications allow for direct trade transactions, as well as transactions through Investment Consultants. Thanks to the TradeMaster International platform, investors can now instantly examine in-depth market data and accomplish secure commodity exchange and interest contract investments on many worldwide markets rapidly without requiring any mediators.

Furthering its dedication to innovation, Is Yatirim recently introduced the first Turkish hedge fund. Meeting the Needs of its Customers with Innovation Is Yatirim, when it was first established, managed many of its IT efforts using off-the-shelf solutions of various software companies. But with the changing regulations across capital markets, new emerging markets, new opportunities in foreign markets, and improvement of its service distribution channels for customers, the previous business applications proved to be insufficient.

This led to the development of the Kybele system, based on Sybase technologies. With a strong foundation and software framework, Kybele meets the changing needs of the company and delivers the desired quality levels. Having gone through a rapid maturation process and became a proven 7. The TradeMaster trade platform developed with Sybase technology was recognized by our top management as 'the most efficient IT investment,' by achieving more trade transactions than Is Yatirim's operational branches.

We truly believe that our decision to use Sybase technology has paid off very well. Today, Kybele is used by many companies active in portfolio management, custody services, investment funds, hedge funds, shares and other similar integrated modules.

At YKY, investors can benefit from the convenience and reliability in settlement. The settlements are being performed in an error-free way by the Operations Department. Executions of all buying and selling instructions are fast and reliable.

Short-selling is another important investment tool available to investors at YKY. Services and products offered include: Equity Trading; On-line trading; Trading of fixedincome securities; Equity capital market operations; Investment Trust Inc.

EVG Securities - It is one of the oldest brokerage houses in Turkey, founded in Products and services offered include: Equity brokerage; Custodian services; Fixed income 8. AK Investment has grown rapidly since inception, becoming one of the largest brokerage houses in Turkey. Ak Investment reorganized its business model in January and since caters solely to Turkish and International Institutional Investors for their cash equity and derivative investments.

Experienced sales and research teams, electronic trading capability, access to market intelligence and a personalized, and customer focused approach has catapulted Ak Investment to become one of the top local brokers dealing with Institutional Investors in Turkey. Ak Investment is a The Group employs 23, people and offers its products and services both through its network of over 1, branches and points of sale, and through alternative distribution channels.

It is a member of the 9. These classes also can be signified according to service type. Investment banking offers services for all types of customers. Customers who have risky profiles invest mainly in stock trading. On the other hand, less risky profiled customers prefer to invest in Bond Trading. There are also mixed type of customers other than risky and less risky ones.

Every investment of a customer is included into portfolio management, for instance, a customer invest stock trading can invest also bonds. But it is slightly seen that less risky customer who mostly prefers to invest in stock trading Stock trading Stock trading is one of the main services of financial brokerage houses.


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