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Muhtar Holland, Collection of 62 Discourses]. Longer than the discourses of Revelations of the Unseen, these profoundly moving lectures used to be attended by crowds of more than seventy thousand people. As we have been told in the Shaikh's biography, Necklaces of Gems, more than inkwells would be used in one session by the scribes recording his every word.

Treasured for centuries by those fortunate enough to have a handwritten copy, the entire 62 discourses are available in English for the first time. These discourses cover every aspect of the spiritual path necessary for those who aspire to attain to the nearness of Allah.

Translated by Muhtar Holland. When he makes a promise he breaks it, and when he is trusted he betrays. These characteristics are the touchstone and the distinction between the believer [mu'min] and the hypocrite [munafiq].

Take this touchstone and this mirror, and use it to examine the face of your heart. Look to see whether you are a believer or a hypocrite, a monotheist [muwahhid] or a polytheist [mushrik].

After studying traditional sciences under such teachers as the prominent Hanbalii jurist [faqiih], Abuu Sa'd 'Alii al-Mukharrimii, he encountered a more spiritually oriented instructor in the saintly person of Abu'l-Khair Hammaad ad-Dabbaas. Then, instead of embarking on his own professorial career, he abandoned the city and spent twenty-five years as a wanderer in the desert regions of 'Iraaq.

He was over fifty years old by the time he returned to Baghdaad, in A. His hearers were profoundly affected by the style and content of his lectures, and his reputation grew and spread through all sections of society. He moved into the school [madrasa] belonging to his old teacher al-Mukharrimii, but the premises eventually proved inadequate.

This statement may be considered anachronistic, however, since he did not bear the name Muhtar until , when he was moved-by powerful experiences in the latihan kejiwaan of Subud-to embrace the religion of Islam. His freelance activities have mostly been devoted to writing and translating in various parts of the world, including Scotland and California. He made his Pilgrimage [Hajj] to Mecca in Muhtar Holland, one of the foremost translators of classical Arabic, Revelations of the Unseen and other forthcoming volumes of the Shaykh's works should be a welcome addition to the library resources of the scholar and layman alike, and a great interest to students, teachers, and seekers of spiritual knowledge and understanding everywhere.

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The Sublime Revelation (al-fath Ar-rabbani) : A Collection of Sixty-two Discourses



Al Fath Al Rabbani




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