Esso Ultron 5W is a super premium quality synthetic motor oil developed to provide the highest standard of lubricant reliability and protection for all types of automobile engines. Esso Ultron 5W is specially formulated with the highest quality synthetic baseoils and leading additive technology to provide the highest level of protection across a wide range of operating conditions. Key features and benefits include:. Esso Ultron 5W is specifically recommended for use in all types of vehicles, especially modern gasoline or diesel engines fitted with advanced computer controlled multi-valve fuel injection engines, turbochargers and other performance enhancement equipment.

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Anyone used this oil before? Got a bottle from a friend planning to use it for my next oil change. Anyone know how much workshop will charge for oil change and oil filter change using my own engine oil. Thanks Guys! I can recommend u my mech. BTw what car are you driving? Protected my turbo charged brick well for the first two years.

Btw, ATF oil????? Just wait loh, if the stock arrived, think will install the ATF cooler together with oil change meh. Oil catch can more suited for track use and it's actually meant for catching the oil blown out from the crankcase emissions hose meant for recirculation in the intake. That's all about marketing OK, Just wait la! I found a mech liao! Anyway, Thanks for your help. Changing it this weekend.

Btw, always heard bout ATF but how bout for manual car? Must we change our gear box fluid say every 40k or something? Gear oil require changing too but has longer intervals. I suppose k per change is the norm depending on the make and model of the car. Syn oils last longer and have better thermal tolerances and breakdown resistance, that'll save your gearbox lots of wear.

It is much cheaper same grade spec as the others.. I see also a remarkable reduction in fuel comsumption.. Also hoi Does any of these or other mod actually make the performance of the torque convertor better my kia torque convertor sucks! Some claim RP to be semi-syn but I've used it before and it's actually on par with the familiar big brands. Changing the torque convertor is a big job and require lotsa homework U all seem to have alot of ATF oil brand to select!!!! I can only use the orginal from agent Alamak I not hard selling so use RP if U wish bro.

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Esso Ultron SAE 5w-40



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