Cranium Whoonu is a party game manufactured by Cranium, Inc. Whoonu is billed as "the fun-filled 'what's your favorite thing? There are different combinations for the number of tokens needed depending on how many people are playing. If there are three participants, use tokens 1 to 4 in stacks of three. If there are four players, use tokens 1 to 6 in stacks of four, tokens 1 to 4 in stacks of five if there are five, and tokens 1 to 5 in stacks of six if there are six. Also, you must remember that there are many different species of cards.

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Each player gets a turn in the spotlight as the Whoozit. Give the Whoonu envelope to the player whose birthday is coming up next. This player is the first Whoozit. Give everyone except the Whoozit four cards and put the remaining cards face down in a pile.

In each round, you'll guess the Whoozit s favorite things. Pick what you think the Whoozit likes best from the four cards in your hand. Be sure to keep the rest of your cards a secret, you'll be passing them along in the next round. Look below to see how many cards to put in the Whoonu envelope.

The Whoozit takes the cards out of the Whoonu envelope and secretly puts them in order from the Whoozit" s least favorite to most favorite. The Whoozit places one card, face down, next to each Stack of tokens.

The least favorite thing is worth one point, so it goes next to the 1 token. The Whoozit reveals the least favorite thing first, reading it aloud. The player who chose this card takes the t token and gets one point. The Whoozit continues turning over cards until all of them are revealed and ore token from each stack is awarded.

It's time for a new Whoozit. Pass your cards to the player on your left. The player v with no cards takes the Whoonu envelope and becomes the new Whoozit,. Put the revealed cards in a discard pile. Everyone except the Whoozit draws more cards for a total of 4 cards in each hand. After everyone had a chance to be the Whoozit, add up all your points.

If you have the highest score, you're the winner. Latest Posts Games Categories Shops. Home Games Cranium Game Rules. In Whoonu, you'll use tokens to keep score.

Look below to see how many tokens you'll need. Score points as you find out what the Whoozil likes best.


Cranium Whoonu Game Rules

Find a game Do you think you know your friends or family? Play Cranium Whoonu and see if you can guess each other's favorite things. This exciting game will help you discover if your sister likes gum more than burgers or poodles more than parrots. Cranium Whoonu pronounced "who knew" will get everyone involved. Learning how to play Cranium Whoonu is quick and simple and game play is rather quick.


Cranium Whoonu



Cranium Whoonu Instructions


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