Advantageous Trial. Do not eat in your dwelling or clan. Wise Words! The Way is open.

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Advantageous Trial. Do not eat in your dwelling or clan. Wise Words! The Way is open. Advantageous to step into the Great Stream. Focus on one central plan. Use the wisdom of the past to nurture your inner power. Beware of erratic lifestyle, emotional swings and shifting ideals. Be consistent and focus on high personal ideals.

The Image The old characters show the power of the Great People and three connected silk bundles on a planted field, profound, dark and mysterious.

Circle of Meanings Concentrate, focus on one central idea, bring everything together; support, nourish, train, gather, hoard; accumulate energy and wisdom by stepping out of the habitual; a great effort that brings great achievement; a protective shell.

Heart Theme : 54 a radical change caused by forces beyond your control. Spirit Helpers Mountain contains Heaven. Youngest Son and Father, the Gatekeeper and the Creator establish an outer limit that accumulates inspiring inner ideas.

Gather all the many parts of yourself and your experiences. Search out the old sources of wisdom and take in what is coming. Think of yourself as raising animals or growing crops.

Tolerate and nourish what you accumulate. Do not stay at home or in your usual circle of friends. This is the right time to embark on a significant enterprise. Now is the time to accumulate things through the power of a great central idea.

Renew your connection to the way each day. Nourish your moral and intellectual power. This is a great time. The connections reach to heaven. Voice of the Mothers Focus on one great idea and impose a direction on your life.

Step outside the norms and accumulate the wisdom of the past. Inner perseverance now reveals the patterns that mark real ends and beginnings. Prepare the message you will pass to a new generation Do not focus on resolving personal difficulties Great Accumulating refers to offerings that were the prelude to all major undertakings, offerings to the Four Hidden Winds or Directions, to River and Mountain and the Five Sacrifices of the House.

These were great jiao -sacrifices that included dances, wine drinking and celebration in which a spirit-meal was shared with all. Held at the Outskirts Altar, they included all the clans, bringing people them out of their separate dwellings. The victim, the Red Bull was selected and prepared long in advance.

On the appointed day the King dressed in the Sun and Moon robe, stepped into the Chariot of Heaven and proceeded to the Southern Mound. Peasants lined the way, standing at the edge of the fields with torches. The Blind Musicians played as the King entered the Mound and called the spirits down. A large pyre was lit. The Boundary Men who drew the limits of the fields brought in the Red Bull to the sound of gongs and singing stones.

The King killed the victim with arrows and the blood was presented to Heaven as first offering. The body was placed on the pyre together with circular pieces of blue jade, the holes to paradise. When everything had burned the King and the Corpse-Embodier who carried the spirit of First Ancestor ascended the Mound.

Hou Ji who gave grain to all the people was sent to the Heavenly Court to act as Intermediary to the High Lord who dispenses the Fates. The ceremony ended with a great dance called the Gate of Clouds in which the King himself took part. Summer 26 : Ripen the fruits by changing your approach. Check your integrity and get back on track. Trust your instincts and the treasure is yours. Fall 18 : Harvest the crop by restoring your ideals.

Abandon the past and embrace the new. Seek the lessons in your experiences. Winter 46 : Find the seed of the ne w by relying on your own inner strength. Express yourself freely. Put things in order. Find the people you truly belong with. Cooperate with the process.

Spring 11 : Rouse new growth by disentangling yourself from past influences. Do not try to force things. Find the people you really belong with. Everything will turn out for the best.

Voice of the Fathers This is a Realizing Figure, part of the Sacred Sickness Pathways that connect personal disorders with cultural change.

It is an experience of the Centers of Powers in the stage of the Symbolic Life that centers on initiation, finding a relation to culture and the search for an image of the deeper self. The Situation: Limited and contained for your own good. Everything is basically under control. Contain potentially disordered situations and people. Caring for Others: You can inspire loyalty by being yourself, focusing on your central idea and applying it. Cultivate and use valuable ideals with sources in ancient wisdom.

Focus on balancing energies. The strength and clarity of the family is your major asset. Communication and Interaction: Focus on long-term goals. Look at causes rather than effects. Growth occurs now through painstaking work, not short-term solutions.

It is realized through continuity of effort. Setting Intentions: Keep communications clear and precise. Avoid pointless quarrels. Concentrate on what is useful. Your creative judgment is good but limited. Do not judge others hastily. Change from the Inside Out: Attempts to expand will be frustrated now. Work on integrity, not on projecting an image. Restrict your actions and look for greater opportunities. You will have to work for further support. Pairing: Bringing Change to Life Each hexagram is part of a Pair that that activates hidden paths of transformative energy through the interaction of the trigrams or Spirit Helpers, connecting phases of Inspiration and Realization.

You are in the Realizing phase of this Pair. The transformative process of the Pair Disentangling and Great Accumulates helps you free yourself from old cultural patterns and accumulate the great wisdom of the past. Outer to Inner: The process shifts the energy of the Creator trigram from the outer world of 25 to the inner world of This turns your creative activity in the outer world into inner perseverance.

Mothering Change presents Transforming Lines as Steps of Change that show you where and how to focus your energy. Click on the links to connect with the Relating Figure generated by each line. Step 1 Beginnings: This return of the spirit attracts a new fate. Adversity, the hungry souls and angry ghosts.

Advantageous to end this. Offer a sacrifice to Heaven. It is a blunder to go on in the old way. It would mean disaster and exhaustion. You have followed this spirit as far as you can go. Confront the corruption of the predecessors and correct their faults. Complete this! If you let yourself be led, you can realize the hidden potential. Co-operate with the ongoing process of change.


Yi Jing Hexagram 26

This vital hexagram symbolizes a time of compassion, love, and heightened intuition. You have crossed the rapids and are in a good place, however, you must keep your focus on what you truly desire. This hexagram carries with it a strong reminder to remain focused on inner wisdom. If you are in a relationship, don't be swayed by your partner's shifting viewpoints. If you are single, don't listen to anyone else's ideas of what is right for you.


26: Containment of Potential

This points to the command and control of great power—a power that increases as it is wisely stewarded. Like a river that has been dammed or a pot of boiling water with a lid clamped on, holding and containing power produces enormous potential. During normal times, daily ritual and habit keep life ordered and serene; but in times of exceptional opportunity, the force of a powerful personality is required. Focused attention is required to channel this potential and achieve supreme success. You have considerable reserves of energy and support to draw upon. This is an excellent time to nurture creativity by collecting and organizing your best ideas and plans. Now, even large and difficult undertakings can be successful.

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