Amen, written in for the Poznan Spring Music Festival, is his third choral score. The text, being a single word, suggested a more abstract approach to musical structure. As befitting a meditation, perhaps, the piece is designed as a series of "breaths," with the music expanding outward and then back in. The first part of the piece is entirely modal, and the harmonies expand and contract vertically in a symmetrical fashion, each time moving out from a central interval a major third. After building to a climax, the music shifts to parallel motion, the lower voices doubling the upper ones an octave apart.

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This is the price of one copy. For different number of copies minimum: 16 please contact us: sales pwm. The study score you can find here. The piece is a tribute paid by the composer to the tradition of Polish church hymns which are extremely dear to him. The character of concentrated meditation, typical of this composition, has been accentuated, on the one hand, by the limitation of the textual layer of the work to one title word amen, which is ''dressed'' by the composer in different harmonic-tonal ''attires'', culminating in A major, and, on the other hand, by sustained, slowly progressing values like steady, quiet breathing.

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He was largely unknown outside Poland until the mid-to late s, and his fame arrived in the s. Something somewhere had been lost to them. I feel that I instinctively knew what they needed. I was born in Silesia It is old Polish land. But there were always three cultures present: Polish, Czech, and German.


Henryk Górecki


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