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Reinventing mountain biking. Every day. Lapierre has been creating mountain bikes for nearly 25 years, constantly improving performance to make riding more fun and enjoyable. But at cer de pilotaje cada vez mayores.

Nuestras numerosas patentes, como FPS, an added touch of soul that proves itself first on the OST y ahora Pendbox, son la prueba de que vamos por international race circuit and then on the local trails. En primer lugar, the X-Flow. Lapierre, 25 years of mountain bike passion.

Faster, farther, longer, stronger! Versatile, durable, and introducing a new level of performance, Lapierre invents the ultimate mountain bike. Rear suspension reinvented? Proof positive, Sam Blenkinsop won the qualifying round and ended up on the podium the first time he used it on the World Cup race circuit. New for : Pendbox for DH models and the all-new X-Flow With amazing pedaling capabilities, the Pendbox system was destined to be adapted to less travel for XC trail riding: a new challenge for Lapierre engineers, who started working on the X-Flow project two years ago.

Totally isolate pedaling efficiency and shock absorption for improved performance How do you combine the extreme efficiency of our FPS and OST suspension platforms and optimize shock absorption, without compromising either function, yet still achieve improved performance?

By isolating and dissociating pedaling efficiency and shock absorption, the new Pendbox suspension optimizes each one and eliminates pedal bob. Everything functions in total harmony, but independently, without any interference. Less compromise, more pedaling power: X-Flow, your new best friend for off road riding Pendbox allows for more freedom around the bottom bracket and more freedom for shock absorption.

Result: the X-Flow mm distinguishes itself with its optimized performance and amazing versatility, feeling right at home on even the roughest of trails. A responsive mountain bike that will appeal to casual and demanding riders alike. Push the limits cuadro, tanto en aluminio como en carbono, es ligero y limpio con tubos hidroformados y cableado interno. After dominating the cross country segment with the X-Control for the last 10 years, Lapierre is again revolutionizing the MTB world by adapting patented Pendbox technology to cross country trail riding.

The new X-Flow will amaze you with its pedaling efficiency, thanks to Pendbox technology, which allows independent development of the shock absorption and pedaling functions see pages 8 and 9. With mm of comfort and performance, the X-Flow is versatile and functional at the same time!

The new benchmark for full-suspension XC trail bikes? When mountain bikes are ridden as intended —for mountain biking — they need to be versatile: rip technical trails in total confidence, challenge that next big drop, fly up …and down, the steepest, gnarliest runs and guide you to victory on your next Enduro. New suspension design. New leverage ratio curve -Shorter chainstays and more dynamic pedaling -Slacker headtube angle and lower bottom bracket for better handling, more responsiveness, and even more thrills!

The equilibrium point considers rider weight, and each pedal stroke brings the rear swing arm back to that equilibrium point, thereby eliminating any pedal bob. How does it work? Any potential pedal feedback is countered by a pedal stroke: the tension created in the chain brings the swing arm back to its equilibrium point.

Result: extremely versatile mountain bikes that are efficient and lightweight. A simplified frame structure for lightweight, longer-travel bikes. A new geometry for unparalleled performance: Optimized seat angle Lower bottom bracket for more stability Shorter chainstays. From intense trail riding through your introduction to Enduro racing, you can do almost anything with your Zesty. The model is lighter, but more importantly, offers greater comfort and responsiveness.

The mountains never felt so good. Utilizada la temporada pasada por N. El nuevo cuadro Full Carbon es gr. Sin duda, la bici de Nico Vouilloz. The new full carbon frame is g lighter, making it one of the lightest of its kind. At just 22, New Zealand rider Sam Blenkinsop finished 3rd place in the overall of the World Cup, and the young and talented Sam Flockhart finished the season with a Junior European championship title.

Take flight! French style meets…French style. Aficionados a la adrenalina, bienvenidos a Lapierre. Adrenaline junkies, welcome to Lapierre. Nothing will hold you back! The models have been revamped with a more aggressive geometry allowing you to pump harder in the bike park or even on the DH racetrack.

Built around a compact, alloy frame with oversized seatstays and a tapered headtube, this bike is just waiting to charge! With patented OST mm suspension technology, the Froggy is available in three complete bikes and one frame kit, for all budgets. The four Rapt models give you an range of action limited only to your imagination and the laws of gravity.

Available with a derailleur or in single speed, the Rapt has clean lines, a sturdy frame, and reliable components. Four models one dedicated purely to street riding for all desires and budgets.

Rapt 2. Cuadro Rapt en Aluminio , simple… en apariencia. Rapt 1. The fountain of youth The young and talented Alexis Vuillermoz U23 French Champion and winner of the French Cup now has someone to climb the international rankings with. Pauline FerrandPrevot, rising star on the international racing scene, is only 19 years old but already a woman of many talents.

Thomas Lapeyrie, 21 years old and a regular on French race podiums, completes the young trio. Just imagine what the future holds…. The freedom to ride. These are the objectives that guide our engineers, who also use feedback from our team riders and other riders just like you.

From our hardtail Pro Race models, now also available in a 29 version, to the legendary X-Control mm, these Lapierre mountain bikes will seduce competitive racers and weekend riders alike. Para el deleite de muchos riders y racers, sentimos la diferencia en los detalles, especialmente cuando se trata de Pro Race.

To the delight of many riders and racers, we feel that the difference is in the details, especially when it comes to our hardtail models. The criteria never change: as light as possible, stiff, and responsive, but also simple and clean. Created in close collaboration with our team XC riders, our Pro Race 26 collection is dedicated to pure performance. An explosive and responsive bike whose frame design optimizes lateral stiffness and vertical flex.

Pauline FerrandPrevot won her category at the 1st World Cup using the same bike. Bigger is better? The new Pro Race 29 frame optimizes the potential benefits of a larger wheel diameter and eliminates any inertia that would otherwise naturally occur. More stability: The second most important quality of a 29er, especially in the descents. Easier to steer, it maintains its balance better and rarely gets thrown off course. Because the tires are more resistant to punctures, you can reduce the pressure and increase the comfort and traction even more.

More efficient? Obviously, with larger wheels on smoother terrain, with the same effort you go further. The larger wheels and tires are less sensitive to the bumps and ruts you encounter on a trail, easily negotiating obstacles. The wheels roll right over whatever lies in your path. The 29er is a good option for riders with limited technical abilities or for smoother trail riding.

The choice is yours. Few mountain bikes have achieved this kind of status. Since , the X-Control, with FPS2 patented suspension technology, has been identified with full-suspension efficiency for cross country and longdistance trail riding. An exceptional mountain bike at an exceptional price. Lapierre technology and knowhow have never been more accessible. Lapierre has always made an effort to adapt its know-how and technology to all budgets and riders.

Now, more than ever, being able to join the select club of Lapierre riders is a real possibility. Continuing in this spirit, the new Raid models, which use a new DB alloy frame with a compact, sporty geometry, all get new and improved components. Disponible en 20 o 24 pulgadas. Everybody has to start somewhere, so start off right on a Lapierre bike! Available in 20 or 24 inches. Find Lapierre know-how, reliability, and design in these bikes for younger riders.

Riding will be all the more enjoyable on a bike specifically designed for small legs with big ambitions. The best gift of all! Our mountain bikes, designed specifically for women, were created with the help of avid female riders, starting with the women working at the Lapierre factory. The geometry has been adapted to the female physique shorter top tube, more compact, smaller sizes, and a lower center of gravity , and the components selected accordingly from the saddle to the cockpit.

Because the difference is in the details. The Lapierre MTB tandem has always had a special place in our collection. Competitive riders and weekend warriors alike will find it a trusted companion to discover the trails from another perspective.

The models, inspired by our Froggy frame, combine a sturdy yet lightweight frame in DB alloy with just the right amount of stiffness and exceptional dynamic qualities. The MTB Race model gets top-quality components and Team graphics, and is made for speed, while the Training model was made for those looking to double their fun on the trails. RAPT 2.



Reinventing mountain biking. Every day. Lapierre has been creating mountain bikes for nearly 25 years, constantly improving performance to make riding more fun and enjoyable. But at cer de pilotaje cada vez mayores. Nuestras numerosas patentes, como FPS, an added touch of soul that proves itself first on the OST y ahora Pendbox, son la prueba de que vamos por international race circuit and then on the local trails. En primer lugar, the X-Flow.


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