You are cordially invited to enter the dangerous world of the Dragonlance saga. The World of Krynn brings you to previously unexplored corners of Krynn with new challenges for your characters. Explore Dargaard Keep, the vast and perilous lair of Lord Soth, and perhaps you will discover what really happened to Kitiara! Journey into the volcanic lair of a dragon to defend the city of Palanthus. Run a merry chase over hill and heath in search of a lost boy - can you find Master Lor before other, more sinister searchers?

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Distributed to the toy and hobby trade by regional distributors. This adventure is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America.

Any reproduction or other unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the express written consent of TSR, Inc. The war is over! The dread might of the Queen of Darkness has been blocked from spreading across Krynn. The forces of good, narrowly holding the line, have not been destroyed.

Nor have they prevailed. Much of Krynn still lies beneath the shadow of dragonarmy occupation. True, the five dragonarmies are no longer united in their grand strategy, but this is little consolation to those who have fallen under the sway of the Blue Army slavetraders in Sanction, or who suffer the random cruelties of the Red Army occupation in Nordmaar.

Though the grand quest might be over, there are still countless opportunities for brave characters to find adventure, challenge, and reward. The continent of Ansalon is vast and fraught with danger.

The forces of evil are deployed in many lands, and they covet many more. With no central and powerful nation emerging from the war, the fate of most of these conflicts rests in the hands of those generals and captains powerful enough to exert their will into a surrounding area, or with those dragons and other monsters great enough to terrorize a section of the countryside.

About the only impediment to the aims of these tyrannical figures is the courage of heroes willing to stand up to the bullying tactics and treacherous violence of these petty villains. But, as is often the case, there are valuable treasures that await those heroes. They have but to wrest them from the evil forces now hoarding them. And of course, for a character who wishes to see the forces of good once again prevail over Krynn, the conquest of evil is a necessary objective.

And so we take you again to Krynn. It is no longer a world locked in a titanic war, but violence still exists in many little wars. Your characters might be anywhere on the face of the continent, for adventure beckons everywhere.

Good Hunting! Return with your shield, or on it! These adventures are set on the continent of Ansalon, in the world of Krynn. Though there are treasures to be gained, players who are not motivated to confront and best the forces of darkness will not get all of the enjoyment available out of these adventures. Such items as the nature of kender, draconians, and other details are not described here as they have been covered in other DL modules. This is a stand-alone product in that you can play it even if you have no prior knowledge of Krynn.

And of course, the game modules from DL 1 to DL 15 provide a look at many areas of Krynn in game-oriented detail.

The PCs set out to discover the secret of the strange avian race, the kyrie, and in the process uncover an ambitious minotaur plan that could bring ruin and despair to much of Eastern Ansalon. The PCs are requested to help a group of villagers find young Master Lor, the little boy who is the darling of the community. He also happens to be prescient.

If they are successful, they will release the tormented Lord Soth to his final resting place, at last. It contains the stats for all monsters listed alphabetically used in these adventures. The island of Mithas, to the east of Ansalon and the Bloodsea, is a realm seldom visited by men. Its rugged terrain and inhospitable climate doubtless have something to do with this. The population of the island, however, is the main reason that Mithas receives few human travelers. For Mithas is an island of minotaurs.

These brutish, powerful creatures own all of the land on the island, and control all of the business. Gaining income from mining and fishing, and especially piracy and privateering, the minotaurs are confident of their supremacy upon Mithas. There are other inhabitants of the island, of course. Also, human and ogre traders are. The minotaurs lack natural timber for their ships, so they buy both completed vessels and vast cargoes of lumber from Flotsam, Saifhum, and even farther ports. An average spread would be six to eight characters of 4th or 5th level, or four to six characters of 6th or 7th levels.

Obviously, the DM can adjust the balance of many of the combat encounters in order to reflect parties that are more or less powerful than recommended. The party can be drawn into the adventure from virtually anywhere on Ansalon, though it is most convenient if they are somewhere in the eastern part of the continent. The encounter at the start of the adventure, while ostensibly set in Flotsam, 5.

Much of the Goodlund Peninsula, to the south of the Bloodsea, lies under the pall of the Black Dragonarmy occupation forces. The port of Flotsam lies outside the area of dragonarmy control. In fact, it lies beyond any control at all. The city is a chaotic jumble of merchants, mercenaries, harlots, and thieves. It currently has no central government, though the various factions have. However, an almost total lack of seapower, and sailing skills, serves to restrain the aggressiveness of the Highlord and his ogres.

Such expansion as is attempted gets directed toward the unfortunate regions inland of Kern, including Nordmaar, Kalaman, and Estwilde. The island of Saifhum, directly north of the Bloodsea, is a region of relative calm among these tempestuous lands. Inhabited primarily by humans who value their independence and privacy, Saifhum is avoided by pirates and most travelers.

The folk of Saifhum have developed their island carefully, working stone retaining walls into hillsides to create long, sweeping terraces. They are cold to outsiders and implacable to enemies-and they often assume that any outsider is an enemy.

These people have several heavy war galleys. The ships are unsuited to naval actions on the high seas, but serve admirably as coastal defense vessels. They sally forth at the approach of pirate or draconian shipping, and have never failed to drive the intruders away.

Northeast of Saifhum, far from the mainland, lies a barren island known simply as Worldscap. The island is known primarily for its ruins, including the remnants of the once-great city of Karthay. The city was buried in a landslide at the time of the Cataclysm. It is now abandoned, and rumors say that the place is cursed. South of Worldscap, and very near to the eastern edge of the Bloodsea,.

Mithas is the richer of the two. Its city of Lacynos contains a higher concentration of minotaurs than anywhere else on Krynn. The lands are wild, but occasionally home to large flocks of sheep.

Kothas, on the other hand, is much more barren. It is covered by a profusion of tiny city-states-perhaps village-states is more accurate-and each of these is ruled by a powerful, suspicious warlord. The minotaurs of Kothas are too busy worrying about their immediate neighbors to be any threat to the rest of the continent.

But not so with the minotaurs of Mithas. Therein lies our adventure. During the war, Chot had to swallow his pride and accept orders from whichever of the Dragon Highlords was in command of the Eastern Reaches.

At one time or another, he had served the Black, Red, and Blue Highlords-and hated each one of them. Now the Highlords are gone, each to his own petty wars and territorial disputes. Chot has been left with a fleet of fast sailing vessels, a band of skilled sailors, and many veteran minotaur troops. The sailors and warriors grow bored with the pace of peaceful life, for shipping commerce is so limited that even piracy no longer provides much excitement.

Chot Es-Kahn has a plan to change all that. Although his historical title was Chieftain, Chot has changed this to King. He has already embarked upon the subjugation of Kothas-a simple task, as that backward land, already friendly to Mithas, was quite receptive to the arrival of the Mithas fleet. In fact, the minotaurs of Kothas have. Now Chot has gathered his troops in Lacynos. T h o u h he controls many ships, his fleet is far too small to carry this army overseas.

Also, he lacks skilled navigators for all but a few of his ships. Thus Chot has two objectives to achieve before unleashing his forces against Saifhum, Flotsam, and who knows, perhaps even the dragonheld lands of Goodlund and Nordmaar. First, he must train enough navigators to guide his ships through the treacherous waters of the east.

The Maelstrom is the most obvious hazard to marine activity, but the storms that sweep in from the Courrain Ocean are also very dangerous. Until he can place a skilled navigator aboard every vessel, Chot risks losing many ships if he sends a fleet to sea. The treacherous waters surrounding the Maelstrom make this a higher priority than anywhere else in the world. He also needs more ships before he can send more than a fraction of his army against any foe.

It is a gem of fabulous value, and potent magic. It is called the Northstone. The Northstone is imbued with a magical sense of direction that can be transferred to an individual who spends time in the vicinity of the stone.

It was not until very recently that the minotaur king discovered this hidden ability of the stone. Prior to that, Chot and his predecessors thought the stone was simply a unique, diamond-like gem of incalculable value. Legends tell of its discovery, high above the Mithan Glacier, in a time far in the past. It has been a talisman of minotaur. One minotaur chieftain, his name long forgotten, had a tower built to house the gem, near the place where it was found.

The Northstone has been kept there for centuries.


Dl16 World of Krynn

These modules along with the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy of novels, which follow one possible adventure series through the modules, were the first published items that established the Dragonlance fictional universe. The original DL series was released from to , with the final two modules added to it in There were also versions of the module series released in , and First, instead of being stand alone adventures, or a short series of adventures, they combined into a single large plot arc. This arc covered the War of the Lance. Second, players didn't use their own characters, as in other modules, they played preexisting characters such as Tasslehoff Burrfoot. This allowed for shorter character arcs within the larger story.


DL16: World of Krynn

You are cordially invited to enter the dangerous world of the Dragonlance saga. The World of Krynn brings you to previously unexplored corners of Krynn with new challenges for your characters. Explore Dargaard Keep, the vast and perilous lair of Lord Soth, and perhaps you will discover what really happened to Kitiara! Journey into the volcanic lair of a dragon to defend the city of Palanthus. Run a merry chase over hill and heath in search of a lost boy—can you find Master Lor before the other, more sinister searchers?

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