He was 73 years old. Floriot, who began practicing here in , was credited with a spectacular, score of three executions of clients in the many thousands of cases that he handled during his 52year career. One of the three executions was that of Dr. Marcel Petiot, the mass murderer of During the German occupation in World.

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Thomas Tables index. Cloth dust-jacket. Some minor foxing to fore-edges. Very good. Wyshak received her Ph. Charles C. Thomas, A Biographical Dictionary.

Judges of England. Foss Edward. Biographia Juridica. Originally published: London: John Murray Reprinted by The Lawbook Exchange Ltd. A biographical dictionary that provides authoritative factual data about every judge in England who served from the reign of William the Conqueror to Based on original sources it is an important and handy reference for legal historians.

Edward Foss an English jurist was a founder and later president of the Incorporated Law Society. The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. The History of Lawyers.

Ancient and Modern. Reprinted by the Lawbook Exchange Ltd. Acknowledging that "we are too apt to cloth the ancients in buckram and view them as it were through a magnifying glass so that they loom before us in the dim distance in almost colossal proportions" Forsyth presents in familiar terms the language of the law and how advocates behaved.

Frequently citing classical sources with his own translations he describes in impressive detail such things as curious trials and the rights and obligations of counsel. William Forsyth was an English lawyer and author of many works on law and literature including History of Trial by Jury Ogilvie Uncommon early novel of Wall Street in which a Texan comes to New York and conquers the trading floor.

Originally issued by W. Davis in in their dime-novel subscription series and then again by Davis in cloth in Small octavo 19cm. Publisher's cloth-backed marbled boards; pp 7pp publisher's catalog. Rubbing to board edges; mild fading to spine; text slightly darkened; Very Good.

Staple-bound pamphlet; original printed wraps; pp Toning and light soil to covers; internally fine. Offprint from the Stanford Law Review Vol. Chitty's Edition of Vattel Vattel Emmerich de.

Chitty Joseph Chitty. From the French of Monsieur De Vattel. Ingraham Esq. Originally published: Philadelphia: T. Johnson ISBN It set forth a system of international law that included principles of relationships between nations international treaties declarations of law and peace rights and obligations of citizens and states military service and commerce among nations.

Originally published in it was translated into English in This edition is based on a translation of the French original. Joseph Chitty the distinguished English legal scholar produced this edition to bring it to the attention of a wider audience. This is a reprint of the American edition of Chitty's edition with notes and references by Edward D.

Joseph Chitty was one of the greatest barristers teachers and legal authors of the nineteenth century. His treatises on contracts and criminal law were standard works in Great Britain and the United States.

Restatement of the Law Third. Foreign Relations of the United States. Vagts Harvard Law School. American Law Institute Ex-library with shelf location labels at foot of spines and property stamps else good condition. Publisher's Price USD Consists of international law as it applies to the United States and domestic law that has substantial impact on the foreign relations of the United States or has other important international consequences.

For the most part the domestic component of the law restated in the book is federal law deriving mainly from the Constitution acts of Congress and judicial decisions. The international law restated stems largely from customary international law and international agreements to which the United States is a party.

Torts: Liability for Physical and Emotional Harm. Reporters: Michael D. Powers Jr. Pryor Southern Methodist University. Hardcover with Cumulative Annual Pocket Part in volume 3. Complete set. Ex-library with shelf location labels at foot of spines and property stamps on page edges else very good.

Volume 1 addresses the basic elements of the tort action for liability for accidental personal injury and property damage and for liability for emotional harm. Volume 2 covers affirmative duties emotional harm landowner liability and liability of actors who retain independent contractors. In the Restatement tradition this volume combines clear black-letter provisions with extensive explanatory Comments clarifying Illustrations and detailed Reporter's Notes.

The work supersedes comparable provisions in the Restatement Second Torts. Torts: Products Liability. Together 2 books. With cumulative pocket part supplement. Ex-library with shelf location labels at foot of spines and property stamps on page edges else very good condition.

May 20 Comprehensively covers this complex field completely superseding Section A of the Restatement Second of Torts published in Provides three distinct categories of product defect: manufacturing defects design defects and warning defects and the legal standards appropriate to each. Causation; Topic 2. Affirmative Defenses; Topic 3. Agency 3d. Restatement of the Law. Agency Third. American Law Institute Publishers Hardcover with Cumulative Annual supplementary pamphlet.

Ex-library with shelf location labels and property stamps on page edges else very good. Provides citations to precedents from other jurisdictions while combining clear black-letter provisions with extensive explanatory comments along with clarifying illustrations and detailed Reporter's Notes. The comments thoroughly explain the background rationale and applicability of the black-letter provisions.

The Reporter's Notes document and discuss the sources for the black letter and comments and provide a convenient basis for further research. Suretyship and Guaranty. Reporter: Neil B. Philadelphia PA. Hardcover with Cumulative Pocket part Supplement. Ex-library with shelf location labels at foot of spine and property stamps to page edges else very good. Publisher's price USD This Restatement contains chapters addressing formation enforcement rules applicable to and interpretation of secondary obligations.

As well as rights and recourse of obligors and obliges. It was formerly called Restatement of the Law Third Suretyship. This Restatement comprehensively sets forth and analyzes the doctrines principles and policies of suretyship law.

The work represents the Institute's first examination of the law of suretyship in more than half a century. The intervening period has seen dramatic developments in this body of law as modern contract theory and the policies embodied in the Uniform Commercial Code have been embraced by courts and commentators. All of this is reflected in this Restatement volume which entirely supersedes Division II of the Restatement of Security the Institute's previous treatment of the subject.


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In addition to specifying the name s of the creator s when making use of their work, please acknowledge the source of the material as follows:. Have more information? Found a mistake? Help us complete missing information. Was it torn from an old family album? The scalloped fringe must have been cut in a photo shop, as was customary at the time, when even a tiny photograph like this one, was given a lot of thought.


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On 1 May , Charles Zumbach, a seventy-year-old dealer in agricultural machinery, was brutally murdered at his home in Plan-les-Ouates. When his wife came home, she heard four shots and cries for help. Shortly afterwards an unknown man shoved her towards the garden and started shooting at her. Later, she could not recall the appearance of the offender.



National Library of Australia. Search the catalogue for collection items held by the National Library of Australia. Read more Floriot, Rene.

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