Sample Client application used for testing and development purposes. This application demonstrates how to use an INI file to write print job information and paths to the generated files. Print Previewer — a sample application demonstrating the features of the virtual printer. Print Previewer, which may be used in custom client applications, provides detailed information about printed files and displays the EMF files inside a form. The sample contains code that outputs the metafile to the screen. Printer Configuration — a sample utility for configuring the virtual printer.

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ItsMe asked. Medium Priority. Last Modified: I want to print a List of Documents. If I use shellexecute and the "print" paramter the applications are started together and make windows crashing.

I want the the docs are printed one after one. How do I do this? Start Free Trial. View Solution Only. Commented: Hi you may have noticed you have asked this question 4 times better delete the others. Barry: I think he wants to do a bunch of them one after the other This will not block until the application has finished printing Cheers, Raymond. Hi Raymond would'nt doing something like this not just send each file to the printer spooler to be printed? I read the original question as saying doing them all at once was bad karma - perhaps using separate shellexecutes even if they aren't blocking is introducing a large enough gap to allow windoze to cope :- Cheers, Raymond.

Hi guys, that doesn't work. We've had the same problem in our firm. Just calling ShellExecute Ex several times doesn't block, like Raymond already guessed. So we must find a way to wait until the printing is ready. As a result you receive the handle of the printing process. Regards, Madshi. Madshi, What happens if spooling is enabled? I agree that if Win is sending directlyto the printer, ShellExecute will be blocking, but it shouldn't be that way if the documents are being spooled first at least it doesn't make sense to me.

Yours, Alex. Hi Alex, when you only call ShellExecute with files to print, ShellExecute will start them all at nearly the same time. Ok, you won't have apps running at the same time, but perhaps It doesn't make a big difference if the spooler is enabled or not in this case, since ShellExecute only starts up the app then returns without delay. But if you use what I've suggested, each ShellExecuteEx call will wait until the printing app has terminated, then print the next file.

So you have never more than one app printing at the same time. Ok, if the spooler is enabled, you'll find perhaps 50 print jobs in the spooler after these files are printed, but that doesn't reduce these handle resources too much. The important thing for the resources is how many apps are running, not how many files are in the spooler At least this is what I think Author Commented: Hi Madshi!

Could you give me an example source for printing, waiting, printing Hi Barry, sorry for rinse down your answer down the toilet I'm sure you can extend it to print more than one file in a loop HandleMessage end; procedure TForm1.

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How to work with Virtual Printer using Delphi

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. But the problem is, that Adobe always opens when doing this not opening the PDF, but just appearing as "empty". I do not want to open Adobe, because then the operator always has to close the Reader then. It would also be OK if Adobe Reader closes after printing. I do not want to invoke Adobe Reader directly, because if path, name or PDF software changes it should still work!


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Toggle navigation codeverge. Shellexecute printto help. I have this code at the moment. How do I change the above to have a wait?

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