Table of Contents. Cheon Seong Gyeong v7. Have exact page number and page content replication for easy sharing with all who use the printed volume and if wishing to project pages of the Cheon Seong Gyeong Holy Book - Compiled by Lewis D. Gudmundsen, trylewis gmail. Section 5.

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Background music for while you read. The following on-line sections are for personal study only as there may be errors. They are NOT a substitute for the book set. God's Existence and Attributes. Section 1. The Existence of God God as the Root and Original Being The God of the Word The Attributes of God The God of Heart The God of True Love God Is Our True Parent God the Creator Section 1.

God's Work of Creation The World God Created God Created with Love God's Bitter Sorrow and the Providence of Restoration The God of Re-Creation We Must Liberate God True Parents Section 1. The Identity and Role of the True Parents The Emergence of the True Parents True Parents and the Messiah Section 1.

The Hope of Humankind The Messiah Becomes the True Parents True Parents and Family Salvation True Parents and Rebirth Section 1. The Path of Rebirth and Restoration Our Rebirth and Change of Lineage True Parents and True Children Section 1.

The Life Course of the True Parents The Responsibility and Authority of the True Parents The Way of a True Child Learning and Inheriting the True Parents' Heart Inheriting the True Parents' Realm of Victory Inheriting the True Parents' Tradition Inheriting the Teachings of the True Parents The Origin of True Love Section 1.

The True Love of God The Origin of True Love The Characteristics of True Love The Power of True Love The Realms of True Love Section 1.

Grandparents' Love Parents' Love The Love of Husband and Wife Children's Love Love among Brothers and Sisters The Practice of True Love Section 1.

The True Way of Life The Practice of True Love The Mind and Body of a True Person Our Value in Unity with God Our Position in the Created World Our Portion of Responsibility and the Fal l Section 1.

Our Growth and Portion of Responsibility The Human Fall The Results of the Fall Restoration through Indemnity The Path of Restoration through the Blessing The Life True Person The Way of Our Original Nature The Path to Individual Perfection The Path of a Life of True Love What Is a Family? Coming of Age and the Love between Man and Woman Rebirth through Blessed Marriage Section 4.

The Significance of the Blessing Groups Section 5. Registration and the Responsibility of Blessed Families Chapter 3. Principle and Order in the Family Section 1. The Meaning of Education … Section 2. Parents' Love and Responsibility Section 4. Children's Education Section 5. The Kingdom of Heaven in the Family The Significance of the Creation Section 1. Learning from the Creation Section 2. Nature and the Lessons It Offers Chapter 2. The Essence and Order of the Universe Section 1.

Love Is the Essence of the Universe Section 2. The Principles of Existence and Action Section 3. Order and Law in the Universe Section 4. Creation and Evolution Chapter 3. Our Relationship with the Creation Section 2. True Dominion over the Creation Section 4. Our Attitude toward the Creation Section 5. Restoration of the Original Eden Chapter 4. A Vision for Nature and the Ocean Section 1. The Original Museum of Creation Section 3. The Era of the Ocean Section 4.

The Deep Meaning of Ocean Fishing The Nature of Life and Death Section 1. The Three Stages of Life Section 2. The Meaning of Death Section 4. What Is Heaven? The Nature of the Spirit World Section 1. Understanding the Reality of the Spirit World Section 2. Life in the Spirit World Section 3. Angels and the Angelic World Section 4. The Path to the Kingdom of Heaven Chapter 3.


The English edition of Cheon Seong Gyeong

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